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Liked the twist. Very cloverfield feeling

Thicken up that blood!

Cool ending

Loved the dark ending, it got a good laugh from me.

Fantastic, but a little too sloppy to be a truly hot mess

Ramp up the intensity. There were a lot of good ideas, but I feel like you only took things to 7, when you should aim for 11.

Dream bigger!

Had a tense, sad vibe, by design.
The acting did a good job of backing up the script.
It kept me interested and guessing. While watching I thought the woman was already dead somehow.

Good use of split screen, although there were some moments I thought were cheating, especially when it was 1 main cut with 2 still empty frames up the top.
Good script, easy to follow plot
I liked the acting, especially during the argument. It was believable.

Beautifully shot and edited.
I particularly liked the WHOOMP effect / zoom during the teleports.

That shot in the intro with the walker is super cool.
Nice message, but it is tough to have to rewind and fit everything back into the ending once you see it, especially when the next film rolls on right away.
Very dramatic lighting.

Great ULTRA film, made good use of the split screen, mixing it up and keeping it fresh
Good humor throughout
Easy to follow plot and nicely paced.
A+ effort

Fantastic, really leaned into the gross factor, and got a lot of laughs from it
I got a bit confused about the plot at the start
I really liked the bloopers at the end

Clear plot
Lots of good jokes
Looked great

Good clear plot.
Nice camera work.
Delightfully gross holiday dude.

Great start and middle, I wanted to see more!

Top notch satire.
Why did all the shows have the same graphics design for their title cards?

This is what hp 48 hours is all about for me.
Had a little taste of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and a little bit of Killer klowns from outer space
Loved the puddle scene.

I especially like the guy frozen looking down at his paper with the weird face.
A few actors moving that could have been replaced with a still frame overlay.
Good idea, and well shot. You told a story and the characters were different at the end.

High energy madness. Top notch special effects, I especially liked the fingers
Finished with a bit of a fizz, and the devils voice was hard to understand.
Loved the car scene.

Great acting by the lead.
The team shot lowered the tone a bit.
Loved the twist at the end.

Fun light fare.
The continuity errors with the check marks disappearing bugged me.
Loved the alien gloves and the teleportation shot.

Good consistent special effects!
I would have liked to see more punch to the ending. The main character just ended up back where they were at the start.
Loved the rain / anger sounds when Claire locked him in.

The lead actress got good laughs, and a great performance by the dog. A simple story, and told well.
I got a bit confused at the end when she ran after the "cat", did she get hit by a car or something?

A touching film about alienation.
Really liked the editing in the dinner scene, it gave a great sense of building tension and anxiety.
It could be a good awareness raising video, it just needs a little informational splash screen at the end.

I liked the blend of cgi and live action.
The sound was too quiet for me, I had trouble hearing some of the lines, especially when the actors were talking softly.
I initially didn't like the first scene with the woman getting beaten up, but props for making a film with all female actors.

Great location, camera work , and score
The dialogue gets plenty of room to breathe, and the actors get to act.
I like how it doesn't go for the full 5 minutes!
The scream at the end is a bit jarring, it doesn't fit in with the rest of the film somehow. Maybe a bit too loud, or the guy doesn't seem like a Wilhelm screamer?
I like the differing pace of the two intermingling stories.

The dark man was an interesting evil villain.
Enjoyed the dance scene at the end. Wonderful dedication to using the full 5 minutes!

Very relatable main character motivations
Fantastic in-fridge shots, although that sequence was a little long for my taste.
Loved the crab walk

I liked the yarn conspiracy web
Go bigger and bolder! Attempting ever more outrageous ideas will make your failures more wonderfully Z grade!
I was left wanting to know more... Who was the killer? Why did he hate women? Kudos for creating a movie that caught my interest

Enjoyed the mockumentary style.
Good humor, liked the unicorn typing up the document
I got a bit lost at the ending. What was the takeaway/moral supposed to be?
The costumes were in the sweet spot so they didn't look too cheap or too try hard.

Beautiful camera & sound & acting
Wilhelm scream felt a bit forced
Nice comic relief with the other 2 Santas.

Surprisingly emotive short film, which is difficult to do considering the rest of the heat.
The ending was abrupt, it felt like the first half of a Scrooged style redemption movie.
The fight scene might have been more effective with emotive dialogue instead of just swearing.
Good camera work, and some of the over the shoulder shots were very nicely composed.

The guy rapping in the full room scene was hardcore.
Dialogue in some scenes was hard to make out.
I liked the bonus scene with the dog at the end.

Best entry hand in at the finish line for the year easily.
I would have liked to see the character relationships developed more.
Nice to see substantial time dedicated to the final fight scene. Letting the action breathe and advance at its own pace.
Fx for light sabers was excellent and I liked the flying fox scene.

Liked the bandit makeup + costumes.
Not sure what happened at the end, it looked like the lady bandit was going to kill the main two, then they were shown alive in the final shot?
Hardcore dubbing lent the film a foreign flavour, overall feel was reminiscent of a Kurosawa samurai flick.

Wonderful action-packed short.
Would have liked the action to be a little more hands on or visceral.
Ended fast and left me wanting more.
End credit fx were amazing.

Some wonderful eyebrow and facial expressions on the lead actor, NZ's answer to Jeremy Piven.
Incredible location shots!
The plot was the weakest link, because the rest was all such high caliber.
Liked the understated effects for the abductions and aliens.
Fantastic silhouette work for the 2nd abduction

Best cinematography of the night imo.
The voices in his head were a little bit hard to hear.

Wonderful premise, fantastic subtitle fx.
Ending was a little disjointed. Why did the night guard get left at the beach by his buddy? How did he get shot?

Good sound and music.

Plot was straightforward. I would have liked to see a bit more heart, or sass, or struggle.

Excellent camera and drone work, looked like a professional commercial.

Good use of split screen. The expectations / reality scene was the best part for me.

A bit of an over-reliance on dick jokes

Good songs

Beautiful cinematography

Fitting musical score

Ending made me catch a sob.

Hard core 3d titles


Good rack focus

Good sound fx

Confusing ending. I guess she was going to try to kill the killer, but I missed out the details other than the bell on the door.

Excellent build up and tense vibe

Horse Jazz!

Excellent mime death scene with wool.

Liked the heart beat
good pacing
some good low light shots

Good use of the horror genre.
I would have liked to see a bit more about the why or how of the glitcher sisters.
I liked the knife in the neck kill.

Fast setup!
Ending was a bit of an anti-climax, I would have liked to see a big finish.
Lots of action!

Nice drone shot.
Seemed more Jazz than Punk.

Loved the fx with the knife in the eye

I enjoyed the good look at the camera for delivery of "One more time" line

Actor has plenty of on camera presence

Not the strongest use of genre.

Loved the shot with the "How to build" document, where she was typing in dfgdfgdffgdgdgdgdgd

Good ending.

The Salem scenes with the brother tied up were my favorite ones

Sniff detective was funny

Start of chase was funny "flee and with haste"

Good videography, some nice shots.

Good tone and humor

Fast paced and delightfully stupid

I like entries that don't take themselves too seriously, and you did a great job of that.

Loved the bleep on "he doesn't have a bleep fucking chance"

I think there was a joke where he asked "Does he have brown hair?", and then couldn't work out which people to cross off. This could have been done a bit more deliberately to help people understand the joke and sell it. ie. close up of the board, his hand going over some, wavering, close off some of the wrong ones.

Little girl was funny and well used

Liked the sometimes hamfisted writing + main character
Puppet was funny
Some good jokes in there

Good job, but the title was a bit of a give away

Great shots, very moody
Good amount of story - didn't try to pack too much in, so it all had room to breathe.

Good to see a team going balls to the wall. I was surprised that the first 3 heats didn't have more films like this.

I thought the energy got to 8 or 9, pushing it to the limit is fantastic, but save some for the end for a final blast!

Not sure what the ending meant with the pointing to the head and the mouth.

Thing in the top of the head killing effect was used like 3 times!

Good shot with the dagger in the back of the head, and the human dog.

This film is the embodiment of what I want from 48 hours.

Excellent pacing and story telling.

Slow motion chase scenes reminded me of "Stork Patrol" video by The Lonely Island

Would have liked to see the pug turn around for a last look goodbye at the end.

Good mixture of pathos and humor. In particular the diffing in the chase scene, and the "old bones don't stay buried long" were great.

Good concept.

Princess had a legitimate gripe, I thought, since she would have come from a situation of extreme privilege. What was her life now? That might have helped hammer home the disparity. Why did she come around in the end? Because the councilor was a traveler too?

I would have liked to see the characters butt heads more, or see their struggles in the current time, like ug & the eggs.

The scene with the hypnotist psycho priest was a good laugh, although that and the newspaper introducing him felt a bit "tacked on"

The scene with the 2 cops and the boy in the metal box didn't need as much re-capping

A lot of good ideas in this film. Focus on one or two and take them up to 11.

The camera work for the mouse did a good job of creating and conveying character via movements.

The gratuitous rack focus between the cheese and the poison got a laugh from me.

The ending opened more questions for me than it answered

Well told story with minimal talking. Show not tell at its finest.

Liked the scenes with the pillow, the sword and apple, and the anime special effects.

Loved the end scene with the blocking on social media.

Loved the look of pain and sadness on the lead detectives face after the bombers got away behind the tram.

The playful, caring vibe of the bombers contrasted nicely with the anger and seriousness of the cops.

Nice scene where the bombers cover the detective.

Great special effects.

Good humor.

I was left unsure about why was the Charlie Flowers in the house angry at the delivery Charlie Flowers - surely they are on the same team?

Overall - Bravo!!!

Loved the computer generated backgrounds

Good ramping up the intensity.

I would have liked to see something at the end to wrap it all up in a bow or make a final forceful point.

Loved the songs.

Concept was good, and I would have liked to see more heightening of the main idea - what would it look like pumped up to 11?

With the lead villain channeling equal parts Heath Ledgers joker and Old Gregg, and an unsettling costume for the puppet, this film takes the cake for best visuals.

The music and rapping were a highlight for me.

The main plot was clear enough, but I was left with a few unanswered questions about the motivation for the bear, and what part the doll in the bushes played.

Enery and gusto to spare. Two thumbs up