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This film had a lot of problems - clunky dialogue (eg the repeated line "there's just 5 of us left"), poor production values, and wooden acting.

On the other hand this actually had a plot that made sense (if a little cliche) and had decent pacing, so it actually generated some suspense. This meant that it held together better than some other films that were better acted/filmed/written.

Whoops- before the edit this was about the wrong film.

So I think this tried for the "so bad it's good" thing, but the awful exposition of the opening inner monologue and the overly long and boring chase scene were far too much punishment for the minimal payoff of the punchline.

This was such a great concept because it quickly set up a simple premise, then presented a series of obstacles standing in the characters way. The simple plot line allowed you to give space to the action and jokes, both of which worked well. By the end of the story I cared that the characters succeeded, and even believed they had become friends.

The production values were excellent, as well as the acting from the main characters (and the brother in particular).

The scene where they take the kids bike etc had perfect comic timing. The scene where they flag down the hillbilly's car was the only thing that I stumbled on a little bit- I feel like it needed to feel a little more dangerous- maybe if the car was moving and they couldn't just get out?

I can see why a film like this would be fun to film, but I didn't find it fun to watch. The motivations of the characters were unclear, and as a result I barely knew who were goodies and baddies. This meant I wasn't invested in the action, and didn't really care about anything apart from the raw spectacle. When cramming this much action and craziness into such a small space I think it's best to have an extremely bare-bones plot that doesn't get lost in the clutter.

I really liked the characterization of this film. The two characters were both very distinct, and both made active choices that moved things forward.

However the whole thing made no sense at all, which is a shame considering it actually had interesting characters. If there was something that tied the beach to the bread maybe it could have worked, though probably not. The genre didn't seem to be worked into the plot in any meaningful way. Also the pacing was to slow- long boring scenes of people moving from place to place seemed to be a theme in the showing. Also the sound quality was very bad.

This film was great overall, with particularly good writing, characterization (including acting) and production values.

My main issue was the pacing. I felt like it could have been significantly shorter and been more effective, as it dragged a little through the middle part. I also think the timing of the final shock ending was off, so it was obvious what was coming. If the crash had happened quicker it would have been a lot more shocking.