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This was technically well done, and a good use of found footage (although I don't think the footage was really found, rather shot and then presumably uploaded to youtube).

Unfortunately it descended into one of those films that turns out to be just one gag running into another.

Thought the acting was good as was the production, would like to see what this team can do with a genre that doesn't lead itself so well to gags running one after the other with a very slim story holding them together.

Good musical, and one of the highlights of the heat. Can't really fault it from memory.

Loved the ukulele gag towards the end. The whole story and quest part of it didn't work as well as steelpotato thinks it did. It started off ok but came to an abrupt and unsatisfying end.

I thought this was really solid, good production, good story, good acting, good sound.

The whole thing just felt a little flat - maybe its just my natural aversion to people in animal costumes and the 48hours.

The best part was the urban legend anonomous meeting at the end, the rest was relatively unmemorable.

It was a good effort, but what seems funny to you and your friends can fall a little flat in front of an audience, I'm guessing the constant use of one sound effect was funny.

The stunts were entertaining, and the whole thing was action packed and energetic.

In future pay a bit more attention to the edit, some of the cuts were really jarring.

This was very slick, the slow motion was a tad out of place, but otherwise you nailed the genres.

It was a nice build up and punch line, but it did leave me wanting a little more, the radio announcer was a little over the top.

Anyway nice lighting (one of the benefits of one shot is I guess setup time), acting, and overall production.

The razor thin DSLR focus is becoming a bit of a 48hours cliche along with mocumentary, and people dressed in drag/animal outfits.

The movie was technically well made, although when the on location dialogue was faded in the loud ambient noise faded in with it, it was quite jarring at the time - there of course isn't much you can do about it in windy wellington, however you could have added some ambient location sound to make the transition a little nicer. The only mar in an otherwise slick production.

Otherwise I thought the story needed a little work, I didn't understand how it was inspirational per se, and the characters motivations to do what he did at the very end (after giving back the wallet) were not clear.

This is just the type of madness that we all love from the 48hours. It will be the one that people will remember from the heat and talk about the most.

I got used to the crayon animation quite quickly and could enjoy the thing in all its glory. I picked it as one of my favorites last night.

It was a triumph in what it tried to create, however as far as the genre goes I wouldn't exactly call it a romantic comedy - rather just a comedy, or even more specifically a series of jokes. I'll pull back some points because of non compliance to the genre, but overall the sort of stuff that the 48hours is made for.

Keep it up.

This film was well done - however the talk to the camera mokumentary thing has become a bit of a 48hour cliche. And feels like its a creative crutch.

Nether the less, it was entertaining throughout and technically well done. The villain was perfect.

Like the reviewer above said my lasting impression of this film was also flannel shirts - superhero costumes have certainly gone more practical.

Next year it would be great to see you guys push yourselves and try and go for a proper narrative short.

One of two films shot around Vic, although its unfair to say it pulled me out of the film. It is unfortunate because it is hard to find good locations, so I am not going to dock you points for it, but if you have to use a location that is so well known it might be best to work it into your story, public spaces in a university do not look like an office, a computer lab may have been better - but the best option would have been to find an office (plenty at vic) for those two or three shots.

This film was played straight and technically well done I thought the team fell just a little bit short of pulling it off, a little more work on the story would have done wonders, as would be pulling back the drama a tad. But a solid effort all around.

You can teach us a thing or two about getting clear sound.

Thought this was pretty good - I was really worried that the tea cup scene would stretch on and on and on, but it didn't.

Overall I thought it worked quite well, it just felt a little rushed.

Great cinematography and score, acting was also pretty good although I couldn't help but feel that the actors didn't quite fit their roles.

The whole thing was a bit on the pretentious side, but as a technical example of what can be achieved in 48hours its hard to beat.

Very good but it was missing something, its hard to jump into a dramatic piece in the 48 hours and if you do you better handle it really well. It felt like it limped its way through the motions which was a shame because the acting and production values were top notch. Definitely a contender for top film in the heat though.

A pretty neat idea that was executed well, it didn't really play for me but I am the exception as most people who I was with seemed to love it, some of them stating that it was their favorite of the night.

Obviously lots of people loved this film - I didn't, but then I'm not a fan of the whole guy-playing-with-his-toys-and-putting-on-voices genre, pretty low production values throughout.

I don't know, I'm not a fan of the guy in drag 48hours staple. It's been done before and has been old since the pythons. Saying that this film had some good production values and the two leads played their roles well - the rest of the cast were obviously not comfortable in front of the camera but got the point across.

Played for the lowest common denominator and for the most part hit their mark.

I thought the whole thing was a little pretentious, and was mainly about a dude celebrating himself. Plenty of people do films as a one man band especially in the animation category - including the overall winner a couple of years back. So the guy should get over himself a little, the self satisfying intro and outro could have gone, the rest of the film was pretty good and had a nice flow to it.

I dug the couch effects, this film had a really good premise and was shot well but left me feeling a little underwhelmed, I think the whole was unfortunately less than the sum of its parts. A little work and it could have been brilliant.

Very well done however, definitely a contender for the top 3.

They achieved what they set out to do - which was make a super 8 style 70's exploitation film. Everyone in the cinema felt violated, great stuff.

As always a highly slick and polished film from Dog, a little down on their normal quality but one of the best in a very competitive heat.

I thought that it was slightly confused and didn't explore itself fully - it just seemed like allot of elements tacked together without any sort of cohesive whole. I know that this was likely the point but it didn't work as well as intended and just felt a little messy. Acting was great, sound was great, it was shot well, the gags were great, but as is common it was let down a little by the story.