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One of my favourite films of the night. Loved nod to Wes Anderson style (whether intentional or not) and great maturity in the language of cinema for such a young team! Great concept and story. Well done!

This was a great, well written and acted film that pulled off a perfect and original take on the genre. Very gutted it was disqualified for the USB drive being handed in blank. A sure bet finalist otherwise!

It's hard to pull off the horror genre well, and I think the team at Suspect did well to bring the audience into a sense of unease with well acted and shot scenes.

Another technical achievement, this time using stop motion as an element to tell this non-dialogue story of a woman embodying the essence that is Azanti - the sandskrit term for anxiety and restlessness. Over 4000 still images well shot and stitched together builds a great sense of the characters sleepless drifting in a world that just seems to go past with no regard to her. Also accompanied by an amazing score written and recorded by Michael Bell during the weekend.

TBALC veterans have once again delivered a great entertaining film filled with great characters and well written witty dialogue that whips past you and tickles the ears. Great use of locations and sets to pull off 1900's London and an entire feature film with Steve Austin's dastardly Sandman would not go amiss.

A technical marvel to achieve a true stereoscopic film in just 48 hours, it also suited the genre. Nice subtle hints towards the girl's true identity, felt her turn and the hero's demise at the end could have been drawn out a little more, but overall a great entertaining film.

A well done drama with some actual punch to it. I really like the understated-ness of Vic's insomnia and how it was used as the crux of the unfolding drama towards the end. Well shot, edited and acted. And who doesn't like time traveling babies? Also liked how its not said how the daughter manages to send her memory box back in time, it just happens. (unless I missed it ) Overall a great 48hours film.

This team hands in a great effort every year. I think they even had the same genre as they did last year?

A girl is on the eve of her wedding, but unfortunately for her unlucky husband to be, the mother thinks her own husband is cheating on her and throughout her brooding anger keeps inadvertently injuring her son in law to be, eventually running him over.

I loved the Nicky character. Infact I'd put him in as one of the best uses of the character. Reminded me a lot of Faulty Towers type humour which worked well in this story.

Nicely written story with some quick one liners from the dad, was entertaining and felt the audience enjoyed it.

I'm afraid I'm just going to have to say this was a bit of a dud for me. Bunch of guys get really wasted and get chased, but turns more in to a comedy than a true horror. Horror really needs to build up some tension then BAM! something happens, which didn't really happen. There was a Bam moment with the 2nd guy turning up to kill but wasn't enough build up to that point.

Definitely seems the guys had fun making it, but probably a little too in-jokey for my liking.

Found footage film here with a slightly different take on the usual as a pair of friends discover their mates Honeymoon DVD while he's out of the house.

Some well written and acted characters, thought the killer was rather creepy indeed and the wife played very well going from a happy go lucky newly wed to annoyed and desperate.

Both the 'found' footage and 'normal' footage shot really well and paced nicely but I did see the end coming from the start, I think if the wife actually tried to kill the guy and ends up killing herself may have made for a good twist, as what ended up happening was what we all were expecting from 1 min in.

One of the usually dreaded genres.

We see a young girl, Nicky, down and out in life with (as I saw it) her depression (visualized as a brick) following her around make life a little miserable.

Some funny lyrics and scenes had the audience laughing (with it and at it sometimes). Some nice little detail shots and cut/paced well, but I didn't really connect with it that well, as there wasn't really enough build up of character to care about her in the end.

Can certainly tell the team had a fun time making it on the weekend though and thats what its about.

The team intro for this action film set us up well, but was a little disappointed as the film itself really slipped into 'thriller' territory rather than true action.

We see a man choosing to ignore his persistant girlfriends phone calls, but at one point the story splits, and we follow two lines; one where we see the lead answer the phone, and one where he doesn't and ends up going through a violent kidnapping, but in the end manages to get back with his girl. The other story he ends up alone. I take the overall theme was you have to sometimes just make a decision and fight for what you want.

Overall I could see the concept there, which was a cool idea, but didn't really pull it off as well as it could have - added to the fact I was expecting a action film. Again - another genre hard to pull off with the people and resources we have in the competition.

I'd say many may have been confused to begin with - I was for a little bit. No team intro, the opening and closing credits only crediting the 'fake' crew of the film we saw as the 'director' and 'actor' did there DVD commentary over the images.

I think probably a get subversion of the genre here. Some great acting (on both the actors on screen and off screen) and many laughs from the audience. My 2nd favorite of the heat.

Solid camera and cutting going on here too and well played out script. Loved the juxposition of a lot of what we were hearing vs. what we where watching.

A man sneaks into a crimelord's den to steal a suitcase but is caught, while he is tourtured it comes to pass he still manages the last laugh on these crims with a little twist at the end.

Some good acting I thought by the lead actor playing the unlucky Nicky so good use there of his character, unfortunately some tech issues with the sound which let it down.

Always tough the crime genre I think. ( I had it in 2006) To tell a crime story without being too cliche. (esp a whitle middle class softy like myself) and still pull of such a genre.

I think this team shows promise!

A super hero with the ability to jump back in time appears to freelance his skills out to people for a price. A man in trouble texts in his location and the superhero appears to save him.

Cool concept, and it was short and to the point, which is great it didn't drag on like lots of films I've seen in the past, but could have done with a little more something to give it a little more 'meat' Was sort of over by the time you figured out what was going on.

A little of the usual actors probably not cast right for their role (eg a little young to play hardened criminals) but some great brooding cinematography and build up through the first half.

My personal favorite of this heat (well, apart from my own of course ;-)

Thought it nailed the one shot genre and a probably a great genre for a group used to improve theatre work i'm guessing.

Great characters pulled off with great acting and well written tightly paced story, I can't really think of anything to fault it. (if i was to get pedantic on it, i'd say really he could have spit the apple out at any stage, but its a device to keep the plot going so all good)

Hard to beat.

Nicely done guys. Good solid acting with some well cut pictures made for a decent suspense-filled film.

FINALLY! a horror film with some actual suspense!

Good idea to have the kid in it? Brilliant idea I say! Worked great with the concept.

Slick camera work and well paced edit too. Nice work Daniel, Andy and the team.

Always keen to see Zebras quirky dark humor and this time round I wasn't disappointed. Solid camera and editing work, great characters and locations. Nice touching ending with the poppas message to the brother and sisters as well as the dedication of the film to their previous years team mates who were lost in the feb quake. Rest in peace guys, richard and his team delivered yet another entertaining flick.

Nicely shot film, with good lighting and dolly moves. Acting was great too, started out well but story seemed to be lacking. Didn't really come across as a 'revenge' film in the classic sense, seemed to be just tacked on to the end.

With some work on your story in the future I think you guys will do very well in next years comp and even just film making in general.

Keep it up!

Great talent here from a bunch of guys only 14/15 yrs.

Well told story with good camera work and well paced editing. Could have used a little more close ups.

Damsel in distrest and having the lead character team up with someone to continue the quest is a must for the quest film i think, and you guys did that well.

Entertaining but he ending could have been foreshadowed a little better, felt it was a little random.

Can't wait to see what else these guys come up with, (this comp or otherwise) in the future. Keep it up!

From the guys that won last year (and good friends of mine) interesting take on the superhero genre, loved the entire POV style. Too bad its not up for prizes.

Better luck next time you monkeys.

Always hard to pull off serious film, esp in this 3rd heat. Great use of the 'film trailer' style take on the film, perhaps the only fault of this means its a little harder to connect with the characters.

Well shot and edited too. For a first time effort at the comp its top stuff. Love to see these guys come through to the final as well.

Perfectly executed 'infomercial' selling the latest fad. Can't fault it. Great use of the prop as 'nipple clamps'

Loved the repeat of the film, only edited ever so slightly different. Had me in tears.

Love to see it at the final.

Loved the Bobby Young character, could watch an entire feature film with that guy in it.

Some great lyrics and song pieces. Shot really well too. Felt the story was a little weak, but entertaining and good effort on the dreaded Musical/Dance genre.

Shame it didn't make it in time.

Almost this years weirdest 'WTF' film, but alas, the film following it made it not so.

Still loved it though!

I couldn't programme a VHS machine, let alone write a short film when I was this young.

Brilliant little film from these guys, around the age of 10 i believe.

Touching on the subject of broken/step family relationships, quite a mature take on such subject for such a young age. Made a good emotional connection with the audience and well paced to a uplifting ending.

Nice use of different mediums such as drawings and live action, good integration and touching use of the prop to give our heros the final encouragement to overcome.

Can't wait to see what these guys come up with over the next few years. Great things I can imagine!

I saw all the heats last night and this was the best film of them all IMHO.

Very well executed doco-style telling of the fad genre, supported with great camera work and well paced edit.

Characters were brilliant and spot on, though not sure if Bobby became an ex-bully during film.

Spot on integration of the line and prop for this genre and style.

I'd think I would see this at the final. (if I was judging I would pick it)

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