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Wow that was disgusting, well done! The deadpan delivery of “One more day of pretending to care about the environment.” was hilarious. As other reviewers have mentioned, the editing is not as sophisticated as the storytelling (and absolute nailing of the genre!) but it was so funny and so gross it hardly matters. It was a nice touch adding the bloopers at the end.

I think this was the fantasy genre and if so there were some nice sequences in it. I would've liked to see more contrast between the boys' handmade weapons and the weapons they had in the fantasy world. Some effective cringey moments between the younger brother and the female flatmate. You get an extra star for the Reagan Morris cameo because I know how hard he is to work with ;)

This was a good z grade film unfortunately over shadowed by the other z grade film in the heat. Some good practical effects and some interesting interpretations of the genre.

I liked the concept but I thought it could have been clearer what was going on. I think this film would play better if the viewer doesn't already know the genre is about aliens. Nice final shot even if it's a bit of a cliché.

This film should be up for the risk award if nothing else. As far as I can tell it was a solo effort and a ultra48 effort. Really tough break to get the Christmas genre on top of all the other elements. There were some good laughs and gross out moments, and I liked that the ad from the first film was playing in the background, but it lacked a real female character and the Xmas genre was hardly touched on.

"Paltergeist" had a good concept but just lacked clarity in the execution. Really drawn out credit sequence for some reason.

Really good Z-grade film. A hard genre to get. Super funny, the "helicopter" was a highlight. There were times when I noticed "flaws" in the film and had to remind myself that they were most likely there on purpose.

There were some good effects showing the end of the universe and at times it seemed like an attempt at a surrealist film. The male actor made some facial expressions I found hard to decipher. I suspect with more time in post the story could have been made clearer.

I liked some of the clever lines in this film (mostly coming from the characters' names being "Buddy" and "Guy"). It had a slightly confusing narrative and an almost tacked-on female character, but overall a good film.
I'm not sure about the title though, I might have to see it again for it to make sense.

I was disappointed with this film but only because Purple Dragons made an amazing film last year. There were some good laughs and some nice sequences but there were also many confusing parts. Also, like a few films in heat 7, the compulsory female character didn't have much screen time.

A good attempt at the supernatural genre. I liked the lighting effects (especially at the end) and the awkward comedy. I thought a couple of sequences could have been cut shorter.

One of my favourites from heat 7. Engaging characters, nice mini twists in the story. The musical element wasn't completely knocked out of the park but it was a good effort.

One of my favourites from heat 7. Really well written and acted. Nice twist I didn't see coming. Some minor sound issues I guess because of shooting at a beach. My main problem was the compulsory female character wasn't strongly represented.

I'm a sucker for these types of films, so even if the technical was lacking and the concept a bit stale, I still enjoyed it. The elements were used well (the use of the bread and the match cut) but there could have been a bit more story, so something to remember for next year.

Plenty of black, not enough comedy. A few tech issues, most notably with sound, but an enjoyable short from a young team nonetheless. I did like the (probably gluten intolerant) girl leaving with the bread :)

Shot well, good actors, nicely scripted but it lacked clarity, almost like the writer and the editor had different ideas of what the story was. It just needed a killer ending, more music and maybe some actors who could also play their assigned instruments, then it would have been one of the best films of the heat.

Some pretty nice post production and thoughtful camera use from (I think) a young team. I found the last person alive a bit of a non-character strangely (too many wide shots instead of close ups?), the other girls in the found footage had more personality. Unfortunately the other girls were quite annoying, and the Harper Harrison character just came and went too fast, not really integrated into the story. All in all a good (first?) attempt, I'll be interested to see what Octopussy does next year.

I liked this film, it was a bit weak compared to previous Nutbar films but still a solid effort. It moved fairly quickly, it had a coherent (but predictable) story and good kid acting, but let down by the strangely not-that-concerned neighbour (despite the swearing to convince us otherwise) and the slightly less concerned mother. I think team Nutbar has a spot for them at the Wgtn finals one day, but I don't think it will be with "Hide and Seek".

No use of the word "fuckery" in this film, which I found surprising seeing as it would've fit in perfectly during the "fuck", "fuck", "shit" scene (which I found odd, by the way, to include so many f-bombs in a film that those kids would want to see).

Started well with the Play School/Rainbow set up, but became slow and confusing in the middle. The team intro was fun and I liked the bread puppet (especially the voice), I just think the audience got that he was being replaced in the first few seconds so that middle section could've moved a whole lot faster.

An almost flawless short from N&P again. The cast was great (Mssr. Ransom underused though!), it had some nice visual gags and it was shot well and edited nicely, but it was lacking that usual N&P oomph (and not quite the Cat & Mouse genre). I also really liked the end credits and gutted for you guys that they didn't play back smoothly.

Really good leading man, a for-the-most-part coherently told story (if a little bit predictable) and the fun you obviously had making it shone through. Next year perhaps concentrate on tighter scripting and editing.

NB: You may think steelpotato's comments are harsh but he is a highly respected reviewer, so take on board what he said and be more respectful to other teams next year.

Funny performance by the footballer/ex-SAS guy. Some of the other acting was just okay, and I wasn't sure of who the mistaken identity was (was it the naked dude?). Hilarious scene of the two guys one-upping each other as they ate - I assume! - a slightly melted picnic bar. 6 out of 10.

Well shot and well acted. I wasn't sure about the storyline but I don't know if that's my problem or the filmmaker's problem (someone explained it better later on, so definitely my problem). I liked the last frame as the credits came up, that was a nice touch. 6 out of 10.

Some great laughs in this one. It did feel a bit long and some of the acting was average, but they nailed the genre and the audience ate it up. 5 out of 10.

I quite liked this Rom Com. I liked that it was an actual attempt at a Rom Com, unlike other teams from past years who seemed to throw their toys out of the cot because they didn't like their randomly assigned genre. Some tech issues and some dodge acting by the supporting cast, as well as a predictable ending, it really was a good try by a young team who should stick with it. Loved the 'Sherlock'-style floating text as the lead surfed the dating website - 4 out of 10.

Loved this one (from a two man team!?), great idea for it to be the splatter of flies. Loved the way it was filmed with the human in slow motion. Did not understand the tiny basketball, possibly a reference to something? 9 out of 10.

Once again Dust Boot prove they cannot be beat when it comes to Art Direction/Production Design. Simply amazing creatures, especially the big creature, he was the highlight for me. I did get a bit bored (just a bit!) in the middle yet somehow confused too, but it came together brilliantly in the end. Loved the shock ending too, except my cousin now has to have a conversation with her girls aged 9, 7 and 5 years old to make sure there is no lasting harm to their delicate minds. 8 out of 10.

I really liked this film, it had good acting by the lead and the kids. Possibly let down the editing (running out of time in post prod?) but it's 48hrs so whatareyagonado. I'm not sure about the ending, is the mark on her arm real? I think it's clear it's not from a lion attack, but i would've liked it if she had removed the stuff from her arm once she got in the car, just to sell that it was definitely a lie and that she was only wearing make-up. 7 out of 10.

I liked this entry, especially the choice to shoot B&W. I found it a bit confusing though, possibly to do with the jumping back and forth between the past/present, or was it reality/fantasy? I liked the magic eight ball as the required prop, that was a nice touch. 6/10 for me.

A few laughs in this one - I think unintentional - via the ginger with the black eyebrows. It had a nice story, but I have to admit I found myself switching of at times. Pity about the tech glitches (director heard off camera) but what a great location. The third best film shot in Vienna that I've ever seen :D

I liked the costumes and the interesting characters in this film, but I think the camera placement (the family in front of the bathroom mirror) and overall story coherency let it down a bit.

The problem with cranes is when you don’t have one you really want one. The other problem is when you do have one, you tend to overuse it.

This was well shot, had fantastic costumes/props and overall had good production value. Acting was OK, writing also OK, but the story was a little confusing. Up until the bar scene I knew what was going on, then when the credits rolled I couldn’t figure out why the bar scene was important. Another problem was the depiction of the soldier’s powers. I knew from the genre that he was a super-soldier, but his abilities weren’t portrayed well enough (perhaps ran out of time in post?)

All in all a fairly good film, just marred by poor editing/running out of time.

A few good performances from a young cast marred by tech issues and some distracting continuity problems.

I quite liked this film. It had lively acting, a few good laughs and an interesting premise. I liked the freak-out scene and the hazing scene that followed, but because of average sound quality and other problems, I found it hard to connect with it. I wanted to know what was going to happen with the girl he was meant to “peg”, but if my memory serves me, it kind of petered out at the end. Not really sure how Nicky was unlucky in this one either.

Perhaps the crew gets together a few more times this year to make a film. Next year, with the same cast and a more polished crew, they could have a winner.

Really nice film with some strong acting, especially from the female lead. Also loved the team intro and for that matter the end credits too.

Pretty bold of this team to actually shoot their film in one shot (instead of using Hitchcock’s ‘Rope’ technique), for the most part they pulled it off. They had a fantastic location, good casting (perfect casting for the female role, she should get a best actress nom) and natural dialogue. Perhaps the only problem, despite it looking great on film, was the location and the difficulties filming within it.

I’d like to know how much time they spent on rehearsing and when the film was shot (guessing Saturday night). I think if they had had more time to rehearse they could’ve gotten the actor/camera movements perfect.

What was with the guy in the intro with the tongue and why oh why did we have to watch that in slow motion?

Not really sure what to say about this. It had a half-arsed attempt at its genre and a sixteenth-arsed attempt at animation. It seemed like this team entered to have a fun weekend with the kids. Then I guess the plan was to go to Reading Cinemas with the kids so they could see themselves on the big screen? Not sure why this wasn’t played in an earlier, less baby-violenty heat, so that the kids could have attended.

Seriously, why the slow motion tongue?

Very slick film, all the bells and whistles were polished.

All the required elements were there, and very well integrated into the story. Nice action, but I wanted more of it and shot with wider lenses - sometimes you couldn't see what was going on. I think my main problem with it was the lead character. There wasn't enough time to get to know her before it took off. By the end I didn't care about her and her plight, but I wanted to. And dare I say it, the film could have been longer - yes, it definitely left me wanting more.

It has a nice twist on the dystopia formula, which I liked. But like the leaf eaters in the film, I felt a little empty after watching it. I suspect it might be a watch-it-twice type of film, so I look forward to seeing it again.

So good, so very very good.

Shane Rangi is the man, he carried the film like a champ. He definitely deserves a nom for best actor. Good supporting cast, especially the coach. Make-up was great, photography and sound were solid. Maybe a smidgeon too long, especially as we could all see where it was going from minute two, but other than that it had good pacing.

Perhaps the only real fault was the obvious ending, but this is one of those films where you just don't care because you're enjoying the ride too much.

So dodge, so very very dodgy. Why doesn't anyone think of the children?

From the moment the audience finds out the baby's name is Nicky Brick, we know what will happen. We don't want it to happen - and especially not onscreen - but it does. It has some good black laughs served by a can't-be-stuffed cast, which is actually a good thing. Pretty good production value, including some sweet credits, but offset by the horrible story that I (kind of) want to un-know.

I think these guys made exactly the film they wanted to make, and they don't care what anyone else thinks. I know there's an 'Oh no a forest in a small-furry-animal' film from last year in the screening room - because I hate myself I will probably watch that too.

Ah the bromance, what you make when you get Rom-Com and you only have your brother for a team mate.

Things started off quite well, as it became obvious that they were making this film Waititi-style, and it benefitted from it. The jokes were good - especially the tentative first touch - and well paced. But then it began to drag (I have to admit my mind wandered a bit) and I started to want it to end. By that point the (b)romance had gone too.

These guys - all two of them - didn't show up to the heat. Which is disappointing, because if they had made it a little snappier and kept to the genre, it would've been a film to stand up and be proud of.

I think it's safe to say this team struggled with musical. In fact 'Nicky' states it in the team intro.

It had a few laughs – from the first song, the leaf eating and the mention of Bruce the shark – but otherwise it was a bit hard to watch. Some fairly good singing and dancing from Nicky's friend makes me wonder what could have been. Though slightly awkward, the couple dancing at the end had some chemistry, the story could have been about them.

Well it was a good try. It looked like fun was had, and that's what counts.

Was that Chad Kroeger playing the cello?

Groundhog Day, Princess Bride, Annie Hall, Some Like it Hot and of course Shaun of the Dead: Rom-Coms do not suck. Modern Rom-Coms do suck, I'll give them that.
I think perhaps Zip Fidonk decided to flag making an effort and just goof off over the weekend. I can't remember anything romantic or comedic in the film.
It did look like they had fun over the weekend, which is kind of the point of, well done:)

I take it nobody can dance in Team Y's Guys Films?
This was unfortunate for the team, drawing a genre that they just weren't prepared for. The lead character was charming in a Jason Biggs kind of way. Was the Bobby character an ex-bully? He seemed like a current-bully. I liked the ending, even if it was a little predictable.
This film is likable, I just didn't like it, sorry:(

Great music and lighting!
Other reviewers have mentioned they liked how it began but didn't like the ending. I'm the opposite, I thought the first few scenes were amateurish and clumsy, but once they got to the gig, it took off. I loved the green strobe lighting and fast cutting, it really suited the "filthy" music. I even liked the twist it took near the end, though I didn't get why it was done.
If this film hadn't been DQ'd I would have voted for it:)

I loved the location used in this film!
Very creative use of an elevator for a One-Room Movie. Very effective lighting and music (the music especially put me on edge each time the lift moved). Wasn't clear on the story and can't remember if the elements were used well, but it was technically put together so well that it hardly matters:)
I was waiting for a jump-scare that never came, damn those violins:)

I loved the animation sequence!
Quite a good story on this one. It definitely hit the right cues as a revenge film. Nice photography, but the uneasy "news reporter" staging and average acting let it down a bit. Loved the use of the bent wire, one of the best I've seen. As others have said, the ending was a let down.
I gave this film one of my votes:)

How did you get Nicholas Hope in your movie?!
This film has well lit and framed shots, and a nice performance by the lead actor. I can't remember much else about it, maybe the shot of Nicholas Hope stunned me so I forgot the rest of the film? I do remember the ending, it was nice:)
But really, do you know Nicholas Hope?

I really liked this short.
Despite the sound being...weird, I liked the visuals and the performances. I loved the use of the Bobby Young character and how he becomes an ex-bully. Perhaps a bit disjointed at the beginning, the resolution of the story came together well and had a nice twist.
I gave one of my votes to this film:)

I liked the look of this short.
It had a nice filter over it, which gave it an original look - I've never seen it before anyway. There was some good age/race inappropriate acting by the cast which made it funny. The editing was a bit muddy however and I couldn't understand what was going on most of the time. Just like Kappa Patrol I can't remember if the required elements were used well.
I will look out for what your team does next year:)

That guy sure walked a long time!
I kind of liked this one, it was pretty good for a teen team effort. I understand the long walk was a gag, not bad editing, but the actor just didn't have the comic timing needed to sell the funny. I honestly can't remember if you used the required elements well, sorry.
I did like the intro:)