Rooks and Knights


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A little shakey on technical and story, however I still liked that they tried to push for us to see a different side of the traditional "romantic comedy" genre, I was sure if the cringe moments were intentional or accidental but I liked the risk.

Hands down my favourite of the evening. If people ever again question whether women can be funny think again! These girls nail it. I laugh just thinking about it.

A really sweet film which I actually found really moving. The bucket list approach gave it a good structure . Good acting, really fun and some of the nicest shots of the evening. I hadn't seen these guys work before but look forward to seeing more.

Really promising into but then... think these guys must have run and out of time cos it's a mix of some really good editing and then some parts aren't edited at all. Some really good acting but not fully developed and I got lost. Intriguing film.

Well acted, tight film, I needed a bit more info to really get the story but that was just a small point in an otherwise snappy piece.

Another good film buy a group that's gets betr and betr. These guys really embrace all aspects of the competition and their energy and fun spirit shines through. Definielty worthy of Audience Favourite and also going further.