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The "journey to hell" scene was definitely the stand out part of this film and showed what this team is capable of. Performances were strong, particularly the actress playing the guinea pig.

Charming and funny.

This film was a mixed bag. The first 30 seconds started on black with just audio, giving the impression that someone was in the boot of a car but then we discover that she is actually just in the front seat of the car. It seemed like the camera had only one lens size which was too tight to be in focus, or give the feeling of being a POV. As has already been pointed out, characters stated subtext as text: "I'm an insomniac..." rather than playing it out realistically. The ending felt like the team had just run out of ideas by the time they got it.

On the positive side, there were moments where the performances were very good and some parts were genuinely creepy. Also, there was a strong sense of jeopardy for the lead character. A good idea that just needed better development.

I really liked the premise of this film but felt that it never fully delivered on what was such a great idea. The obsession could have been taken to a way deeper darker level. Still, it was a solid film and very enjoyable.

This film was a welcome relief from all the darkness and seriousness of the rest of the heat. A great idea to use babies. I just reckon the voices could have had a little bit more individual character as they sounded very similar to one another.

Funny and sweet.

Technically impressive as always from this team. I felt a little bit lost with the main character's journey and what was going on but they nailed the genre and there were some genuinely scary moments in there.

I reckon this is the toughest genre and this team seemed to struggle a little bit with it. The scenes that featured more than one character felt like they wanted to speak but were only muted by the genre rather than natural forces. But in saying that, the film oozed atmosphere and had great performances from brave actors. Although I didn't fully understand it, I felt that the film makers made a story that was clear to them.

I'm not sure what the rule is with the "non-dialogue" films when it comes to the line of dialogue that needs to be in the film. I'd be interested to see how other teams dealt with it.

This film was a bit of a mixed bag. It started with an intriguing premise which ultimately wasn't delivered on. The narrative was confusing and the relationships between characters were unclear. The "rules" of the world needed to be stronger.

Nice make-up/prosthetic at the start :)

This film had top notch production values across the board - cinematography, visual FX, art department, costume, audio etc

A good performance from the lead and the story had a promising start but got a bit lost as it went on. Felt like it needed a little bit of heart and emotion injected into it for the audience to care for Victor's journey. The action was mostly well executed but some scenes, especially towards the end, fell into Hollywood cliche.

Cons: There were huge chunks of audio missing. Pros: There were huge chunks of audio missing.

I'm guessing that the film was exported with a couple of audio tracks missing but if anything it just added to the overall craziness. Made with true 48Hour spirit. Awesome!

I felt like I was on Acid when I watched this or maybe wished that I'd taken some Acid before I watched this... One of those great 48 hour films that doesn't make much sense or have very good technical production and yet still manages to entertain through share strangeness and enthusiasm.

A clever idea and a great way to make an action film when you don't have the resources to make an action film. A nice twist at the end. I felt like I missed a plot point or line of dialogue at the beginning which may have made the ending stronger - will definitely watch again. Good stuff

This was a good story that was well executed with high production values. The team made great use of their resources, with lighting and smoke machines out in the forest as well as shooting on a high end camera - all very flash. The female lead gave an outstanding performance and there was abundant good use of the leaf as a prop. There were just a couple of weak moments that let the film down. For example, the escape from the tent and the overuse of slow motion during the chase, which came across as comedic. A shame about the DQ but certainly a film for the makers to be proud of.

Great concept and excellent technical production. However, I felt that the overall tone of the film was a bit muddled. The main character's over the top performance may have worked well in a straight out comedy, but it didn't sit comfortably with the rest of this film which was mostly genuinely scary and atmospheric. I usually like a mix of comedy and horror but I reckon that if the main character was more grounded in reality, it would have been a better film. But very well crafted, some funny scenes (the sex at the beginning especially) and a great ending and use of the line of dialogue.

I think this is the sort of film that will divide an audience. Personally it's the type I'd like to see more of in the competition - and not just because it had nudity... After 10 years it's great to see so much diversity in a heat, and not just the comedic parodies that used to be the norm. Very strong technical execution, brave performances, especially from the lead and a deft touch from the head creatives. Some of the ideas went over my head but it's always good to be challenged

A fine concept and well executed. Always good to see more serious films being made. Great acting, especially the lead, and the overall atmosphere was suitably unnerving. By the end I felt like I had missed something story wise but perhaps that's because it's a more deeply layered film than most and a second screening may be in order. The tone didn't quite feel like "adventure" to me but I guess it ticked the genre boxes. Well done

A bit rough around the edges but there was a certain charm about the film. Some of the dialogue of the annoying friend didn't sync up to the vision but I think that made it better... Good use of the leaf

These guys always make films that look like they had fun making them. Frankly, the technical quality was mostly awful but they make up for it with energetic and funny performances. Some great gags and an attitude that most of the slick teams lack

Good simple story. As others have said, the sound mix let it down, however the music was the best of the night and worked well to create atmosphere