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Good, simple idea, just a shame that they had to draw out the dialogue in that one scene, which took up half the film yet only featured a couple of different angles.

Had moments that were funny, but overall this lacked a story to keep an audience entertained. And the ending didn't work either.

This was funny, even when it wasn't meant to be - helped greatly but the editing. And the "5 hour later" title that some kid at the back read out was a highlight.

The principal really carried this film. Thought it was rather weak overall, but the on-screen presence and the dialogue of the principal made this enjoyable.

Good entry. Same complaints as above with the chase scene, but good acting.
The planker did add laughs, but was more of a distraction than anything else.

This was hilarious. Simple concept, very well executed. Good quality audio compared to in-car shots in other heats. Great work.

Good entry, and would have scored a lot higher if it actually stuck to it's genre. The editing was outstanding though - best in the heat.
Story made sense to me in the end - other reviewers seemed confused though. The use of colour was done well to help explain the story and was perhaps the only reason I truly understood it.

Started really well, was looking forward to watching a musical for a change. Unfortunately the second half dragged, kind of a mis-match really when compared to the action of the first half.

I always look forward to horrors, but unfortunately this didn't sit as a horror to me. Lacked the suspense that makes the genre so cool.

Definitely my favourite of the heat. Loved the concept, and the editing was superb. Great work.

This could of been quite good if it wasn't shot on what seems to be either a digital camera of a phone.

This was hilarious in parts, just a shame that it wasn't meant to be. The crew needs some work on their technical skills. The murder was so bad it was the funniest part of the film :)

I know its a school heat and I dont want to be mean, but I just did not enjoy this film at all. Looked like the actors were having fun, but staying in character would help, and less camera glances. Good idea, poor execution. But the team looks young, I'm sure they will be really good in a few years.

This was one of the better films of the heat.
Was well done all around. Editing needed polishing, but acting was good.

Will need some work on your technical skills before next year. Look forward to the improvement.

Tough genre... not much more to say.

I thought this was the funniest film of the heat. Looks like it was a blast to make. The fun showed through in the film. As a short film, well, not so great there, but still fun to watch.

I must admit, this film just didnt do it for me. I stayed true to it's genre, but in a way that we've seen 1000's of times before. The audience laughed at the scariest moments, which is not what you would want from a horror.

This was an amusing film. Ignoring the logo, I thought it was technically very good, apart from one poorly shot and unnecessary shot as the protagonist exits the building. The ending was great.

Easily the best film of the heat. The narrative and main actor more than made up for the minor errors and acting of the minor characters. Really enjoyed watching this one.

Decent effort, but like people above, I thought the film struggled to show the it's genre. Still, gave me a few laughs.