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giving this one some extra kudos because it paid off just fine for me, for a 5 minute film. i felt some existential black mirrors-esque cringe at the lingering alarm beeping subtitle, with a good horror pay off. could have been slicker with its edits and sound.

good concept, shaky on the dismount. his journey to success was never made super clear and the documentary-style interviews probably held you down. good moments and lines, good characters, just somewhat confusing.

good witty dialogue, good monster, good gags, good cat.

that was a tough one to pair with your musical, so overall the tone was kind of off, with strains of horror, drama, and comedy. the musical angle was comedic which the actress leaned into fantastically, but the rest felt a little ramshackle.

was kind of unclear on drive and ending point of the story and there was a lack of polish overall., but a fantastic performance from tiny taylor, and the sequences of his imaginings were really well done.

this was really lovely to look at, good cinematography and production values, and i appreciate that you decided to commit to an earnest representation of a post-apoc movie. some sound issues and unspecial dialogue (and some very un-apocalyptic looking cars left in frame in the background), but otherwise a well executed concept and film.

rare that a 48hr film has the kind of twist that makes me think back over the past 5 minutes and laugh again. all that awkward humour paid off. tight story, good acting, well done.

The tone of this movie was a bit confused between humour and pathos. It's a little awkward to laugh at, and I'm not sure the comedy was grounded in "errors". That said, I liked the way it was shot, you had good props/costuming and performances, and I also liked that the dialogue was kind of muted but you could tell what was happening (I'm assuming this was intentional!).

I will give you an extra star for viscerally disturbing content that most certainly required some work to achieve, but overall isn't for me. Its play to the genre was weak, and story/characters inexplicable.

Good acting moments, good characters, and a good story. Some of the dialogue (and pertinent exposition) got a bit lost on me due to the sound quality and overall it needed some polish. But I am always glad to see, too, humour that isn't just for comedy's sake.

A good comedic take on this particular time travel device, good acting all around, and I was glad that the main character used his new found powers to his advantage a few times. Suffered a little from some awkward edits that made it all a bit less coherent than it could have been -- with the five minute format, maybe reducing the amount of gags and set up so everything is a bit clearer?

I liked the concept (why not puppets, indeed?) but struggled a little with overall production values, some repetitive script, and a bit of a downer of an ending.

Well shot, well performed, well written. The only thing for me was that I didn't quite follow the way these two stories converged, save for that they take place in the same building, and the ending was a little weak (for all that all the characters definitely enjoyed it).

Quite a way to kick this heat off. Strong concept and a great ending that neatly tied it all together, and some sweet practical effects and props. Some odd lingering shots threw me a little here and there but otherwise you nailed this one. Kudos also for some good lines and acting moments.

A good story that was maybe told/executed a little clunkily, but I really enjoyed its core concept and its final endpoint. Solid humour, solid characters.

Some clearly defined characters and sharp editing skills, but the story didn't quite find a lift off point, and therefore, no landing or closure.

This was really nice, visually. Some nice lines and some good acting moments, and a good riff on the genre. Overall, the story felt a little expected and simple, not quite living up to what it seemed like it could deliver in terms of quirk or surprise.

I really liked this one. Could have been a bit tidier in execution, but it was well acted, well written, and pretty well thought through, especially in terms of comedic pay offs.

Sharp, funny, entertaining, and one I will be coming back to watch again. The sound could have used some TLC, is the only criticism I have.

A good joke that carried well for the length of time it played, and a nice take on a genre that could get pretty literal otherwise. I do think this sort of simple thing needs to be executed a bit sharper, and it threw itself away towards the end, but "imsomniac sheep shagger" was a good line no matter how you spin it.

Flawless. Good pacing, good performances, excellent gags, and it embraced its budget quality with exuberant glee. I also just love robot stories and am so jealous our team didn't get it, so you had me at hello already.

This one intrigued me the most and it had my attention to find out what the hell was happening, with some good script, good acting, a seemingly good concept, and good production. Unfortunately, I didn't quite get it towards the end? I felt like maybe it was trying to elevate itself too much in its scripting, suddenly introducing a bunch of new concepts, and its idea was lost in the atmosphere, so I felt a bit confused by the time the credits rolled. I liked the doctor.

Imagine this without the voice over. It would have been a lot more sinister, I reckon. Instead, we sort of knew what was coming which only works if the deaths are spectacular, although I did like the first death -- nicely done. Good production values, just not a super strong story for me. It achieved some necessary horror story tropes: some suspense, and a couple of cringes.

I was with you for the first scene, but the plotting kind of weakened after that and if there was a joke, I missed it. Like it was set up as funny initially (and I really liked that title card) maybe but then it wasn't hugely. Ambitious to do a period piece, even if it had its feet firmly planted in parody, and I liked that part the most.

Probably my favourite. Funny, but achieved earnestly, as opposed to the self-conscious kiwi humour that we get so much of. Slickly done and nicely performed by all actors involved. The plotting for the front end was a little inexplicable, but it came together.

Good acting, and I don't mind talking heads! That one dude's performance was pretty excellent, as with the Irish lady. I liked the suspense of it, not exactly knowing what was happening and who was the subject of the crime for a bit, but the ending was a little confusing and made the concept a little shaky. Good writing, though.