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Very nice film - polished - funny definitely in the top few from the region. Filming was great, no amazing shots as far as cinematography goes but stood out with the best quality wise.
Lots of laughs from start to end - although if I had kids this would be one you would rather they didn't see lol. Especially stood out for that as this year across the board most films were very PG.

This was pretty much my favourite of the night, funny good premise. Strong story and acting was good. Few technical things that could have been polished out in the edit but good job.

Wow - Come to expect a polished job full of humour from this team but this time, struggle to put it into words...
Started and I thought here we go same as usual beautiful cinematography and funny as, but was thinking nothing different than usual then SMACK! Wasn't expecting that!
Can't say anything more than that, you have to watch it for your self. This was a BRAVE film! This film NEEDS to be seen on the national stage!

Fun film with some good parts but as a whole falls a bit short, competently put together but too slow at the start and then the story just fell apart imo,
only really scrapes through under the genre too but that can be forgiven. The highlight were a couple of slapstick gags like the kicking of the dog and body slam of the old lady but I don't think that is quite enough to flesh it out as a compelling film.

Another of my favourites of the evening - well produced and well acted, good pacing. The yea na ending was a little flat for me compared to the strong build up - but still a great film.

Def not the best this team has produced (considering the level of films they have produced previous years that doesn't mean its bad) still one of my favourite from the night. The filming was awesome - definitely the best cinematography of the night for me. Just lacked the strong story & script they usually have. Characters were fun and I get the feeling that a repeat viewing would show more little details I missed (I did just manage to catch things like the R R Hood on the envelope but it was almost to quick) not sure what was up with the audio at times does seem strange from this team. Some good laughs and the end (after the credits) was great. Just a bit more cohesive script and it could have been a stand out.

Nicely produced - although pacing was a little off at times - the end was funny and did fit the genre (although I did see it coming but thats just me)
Personally the drowning and cliff death scenes didn't really work but again that is just my opinion. Not perfect but definitely a Strong film.

Was a fairly good little film but one thing went wrong that should have had it disqualified - I know it may sound harsh but MANY teams have been disqualified in the past for getting this wrong....
They got the compulsory line wrong!!!! It had to be exactly: "Not with that your not" and they had "Not with that you won't" it is one line and the rules make it very clear that it MUST be EXACT.

Funny at times, pacing was a little off - seemed full of pregnant pauses that could have been fixed in the edit. The aerial ballet didn't really work - needed to be cut to a strong piece of music with cuts and movement to match the music, maybe some shots from the ground mixed in...? Bruce was a great character in front of the camera and for not being an "actor" he did really well in that respect. But for a professional in the industry the script and general cohesiveness of the production was a lot weaker than I would have expected.

Well done - nice short with good production values well thought through shots and the audio overlay was well done. Definitely should have made the top 2 at the city final.

Fun idea - I think it pushed the genre a bit to far - I agree about the paper etc - really looks a bit rushed when basic stop motion like this is so easy to execute there is no excuse for it not being done better than this... but the biggest downfall for me was the continuity errors. Like the watch that died being back in the herd after it had "expired" and the challenger from another herd being a watch that was clearly part of the herd a second before... This team indicated that the whole process was a rush for them and sorry but it shows.

Oh Man these guys do it again! Think they won best actor a couple of years ago at the National final - they should be in the running again this year i recon!
Fuuwark'n Awesome - Everything seems to come together so well for this team - the cinematography, sound, editing all are top notch - this is definitely the Team to watch.

Interesting concept with some funny moments - story was a little shallow but all in all well done.
As with most of the films I have seen so far - very little attention to visual flow, I have only seen a couple of shorts with obvious attention to colour grading and this wasn't one of them.

Rather Random - but a fun enough view... sadly audio issues really spoiled this for me and made it hard to follow.

Great Film - the actors are fantastic! IMO fits the Horror Genre fine. I think you have to realise that Horror can include other Genres within its structure. So you can have a Horror/Comedy there are plenty of box office hits that are exactly that. There are loads of other combos like Horror/Drama Horror/Action Horror/Romance and they are still Horror. Fantastic Twist that isn't reviled until the closing scene. The laughs did obscure some of the scares but more due to the entire audience laughing long, loud and often more than a fault with the film. There were some genuine scare/jump moments.

This film was just plain weird - I went to the Hamilton finals last night and the only thing this stood our for was its cool song (well done)- strange animation - and its creepiness. THIS DID NOT DESERVE THE WIN! I am kind of embarrassed to be from Hamilton when at least 5 other films were far better and this gets the trophy - bizarre. I am not involved with any team Im just a v48 hours fan - this makes me seriously question the process.

Holy Crap! What a ride, slapped in the face with humour straight from the first second, great concept! I can't believe how polished this was, 48 Hours... wow! Great switch up in tempo and emotion half way through, amazing acting plus incredible original music to top it off. Very smooth integration of the line and prop - slow mo was in your face but really worked with the emotion. Was my pic of the heat and imo this one has to do well!