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Note: Despite what the review database says, this was a Road Movie, not a One Room.

I really like this movie. The characters were well developed, effortlessly acted, and their exploits were entertaining. Visually, this was a success, but it suffered some minor audio issues. This movie was funny, and charming, but the ending was a little weak.

I look forward to seeing more by this team.

I don't know much about this kind of animation, but I do know that if you're going to use a style which is slightly rough around the edges, reminiscent of a flash animation, you have to work extra hard to have your story be cared about by the audience. I think, given their visual style, that this team chose their subject matter poorly. I have no inherent problem with a story about wedgies, but that, combined with the type of animation, made it feel like a cheap internet animation, which disinclined me to care about the story.

What this film DOES have going for it, is very nice syncing of the dialog with the mouths of the characters, and excellent sound effects that prevented the short feeling as shoddy as it might have.

This team achieved a lot with their visuals, but this was let down by disappointing audio, and weak lyrics.

This was a very, very nice looking film (my notes say "Lighting like a boss"), and was well-shot. Only quibble with the visuals would be the lack of feeling of motion of the vehicle during the car ride.

Unfortunately, the lyrics of the songs lacked humour, or emotional impact. The accents of the characters, too, were inconsistent. The audio during the singing was very tinny, and often difficult to understand.

In future, it would be nice to see the rest of the team's aspects match the high quality of their visual design.

This beautiful-looking film is dragged down by an iffy story, and some unconvincing acting.

Apart from some minor audio issues, this film is a very satisfying technical production, with nice editing. It suffers, however, from some pacing issues, and some confusing plotting.

This is a very nice production, and I hope to see these guys turn out something a little more well-rounded next year. Go team!

This film blew my mind. Having seen it twice now (it was shown in the first heat, in order for some team members to be able to see it on the big screen before traveling overseas), I can attest to its strength, in every respect. This film has visual, editing, acting and story chops in equally overflowing supply, and was, quite simply, a joy to watch.

Having seen all of the films from Dunedin this year, this is the one that I became the most invested in, in both a story sense, and with its place in the competition. There are some other very strong films in Dunedin this year, but this is the one I *like* the most, and I hope that it is recognised appropriately, come City Finals time, and with any luck, national finals time.

This film displayed some very nice acting, but contained major tonal shifts which made the message of the film unclear, and somewhat uncomfortable. Despite the story issues, nice production, and as mentioned above, a very strong lead actor.

Good work!

This film featured some fine comic acting by the cast, but the writing was a little slack, and lacked some "funny". Additionally, the editing could have benefited from being tighter.

Despite the complaints, a strong showing from one of the out of town teams. Good work, guys!

This Revenge film was nicely produced, but suffered from insufficient explanation of the plot, and an out-of-place ending. Nice visuals, excellent use of animals, and some strong acting we highlights. Ultimately, though, the plot failed to make itself matter to us, which detracted from the experience.

The talent on this team is apparent, and despite story issues, this was a polished production.

This was a nice-looking film, with some good action, but a weak story. There were some minor focus issues, and some sound issues, but for the most part, this was a well-produced film, with strong performances by the cast.

A mostly solid film, largely brought down by poor audio quality, making it very hard to understand what was going on.

Uninspiring production values, and some weak acting detracted from the film, but the story was pretty well constructed, and with a few small improvements, this team could be making excellent films in no time.

A deliberately shocking film, but nicely constructed and acted.

The general production quality was somewhat lacking, but generally speaking, a nice film. The ending could have been executed a little more elegantly, but all in all, this film has a very solid story with some choice, crowd-pleasing lines.

I hope not just to see these guys again next year, but that they make lots of films in the intervening time too. Rock it.

A wonderfully subtle, funny film, with an ambitious style.

Bone In My Beard wonderfully described everything there is to like about this film, so I'll keep it brief. A film that was ambitious, but simple, and confidently produced and acted.

I agree with BIMB that the characters felt a bit distant from the audience, and lacked a connection, but all in all, an excellent film.

Stay frosty.

A film with ambitious subject matter such as this relies on strong writing for the characters, and whole-hearted performances by the cast. Unfortunately, this film was lacking in those departments.

On the plus side, however, was that it was fairly competently shot, and had a nice feeling of space in the room. Also the editing worked pretty nicely.

Keep doing what you do, and your films will rapidly improve. Rock forwards.

I am a little baffled by the negative response to this film generally, because while not amazing, I thought it was a nice little story. There were certainly issues with it, namely a confusingly told story, and some weak acting, but in general, a pretty solid effort.

Keep it up, guys, and always be making movies.

A competently-produced film, but it fails to develop the atmosphere necessary for a horror film, and the ending packs little punch.

Despite that, highlights included the lead performance, and very nice handling of the reveal with the box (even if it was immediately obvious what was going on there).

I predict an excellent film from these guys next year. Keep it up, guys.

Easily the most beautiful film of the night, and possibly of the city for the competition. Wonderful acting by the young girl, visually stunning, and altogether arresting. The only let downs in an otherwise wonderfully executed film were the man's delivery of the line, and the ending, which was a minor disappointment.

Regardless of those minor quibbles, there is little doubt that this will feature heavily on city finals night.

The scene we see in this film is, quite simply, stunning, but in order to really succeed, this need some extra narrative. With the addition of a few, short surrounding scenes, perhaps setting the characters up slightly more, this scene could have been the centerpiece of a winning film, but unfortunately, as it stands, it is just too slight to become fully invested it.

None of that is to diminish what Mosquito has created here: a beautiful scene, with the beauty and comedic poise that we've come to expect from this wonderful team.

This film featured a refreshingly simple concept, but the technical execution left a lot to be desired.

I feel like the premise could have been effective, if the lighting and editing had done it justice. The lighting (or lack thereof) lent the film an air of shoddiness, where the film deserved to have a crisp, stark look to go with the beats, and the dry surreal quality that it had. Similarly, it could have benefited from being a little shorter, and more succinct.

If previous years are any indicator, then we will see more brilliance come from this team in the future. Keep rocking, dudes.

A nice, if ultimately unsatisfying film about a man afflicted with Disco Fever, and the effect that it has on those around him.

This film's premise is funny, but this film didn't develop it sufficiently for it to really draw the audience in. For the most part, it ended up really being about a guy who involuntarily throws things occasionally. It was frequently funny, but lost some momentum towards the end, as it tried to become more serious. The story didn't really have the scope necessary to make me really care about the characters.

There were some nice performance, particularly by the girlfriend character, but ultimately, the premise didn't sustain the film for me.

This is a very able team, and as always, I look forward to their future entries. Stay awesome, guys.

An often-funny film, showing off the clear chemistry between the group (interpret chemistry however you wish). It was an engaging film, with nice imagination sequences, and some witty dialog.

The most obvious complaint would be that it it isn't really a true romantic comedy, but that's nitpicking.

A nice film with a raggedy charm.

I would like to begin somewhat off-topic by declaring my secret love for EFG's film from last year. Despite shockingly poor audio, video, and breast-authenticity, it had a shaggy charm which I could not escape.

This year, they have vastly improved the quality of their technical side, as well as improving on the accessibility of their humour. 'Shelfman' features an often very funny script, nicely surreal moments, and some good acting. There is the occasional feeling that they are trying really hard to be silly/funny, but this doesn't diminish their film too much.

If you keep improving at this rate, next year very well may be your year! Go forth and rock, dudes.

While featuring easily the most impressive stunts of the night, this film failed to channel its assigned genre, or to give stakes to the story it *did* tell.

These guys clearly had a good time making this, but it was somewhat lacking technically, with audio issues abound, and a lack of attention to framing and natural-sounding dialog.

Again, though, sweet stunts, guys.

Subtlety is an attribute often missing from 48hour films, but these guys deployed it to great effect, creating a situation populated with characters we cared about, and shooting it with beauty and confidence.

The story was effective, sufficiently simple, and engaging. The acting was very nicely played, and the cinematography was satisfying and never boring, which can be a particular concern with this genre.

These guys are definitely ones to watch.

While there are some flaws with this movie, such as it being merely sufficient technically, there are a lot of things to like about this movie. First of all, I admire the decision not to explain the switch. While it didn't entirely work, not getting into the explanation for it gave the film a nice sense of space around what happened to the characters once they had switched bodies. While the plot is a little flabby, and hard to care about sometimes, that is redeemed by some surprisingly nice acting, and a great use of the line and freeze frame at the end of the film.

Next year, you better make something even cooler.

I am a little bit in love with this movie. Shockingly witty, nicely paced, and impeccably acted. You guys rock my socks off.

While this kind of genre subversion is obvious and somewhat played out (I've done it before, and I'm not proud of the results), this film really pulled it off. There were a few technical issues throughout, and it was shot fairly blandly, but it didn't detract too much. Wonderful comedic timing shown by many throughout the film (particularly the main guy, and the obviously brilliant road-makers), and a nice variety of characters and gags meant that this film was a delight to watch.

You guys are... win.

Despite some major technical problems, this film featured excellent plot beats, some nice acting, and some great blood application to the bathroom scene.

Much of the dialog in the film was undecipherable due to what seemed to be a lack of an external microphone. The blocking in the couch scene was a little awkward, but as mentioned above, it very nicely hit the now-well-worn (but all to often mishandled) plot beats of a slasher film, and had a nice fake-out near the beginning.

Keep working on the technical stuff, guys, and I'm sure next year you will present something excellent.

A technically polished film, but featuring a tonally inconsistent story, and a few plot holes.

I was very impressed with the technical aspects of this movie. Nice audio, and some startlingly choice cinematography made this film an enjoyable experience, but it was let down in the story department, and ended up being somewhat unmemorable.

There is clearly a lot of talent on this, team, and I really look forward to seeing what they turn out in future.

Good stuff, guys!

This film featured some ambitious effects, but lacked the technical prowess, nor story chops to really draw the audience in.

It felt like the story was mostly just going through the motions, and the action lacked a sense of stakes. While there were some nice shots throughout the film, it was also peppered with focus issues, clunky dialog, and some sound issues.

As mentioned at the beginning, though, the effects were very nice, but next year, I hope to see them backed up with visual polish and a strong story.

Always be making films.

I am always delighted by the films that this team turns out, despite whatever flaws they might have.

Of particular note is the lead female's performance, which was charming and wasn't bogged down by the self-consciousness that so many young actors are.

The story was nice and simple, and frequently very funny, in a wonderfully effortless way.

As always, I look forward to next year's film!

This was a very nice looking film with a frequently razor-sharp wit. While it lost some momentum towards the end, this was, for the most part, an entertaining romp, featuring some strong performances.

The audio quality was far below the standard of the visuals, which is an unfortunately frequent disappointment this year, but this was largely redeemed by a lean, light-hearted script.

For reference, this team is one whose films I look forward to seeing every year, and to some degree embody what I enjoy about attending the 48hour heats for me. Stay awesome.

While I liked the sense of place that the chosen room lent to the party atmosphere, this film was largely undermined by a lack of plotting, hard to hear dialog, and stilted acting.

The writing, however awkward it may have been, was somewhat redeemed by the abundance of euphemisms, charmingly delivered by a large, distinguished cast, and received many laughs from the audience.

Several small changes would greatly improve this team's output, such as a boom mic (or, indeed, just a microphone gaffer taped to a broom handle), and some experimentation with framing and line delivery, and I hope to see this team embrace these and turn out something charming and fun next year. Rock on, guys.

While I do agree that there are many, many issues with this film, from production quality, to shock-mongering, I would also like to defend it.

Yes, there are many things to find offensive in this film, but there were also some laughs. (I, personally, am not really offended ever, but I do completely understand where people are coming from.) The overall pace of the film was satisfying, reminding me of meandering, surreal shows like It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, etc. The Velvet Burger scene was a success, even if only because it will require many liters of Brain Bleach to expunge.

While the movie largely didn't make sense, attempted to take refuge in audacity but failed (, and lacked technical polish, there was something that I liked in the essence of this film (even if I was the only one), and I hope that in future, this team, perhaps with a more crowd-pleasing name (Kittens Riding Segways?), will channel their creativity into something brilliant/likable.

This was a funny film, but lacked some narrative substance, and could have benefited from more clearly defined characters, and some technical improvements.

There were several very funny running gags in this film, which were endearing, but much of the film was rendered hard to understand by poor audio. Also, some plot points towards the end were lost, due to both the audio quality, and some weak construction.

I can see this team entertaining us for years, if they can get a handle on their equipment, and on creating more nuanced characters.

Sweet job, dudes.

A decently-produced film with a confusing tone, and a cheap twist.

Technically speaking, this film was fairly proficient, and visually economical, but this was let down by a weak story, and a muddled tone. The main body of the film didn't do enough to communicate the seriousness that it intended, and the twist, while nicely executed visually, felt neither emotionally earned, nor narratively original.

There is clearly a lot of creativity on this team, but I would like to see them focus on making something more tonally consistent, and less one-dimensional.

Keep it up, guys.

A fun film, with nicely distinguished musical sections, and a perfectly cast Ramona Flowers-style object of distant affections.

The songs were excellently, not to mention wittily written, and were competently shot and edited, which are some of the harder things to get right with the Musical genre. The acting was very nice, and the story, while a little meandering occasionally, has flow.

A fun film, with an appropriately cute ending.

Please continue to delight me, Lubers!

(P.S. I love the chuckle that went through the room when locations on opposite sides of town were used as two sides of the same street.)

I don't really have a lot to add to Bone In My Beard's review, which I think is a very considered, eloquent appraisal of this film, but I feel like I should say something.

I feel infinitely under-qualified to comment at all about a film of this caliber, but I shall do it anyway.

As ever, a tight, beautiful production. Visually polished (that is an understatement), and a lean, effecting story. My problems with the film are exactly that: my problems. When watching the film, I had a faint sense that it was *too* lean and *too* effecting; I had a looming feeling that it was acutely aware of what judges look for in this competition. That is obviously not a very valid complaint about a film, but it did feel to me somewhat calculated, and that prevented me from becoming truly invested in the story.

Don't get me wrong, I am not a "too soon"-er about the earthquake, but its inclusion in the story felt almost emotionally manipulative. Neither am I one to resent pros in the competition. What is it if not a celebration of ability? However, something about this short left me cold, and I'm fairly certain it has something to do with the emotional beats in the film being too baldly emotional.

As mentioned above, I feel very uncomfortable speaking negatively about a film of such obvious quality and beauty (of the kind which I could only hope to ever create myself), but for me, this film left me unsatisfied.

Anyway, enough waffling. May the Linemen continue to let beauty flow forth from their brainholes!

A competent film, visually, with a twist which, while fairly obvious, and largely without motivation, works surprisingly well.

Nice development of atmosphere, even if the computer interfaces were of an inconsistent standard (some were very nice). A nice, subtle lead performance, and visceral action.

As mentioned in another review, the story is more in the vein of a thriller than a horror, but the atmosphere is sufficiently creepy. Aside from a few minor audio issues, a nice film. Make more movies, dudes!

This was a nice-looking, largely entertaining film, but the story needed some polishing. While it was enjoyable, a lack of definition of the characters, and of their motivations distracted from the story. The victim of the carefully planned heist was the most developed character, but even most of the traits he was assigned fell by the wayside in order to throw a spanner in the works of the thieves, with no real explanation.

The planning scenes were nicely constructed, but a lack of explanation about the contest (why it was important to them, why they needed this particular recipe, etc.) detracted from the general experience.

All in all, a fun, visually polished film, even if the story was a little rough around the edges.

Rock on, guys!

This film attempted to channel the style of a reality television show, but it largely went to waste. (For people with no lives, check out the 30 Rock episode, "Queen of Jordan". Awesome use of the genre tropes.)

Luckily for this team, what they DID make was a sweet, leisurely film featuring a likable cast, and some nice dialog. The main performances rang true, and it was technically sufficient. The ending, while not really earned, was sweet. The film's greatest downfall, however, is that it doesn't capture the feeling of space that a Road Movie requires.

As a gory, creepy film, this largely succeeds, but the plot is a little muddled.

Very, very nice practical effects, and, as mentioned in another review, great use of the surgery video in the background. Coathanger scene was wonderfully shocking.

The ending was little too morbidly humorous compared with the rest of the film, but this team very effectively channeled their assigned genre.

The story this movie tells is great. It has a well-executed arc, and a really beautiful sentiment.

There were a few things which took away from it, such as focus and audio issues, but they weren't too distracting. While the story was great, the integration of the fad element was tenuous, at best, lacking some of the necessary plot points for that "genre".

However, a strong lead performance, and an affecting plot made this film a pleasure to watch.

Deciding to make a stop-motion film is a great risk, and in this case, it doesn't quite pay off, visually. There is much jerkiness in the animation, which prevents it from having a polished feel. The story, on the other hand, is nicely developed, and has a satisfying conclusion.

In the end, however, the technical aspects let this film down, both the visuals and the audio, in a few places.

Make lots of these films, get a feel for the medium's idiosyncrasies, and there is no doubt that you will make something truly great next year, guys.

Unfortunately, this film is rendered largely unwatchable, due to a major audio editing mishap. Which is such a shame, because, it seems like it would have been a very good film.

I really feel for you guys, and I would be supremely keen to see a fixed version of this film. Guts, bros.

I have a soft-spot for nonsensical surrealism, which probably made me enjoy this movie slightly more than many would have. Visually, a messy, but surprisingly memorable film. Ill-advised, but still quite entertaining green-screening featured heavily. There were several very nice aspects of the film, mainly in the costuming of the villain, and with the masterful utilisation of a broken couch. However, my overwhelming feeling with this film was that an immense amount of creativity - as we've seen from this team before - was squandered with a few poor story choices (such as the somewhat irritating attempt at social commentary, and general muddled nature), and technical issues.

Also, for your enjoyment, a quote from Mr. Show With Bob and David,:
"I don't own a television. You'll notice I didn't say TV. TV is a nick-name, and nick-names are for friends, and television is *no* friend of mine."

This was a well-acted film, with the technical proficiency to do it justice.

The main parts were very nicely played, and the genre elements rang true. My main disappointment with the film was that the central idea wasn't taken any further. I don't know how long it actually was, but when the reveal occurred, I sat up, expecting the film to continue in that vein, and pack some real punch, but it never quite came, which was something of a let-down.

All in all, a very nice film, and despite not taking the concept so far as to really endear itself to me, mostly satisfying.

Keep being cool, guys.

This, unfortunately, was a film plagued with technical problems, and an underdeveloped story/script. Audio was often hard to hear, and the framing was generally uninspiring. On the good side, however, the villain was deliciously over-acted by Mark Heap's long-lost brother, a nice shooting location was used in the hallways scenes, and the doomsday device was a charming touch.

Keep making films, learn to iron out the audio and visual issues, and do yourself justice (if you excuse the superhero-themed pun)!

P.S. The beginning scene reminded of the first scene of the first episode of Archer, which can only ever be a good thing.

I was completely enamored of the central effect of the fly for the duration of this film. It is ideas like that which are the reason that I love this competition.

The dialog was very funny, but several elements of the film distracted from what could have been a delightfully simple film. As mentioned in the other reviews, the surfing scene messed with the flow of the film (also unfortunate because the audio didn't match the quality of the visuals in the scene). The buzzing became a little irritating halfway through, but that is forgivable.

The hurried ending soured my opinion of this film a little, but I am still very much in love with the creative use of raisins and fishing line. Too delightful for words.

Note to everyone: If you're going base your film around a pun, make like Decile One and be sure it elicits laughs rather than groans.

This film had a strong story, backed up by funny jokes and solid acting. It was slightly let down in some technical aspects, however. Some shots beautifully took advantage of a narrow depth of field, but unfortunately, this mainly served to make the parts of the film which were perhaps not shot on the same format, look lacking in comparison. Additionally, tinny audio prevented the film from having a really polished feel.

As mentioned above, however, the story was strong, the jokes funny, and the central conceit worthy. The Stephen Merchant look-alike no doubt helped them channel their effective mockumentary stylings.

Sweet film, dudes!

First off, this is a really good-looking film. Nice genre touches (especially in the 30 second intro), and just generally great style.

Story-wise, however, it was less consistent. Great use of genre tropes, often funny dialog, and nice acting for the most part, but I felt that the plot lacked some substance, and was, to some degree, just going through the motions of the genre.

All in all, quite a polished film stylistically, but a little disappointing in the story department.

You guys rock though.

I heard that this is the second musical in two years for these guys, so good on them for not losing their collective mind!

This was a nice film, although significantly marred by excessive pitch correction on the vocals, which made it very hard to understand much of the sung dialog. Fortunately, their simple concept meant that the audience was able to fill in some of the gaps.

The premise and writing was solid, and despite the audio issues (which, unfortunately, are a very common problem in this competition), the little touches, such as the musical use of the sound effects, and the "dancing", make this a charming film.

P.S. Ready to go Musical three years in a row?