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I think the actual title for this one was 'Why Won't She Love Me', but never mind.

I think this film was hindered a lot by it's technical issues - mostly the badly captured / mixed audio. There were quite a few lines that were just inaudible.

The thing that stuck out most to me though was the story, or more specifically the ending. I felt like it really hurt the film when the guy ran away from the girl he'd just accidentally taken on a date. They were just warming to one another and it seemed like such a weird decision for him to make. It made the audience think less of him as a character and bad for the girl he left behind who we'd spent the whole film getting to know.

A solid film from Crankleskank, mixing Weekend at Bernies with a bucket list structure. Well acted and funny performances, nice editing and crisp cinematography. I think the best thing this film has going for it is despite the laughs it has a lot of heart and managed to move me a bit by the end.

A slick film mostly consisting of an extended chase scene. Well shot and acted, with an okay twist. There were a few moments that took me out of the movie - the man who has been trying to get away stopping to see the guy chasing him fall over, and the part where few sneaks through the fence past the guy looking for him. He was doing okay avoiding him at that point just lie low, you know? The chase had a real good pace to it other than those points. Enjoyed it!

Another Lego animation from dogs breakfast. A step up from last year's entry with the rocket in my opinion- I much preferred the kiwi accent over the faux American. Brilliant sets, nice characters and neat details that zip by in the background for just a moment.

A not so scary horror about a cannabilistic flat mate. Suffered from too much repetition and some technical issues - mainly the audio. Still, I found it quite enjoyable. The man hacking at the meat was a highlight. More of that.

A fun and cute story told well. The two lead girls did a wonderful job playing rivals to one another. I really enjoyed the confetti time travel effect. It was a great start to the heat. A joy to watch, well done!

I really enjoyed Bootypoppers entry 'Good Intentions' from a year or two back. This entry was even stronger, with some solid performances, good tension - will she retrieve the thrildo or won't she?! - and a great wee twist at the end that I didn't see coming. Thought the dinner table scene was excellent. It's nice seeing this team grow!