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This movie had a really nice feeling to it, I could feel a sense of warmth coming from the film, especially the scenes playing rugby on the beach. The FX were really good.

I feel the story could've been explained a bit more, something like who is the main character? Play the conflict out to show him wrestling with his beliefs vs his boss's orders.

Some real characters in this film. My favourite scene was the meeting in the doorway, very funny stuff. It was a bit unclear of what the "bad guys" motivations were and why he did what he did.

Good movie, had some funny scenes in it and I appreciate you guys giving it a go with your family and friends.

The Mum constantly sticking up for her son saying he is a "A Good Child" annoyed me a bit, but only now I realise that was the title of the film. I can't remember if you had a title card or not but I was a little lost to the genre of the film while viewing. If you did have one - ignore my comment, otherwise it would be a helpful addition in the future.

Liked the ending scene - it was well shot and with a classic creepy smile by the kid.

Really slick movie. Well shot with good acting and action sequences. Some quite advanced stuff here especially the rollerblading scenes, not only from the camera but just the guy himself rollerblading like that, very impressive. Keep up the good work, would like to see some more from you guys.

Laughed most of the way through it, from the so-called friends not answering their phones to the convo with his computer, it was really funny. Was able to straddle a fine-line between a serious message and the funny things happening to him well.

Really enjoyed this film, it had a nice tone and you could really feel for the main character stuck in a difficult relationship. Would've liked to see some change in some of the characters, either why the girlfriend became the way she did, or him sticking up for himself and getting out of the situation, rather than just escaping it.

Really good song, singing was great and it told the story through the lyrics. Some of the time-lapse stuff at the party was very cool as well, the Wilheilm scream seemed to break up the sad nature of the film and I thought maybe the tone would change after that, but instead it went back to being sad again. I would've liked to see some reasons why the relationship was breaking up.

Wow, what an improvement from the first film. You have to respect the fact that you guys have owned it instead of shying away from it. The camera work, filters and FX were very slick, but having not seen the first one in years it was difficult to know what was going on & in some scenes it was hard to hear the dialogue.

The fancy production only further highlighted the terrible story from the first one and was quite jarring, there could've been an option to challenge yourselves to make the acting and camera work look as bad as the first one.