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The idea behind this film is legit hilarious, well done!

The rhyming curse was one of the best moments in the heat, but unfortunately after the curse's reveal it went a bit downhill. The ending was unclear, but this may be a technical sound issue? Blaring the inception horns, while funny in 2017, doesn't mean a whole lot when we don't know why Hans Zimmer is going nuts. Maybe I missed something?

I love the idea of rude moviegoers being tortured, so you definitely get a thumbs up from me!

A neat concept, with some solid directing and shot choice. Performances were spot on, too.

I too, was a little dismayed by the friends' reaction at ending. Upon reading the team's response I understand their intent, but unfortunately that didn't come across for me in the film. I think there's a valuable lesson here in anticipating how an audience might react to a story in ways you may not anticipate. On another story note, the final werewolf gag feels like a bit of a "have your cake and eat it too" moment - including it undermined the great heartfelt feel of the rest of the film. I can't fault the film much for this, though - getting weird is the best part of 48.

Great job, Smol Beanz, I look forward to more!

Short and to the point, this film had a gruesome twist in time honored 48hours fashion. It also had one of the best uses of the smash cut in the heat, which got a great audience reaction. Lighting and sound weren't the best, unfortunately - and the story felt like it was missing a real sense of an ending - even just a reaction shot to the contents of the bag would've worked wonders. :)

Lots of great gags and a couple of choice puns make this short a fun watch. The story element is a little lacking, I thought - especially in regards to the ending which lacked the level of punch and surprise the film seemed to place on the ending. Establishing the relationship between the two leads a little more strongly would perhaps have helped there.

Definitely one of the best in the heat, congrats!

This short was lovely to look at, and had some great shot composition. The tone was reminiscent of Black Mirror and the ilk, which is quite an achievement in the competition I think.

Unfortunately I found it pretty hard to get a handle on the story as it played out. After the screening, we pieced it together, but certain elements still didn't make total sense - like the guy breaking into the car(?). I think a little more exposition or conflict in the story would have helped a lot, as I didn't feel like there was much drama beyond events unfolding.

Besides that, there's a lot of talent on display here - kudos!

Honestly I had no idea what was going on for most of this. Sound was an issue, but it was also not helped by static blocking and lack of exposition.

Ultra was a tough hand to be dealt this year, and kudos for taking the challenge. With a sequel you have to be very careful to make sure that it can stand alone. This felt a little more like the second episode of a serialized TV show, where a lot of prior knowledge was assumed.

Despite this, I think it fit its genre well and had some decent performances.

Laugh-out-loud little animation, with a twisted edge.

I really enjoyed this lo-fi "Dick and Jane" style story. The visual aesthetic was Z-Grade to a T, and it probably had the best smash cut of the heat. Always impressive to see an animation in 48.

TBH I think this was robbed of audience fave. Great work!

The black and white look is a strong choice here, and I thought the banter between the leads worked well.

Some parts of this were a bit confusing for me - Initially I wasn't sure how many people were in the car, and I got a bit lost around the midpoint of the film as to why things had suddenly changed. I think part of the issue is the tight coverage and how dark things are - perhaps the editing was also a bit too snappy? Or I just need to drink more V...

In any case, this was a good time, congrats!

A fun premise and entertaining characters. I thought the story could have done with a couple more beats to it, but I had a good time. Well done!

While the production value here wasn't the best (intentionally I imagine), there were a couple of solid laughs here and a straightforward story. I'm not sure this fully captured what Z-Grade means to me as a genre, but the production value and intentional bad edits definitely helped. Loved the pack of chalk and sharpie beard.

Well done, team!

Congrats on surviving the musical genre, it's a real challenge!

This film is a real mixed bag. On one hand, it had some of the best cinematography in the heat, and a decent musical number. On the other hand, the entrenched sexism and toxic masculinity on display was off putting in the extreme. My rating reflects this.

I've read the other reviews posted so far, so I know I'm not the first to point this out. I have also read the responses from the creators of the film, justifying the (so called) 'hot button topic' of "the use of Maori language and a "steryotypical boys night while roasting there friend who use to date the stripper." I found this to be a bit of a crock.

Obviously, kudos for opening a dialogue about your intent, and kudos for your matter of fact inclusion of Te Reo. Unfortunately, I think we can all agree that it was overshadowed by the way in which women in your story were presented. As others have said, they are put forward not as characters with agency in the story, but presented merely as objects of male desire and frustration. Let's be real, there's NOTHING hot-button about about a gross boys' night and sexually shaming a so-called friend. There's nothing new or interesting about it, so if you're reading this, filmmakers, and seriously want to push boundaries - please try making a film that isn't full of sexist tropes we've seen a thousand times before over the last hundred years of film history. The worst thing you could do here is double down and be defensive.

You have technical and storytelling skills for sure, and I hope you continue to develop them in future. My pitch to you is take the feedback from these reviews not as hate, but as people genuinely responding to your work.

This film took black comedy and absolutely nailed it. The hijinks played well, and my main feedback would be that the editing could have been a bit tighter. Good job!

Great music and dancing were the highlights here, it looked like a lot of fun to make. I think maybe the ending could have done with a bit more clarity, because I'm really not too sure what happened, sorry.

This film was well constructed, with good setups and payoffs. It even managed to have some visual panache, which is a bit of a feat in this competition. A minor nitpick would be that the sound mixing was a tiny bit hit and miss. This is absolutely a short to be proud of!

This short had some great visual gags and some solid performances, but as a few reviewers have noted - I'm afraid I lost track of the plot in the final third.

I found this film pretty fun, with two well-characterised leads and lots of fun moments. If I was to make one suggestion, I'd say the ending would've had a little more punch if one of the characters was permitted to show more emotion and win the audience over a little more. I also enjoyed the copious amounts of Iron Maiden merch! \m/

It's hardly a 48hours heat without at least one film that abandons all notions of good taste in search of a big audience reaction. This one got a reaction all right, but unfortunately it came from the tired tropes of domestic and sexual violence, which I honestly found quite off-putting. The big twist was great, with real potential, but it's a shame it was handled in such an ugly way.

This was a great little film that nailed its genre and delivered some good gags. The solid visuals and charming tone made up for a barely-there plot enough that this was one of my favourites for the heat. Well done team!

This was a visually interesting film, one of the best looking ones in the heat. Obviously a lot of effort has gone into figuring out the story, but unfortunately a great deal of the main character's backstory isn't clearly communicated. In the end this makes everything a bit hollow, which is a shame - that spa pod thing is really cool!