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It took me awhile to get what was going on but I thought the story worked and the idea and spin on last day on earth was really good but it wasn't very clear when watching the film what the film was going for. If you managed to tell the story and idea a little better this film would have been really awesome because it go everything else right. The composition audio, actors and locations were all great. I can't imagine how hard it would be to do ultra and you managed to pull of a really solid film and really good performances for kids which is amazing really awesome job.

Was an interesting and well executed but felt a little empty, it didn't feel like a real location. The time travel device was really cool and it would have been good to have seen that from the start. The audio and acting were good. It had a good story and progression which worked well but it would have been nice to have a little more than just his interactions with this one customer. If you are only going to use one location spend some more time on set design it would have really added to a solid film.

Loved the concept, it was really funny, original and fit the genre really well, there were a lot of little jokes in there which were great. The acting was good. I thought the concept was a little let down by the execution, some shots being out of focus, audio hick ups. I also was not a fan of the laugh track and it detracted from the tone and slap stick elements.

You had a really awesome location which made your film stand out and a solid story which was really funny and overly dramatic. I feel however the quality was a little inconsistent, which is definitely something that is going to happen in 48 hour but sometimes the audio was great and other times I couldn't understand what they were saying or sometimes the composition was a little weak or the shot out of focus and other times you had great well thought out visually interesting shots. I especially liked the opening shot. It took me awhile to get every element in the story but I eventually got it and it really just added to the over the top dramatic wackiness of it all. I don't remember seeing the elements which probably could be Incorporated in better. great job, one of the better films of the heat.

I thought your film contained a very interesting concept that wasn't quite executed correctly. The actress did a good job with not a lot and I liked your attempt at making some of the locations more interesting by going to the ocean but that did hurt your audio a lot. You probably spent more time on the build to the concept than the time to the concept, just jump right in. Just cut the fat and get right into the interesting stuff. I though the film also had some nice visual motifs, with the use of the mirror and the ocean location again, some shots were out of focus or not very sharp however. I would love to see how your concept effected your character more and try to incorporate the elements in better than just chucking them in a random montage that doesn't need to be there.

had nice cinematography and a cool one shot, but the story was not there and felt you did not incorporate the fact that charlie flower is thoughtful

story was rushed, acting was not very good, shots which should not have been out of focus where elements felt forced.

A good twist for the mistaken identity and the drone footage really added production value but the story was rushed and did not have much depth.

Had a good concept and attempted to tell a good story with a funny twist. But the execution was not there, a lot of shots being out of focus.