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What a cool concept and use of genre! Was impressively engaging considering the characters never left the office. Nicely edited /sound-mixed with the phone calls and things as well, and was well acted - loved the main character and the way they made her "too nice" (i.e. too thoughtful).

Comedy was a little hit-and-miss and I prefer films that aren't all in one location if they don't have to be (personal preference though I suppose). I also was just left wanting more by the end... I suppose that's a good thing in a way though!

Reliably great film from chess club. Cool concept (I could really relate to the struggle the protagonist was having), great use of the compulsory line, nice homage to a great cult film at the end, and great performances as per usual.

I guess my only criticisms would be that it felt more like a skit than a story (to be fait 5 mins is not much time to tell a story) and that the film wasn't as consistently hilarious as some of Chess Club's other entries, though it was solidly funny.

Unfortunately the film had sound issues which made it very difficult to follow the story :(

However, there was some great fight choreography, it was nicely cut together, and the actors seemed like they were doing a good job despite me struggling to hear them.

This film was hilarious, brilliantly acted, great concept, and had such a fantastic ending!

Unfortunately I did have a bit of an issue with it - it just didn't quite seem in the spirit of the genre. I know you probably had actors that really wanted to act and all that jazz, but it just didn't feel... puppety enough, even though you worked puppets into the main story in a funny way. Maybe that's just me though.

Cool idea and nice take on the genre. Solid acting and I could tell you did your research on punk-y behaviour (or maybe you had a solid knowledge already). Some funny moments and can tell you had a fun time playing with stereotypes, not just with how certain music fans behave but also how flat-mates can be.

I guess I just felt the story didn't have a solid structure and wasn't super compelling... can't say exactly why though hehe. Maybe because there wasn't a clear protagonist / the protagonist(s) changed halfway through-ish?

This film had some funny moments and I enjoyed the zany randomness of it at several points.

Problem I have is that I found this story hard to invest in, but it's such a tough genre to make a compelling story with!!

Very well acted and well shot, and a great twist on the genre element. Particularly enjoyed the scenes when the flat mate came home and when the "twist" happened.

Issue was the film was how uneven it was tonally for me. I felt it didn't settle into a particular tone, it alternated between dark thriller and silly comedy a little too abruptly in my opinion.

Funny film, if a little one-note and repetitive. Great use of the compulsory line at the end. I think this film also had some sound minor sound/cam issues as well which made it a bit harder to engage in, but overall I enjoyed it.

Loved this one. Really liked how simple it was and how it made me feel for the characters despite the simplicity of the animation. Some good puns as well. I thought the way it referenced the genre was funny, if a little meta. And there was only one person in the credits... GREAT effort for one person!

Only criticism would be that it was such a minimalist style, which I figured wouldn't be for everyone.

Probably my favourite of the night. Great idea and hilariously executed. Some of the humour was a bit shock-reliant and the story was obviously ridiculous, but since I liked the inspired silliness of the concept, it didn't really bother me.

Well done!

I liked the style and concept of this film, as well as the way it was craftily edited. I also liked the twist at the end! Good use of the line to open the film as well.

I felt the sound quality let the film down a bit - I couldn't properly hear some of the lines. Some of the shots could have been done in a way that gave them more emphasis as well.