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This film had a definite touch of the Ricky Gervais or Alan Partridges about it if you know British comedy. Really great dry humour and the central character of Vic was established well early. I feel like the 'twist' could have been a little more 'twisty' but I really enjoyed it and laughed lots! These guys clearly have heaps of potential and lots of years to perfect their craft. Well done guys!

Clearly these guys were not hoping for musical...?! I liked what this film looked like and the humour in it but it didn't really qualify as a musical for me. Like the other reviewers have said it was a bit basic in the plot line and execution for me but visually it looked very cool.

A cute, thoughtful comedy exploring one guy's attempt at finding the "Perfect" woman. This film had a clever plot, executed well with a really cool kooky soundtrack keeping everything ticking along. Very watchable and an original take on the genre of robot/cyborg/android. I like :-).