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This film started with a bang... I thought I was in for a ride... but sadly audio issues and a not so good script let it down... I thought It was one of the best shot films of the afternoon and loved the 2 adult actors fighting with bread. I will be following this team next year because with a tighter script and no audio issues this would have been a very enjoyable film. better luck next time.

ITS ALIVE!!!! A Frankenstein movie with ninjas... the Idea was good and I thought the fight scenes where an awesome touch... but just got a little lost in the story.

I thought the Idea for this film was strong at the start... but it got confusing about 3 min into it. some good acting and Loved the end scene!

A killer on the loose in a frat house. The look of the film felt and it was edited nice, the script felt like it was missing something and couldn't connect the first murder to anything ... thought the head in the water shot was a nice...and the shot behind the stairs as the girl came back into the house was also good...

Thought this was a great twist to "Other Dimension Movie" some of the acting at the start was a little woody but the editing and story made up for it... my favorite scene was the door opening into/onto the beach! well done.

Three very different people want to enter a Mousetrap competition, shot in a mocumentary style... this film was great, good acting from the sporty guy. The ending felt a little rushed... but hey, It gave me the most laughs on the night!

This film was funny... great Idea and the music (if you would call it that maybe Ill call it singing) worked well, some audio issues, but over all great work... the ending was great. loved the wee pants guy.

A white wall horror...

Audio: 3/5
Video: 4/5
Story: 1/5
Acting: 3/5

Pros: The way this was shot felt cinematic (awesome) loved the no face guy and the white paper room, cred to the director and the D.O.P

Cons: there was no story, none at all, why was the girl in the room? what was the no face guy doing in the room apart from looking scary it was just confusing? Arthouse...

Overall: It looked amazing but I feel you need some sort of story to engage the viewer...

Robots with glitches and... friends?

Acting: 2/5
Audio: 1/5
Video: 2/5
Story: 3/5

Pros: Great Idea! some of the camera work was good as was some of the acting :)

Cons: The audio was so low I could not understand the actors most of the time and the story became a little confusing.

Overall: I wanted to give this film a higher rating as it might have been a cracker if not for the audio issues!


Audio: 3/5
Video: 3/5
Story: 4/5
Acting: 4/5

Pros: A great story with a fantastic performance from the lead actor, Nice to see a a lot of different camera angles and the edit was tight

Cons: The audio was a little low at times (in one scene I could hardly hear the girls talking) I also thought the script lacked insight as to how Vic was an Insomniac?

Overall: A funny film with great acting and story

Fab film with a rushed ending...

Pros:This film started with an great shot and had me interested within seconds, it had some great jokes and a loved the set dressing of the apartment and gang headquarters.

Cons: The acting was good from the get go but ended up feeling unscripted (as if the actors where pulling lines from their heads).
The audio was not the best and the editing felt rushed near the end.

Audio: 2/5
Video: 3/5
Story: 4/5
Acting: 2.5/5

Overall: A cool film with that used the elements well...