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This was a class above, with some beautiful cinematography, powerful and sublime acting portrayed mainly through inner dialogue and emotion. All of the actors’ carrying this through with aplomb. Great setting that complemented an inventive take on the genre. Definitely at least City Finalist. Fantastic work.

Great intro. I’m guessing someone works on National TV? Well acted and nicely shot, a definite stand out in the heat, although the story didn’t quite meet the mark of some of the others in this heat. A great effort!

Very inventive and funny take on this sometimes tough genre. Audience were rolling in the aisles at certain points and I thought it might end up as the audience number one (or should that be une?). Indeed it did take top spot and this hilarious short has a chance at the City Final.

Who doesn’t like squeezing pimples? This was a really funny premise, well acted with excellent camera-work. Definitely had the 48 hour stamp on it, if that makes sense. Popular pick with the audience and I’m selecting it for at least City Final.

So many laugh out loud moments; really well acted and beautifully shot. Cool Story Bro films set a high standard of production values and I think the lead actress will certainly be contending for overall best performance. Well done!

I thought this was a reasonable effort and an interesting premise. In places, I was looking at it as a contender for a really strange award, but then it started to take itself more seriously, but only in places. The male lead accomplished his task with some aplomb, although the female lead was slightly distracting. The denouement fell short of a promising build-up. Looking forward to seeing more from this team again next year...

Male lead saved this effort a little, but I struggled to make out what the female lead was saying most of the time. Not sure if there were issues with the film itself, or more possibly, the sound at the venue. Probably not the latter as I would have expected similar problems across the entire dialogue. Kept me intrigued, but not one of my favourites' of the night.

Lost it's way badly with 'muddy' characterization, possibly caused by a lack of Direction or more probably a struggle with the writing. Veering from the genre by a mile or two at least, this really didn't hold my attention at all.

Slick and polished, but sadly lacking in other areas. Started promisingly, but meandered from the mid-point. A good effort and I particularly liked the elongated 'death' at the end.

Well, the man has surpassed himself AGAIN. What can I say? You must have been COCK-a-hoop to see the finished result after CUTS in the edit suite. Great interpretation of the puddle at the start and you know what they say, 'When one door closes, another one opens'. We could have witnessed the cliche high-pitched voice post-severance, so I'm glad this didn't eventuate. Your VFX are always very amusing and this year didn't disappoint. 'Ride a Cock Horse' as the old song goes. Excellent work and look forward to more hilarity in COMING years!

Star-crossed Lovers? Not sure this was true to the genre, which is an important aspect of the competition. Wondering whether the 'silent film' angle was put in after technical issues? or maybe not. Either way, the music was distracting and didn't seem 'in keeping' with the short.

Some nifty camera work, simple premise and reasonably well executed. Everything seemed to accelerate a bit too much throughout, pacing was off for me. Nevertheless, hard to pull off an epic story like this in the time allowed. Enjoyable overall.

I guess it's inevitable that this genre would throw up some Black Mirror homages. This built tension quite well, with a simple and well-executed story. The ending didn't work for me, but a worthy effort with good special effects.

I liked this. Pythonesque feel in places and very high production values. Strong performances and a unique take on the silhouette aspect. The absurdity won me over. Well done!

Interesting concept that fitted a whole lot in to the short format.

Dialogue-free performances are often trickier than expressing verbally and the main character who shadowed the unsuspecting pulled it off really well. A really good presence and thoroughly believable.

This definitely held my interest, was nicely shot and achieved much. Strong showing in this heat and one of my personal favourites from a team you expect much from.

Well, what can you say about this film. Hard to define, but immensely watchable as something that stood out in this particular heat. When the warning came up prior to screening that this was not suitable for a younger audience, then you knew this was going to be a bit different.

Performance of the actor who had the most hilarious dialogue was excellent. Some of the lines had me in stitches and I'm not sure how these came to the writer on the Friday night (I assume), but hats off to you Sir or Sirs, Madam or Madams.

Edward Scissorhands with a twist I would say and congratulations for pushing the boundaries in a competition which is renowned for that - and rightly so!

May be a contender for the Regional Finals and I have seen similar tongue in cheek efforts make their way all the way to the National Final, so who knows. Could be a dark-horse!

Had it's moments of comedy, particularly with the lady in the contact centre. Performances were of particular note and shot nicely. Love the moment where the guy comes on to the green with his first chance to putt for an Eagle. Very funny.

The story didn't quite hold my attention as much as it could have done, but it was certainly one of the better films in this heat.

Well acted, wasn't this guy in Punk Rock at the Basement recently? That was a great play while on the subject...

I think it would have been funnier had he 'died' on screen using clever VFX by accident, for example falling off the bridge. As it was, I didn't believe he wanted to die at all which undermined my appreciation of it.

Nice camera work and audio was fairly consistent, so overall not a bad effort and I look forward to your efforts next time.

Visually excellent and I thought a great effort. I think the strength of the heat will play against it in terms of audience favourites, but nonethless, one of the best animations I have seen this year. Well done guys and looking forward to seeing you again next year!

Hard to fault this team who always give the best. Cinematography and audio were faultless and the fly-over shot at the end was extraordinary. Had me wondering how they achieved it.

That said, the story left me wanting more and the conclusion felt abrupt. The comedy and straight were nicely intertwined and it's hard to pick any other fault with a short that shoud be up there at the end.

Great concept and one of my top 3 on the night. The lead guy performed this so well, he had me believing there is actually someone out there like him protecting this fragile earth.

Fight sequence at the end was maybe slightly too long, but this had all the elements of a great little 48 Hour film and deserves to get recognition.

Well constructed story, simple but effective. With all the superhero action movies around at the moment, it was a nice point of difference having a homeless guy turn in to something so funny. The fight scene had me laughing hard.

Nicely shot and well performed, a great little short in this strong heat.

One of my favourites on the night. Silly, but well thought out and the acting made it believable.

Rolled laughing when they said they had the same problem in that they could only have sex once a month.

A great effort guys!

I enjoyed this effort and thought it was a good directorial debut.

The intro was clever and got laughs from the outset.

Loved the goth character who was very believable and played the understatement in a way that allowed me in to the bizarre circumstances that these characters' all found themselves in.

The one legged priest offered great comic relief and I would have liked to see more...

A great effort and I look forward to seeing more next year!

Well Mr Salmon, 48HRS may well have kicked our arse this year, but mine is still smarting from the use of the prop.
We had fun, that was the main thing.

Now I have to just step away for a few minutes while my ACC home-help applies the cream. I should be recovered by next year.