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I will forever have nightmares about white bodied creatures with silver boxes for heads. Music great, singing not-so-much, but a fun film that I enjoyed.

Slow start. Some great hammed-up acting. Best actor for the old guy playing the new fiancé for sure! Skirted around the genre, but hilarious use of line.

Great film. Spooky, scary, funny, music was great. Some strong acting and great use of location. Some really beautiful shots.

Nice little short. Strongest part for me was the acting where the storyline was a bit stretched. Enjoyable nevertheless.

Brilliant acting, the dream sequences were visually stunning, light-hearted, sweet, funny, and a great twist at the end. Nice work.

One of the strongest in this heat. Beautifully shot and acted. That final scene of the guards at the door was my favourite shot of the whole thing. Great concept too. Needed some foley during the fight scenes, but if that's the only negative I'm picking then it was a bloody great film.

This short got strange really quickly - in a good way! The glitter scene sticks in my head, and the 'punchline' for it was one of my faves.

Cool twist on the genre. Suffered a little from sound issues, but did well considering the wind issues during filming. Funny, fun, and had a really good ending.