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A variation on the usual superhero movie. Everyone has a superhero status in this movie you only have to find out what it is. Some good camera, sound and editing makes this movie easy to watch. The actors clearly enjoyed their parts and had fun with them. This film was disqualified so better luck next time.

Interesting script with a twist at the end. Not easy to follow and took a bit of thinking to understand the guy had been dreaming. The actors clearly enjoyed their parts, and the army concept worked well for them. Romantic comedy as a genre I don't think quite worked, but the movie ran well, followed the chosen concept and was easy to watch.

This had interesting dance and singing scenes around a boy meets girl, falls for girl script. There was some good camera work in this movie, and the editing was all good. The actors worked hard at the story line and gave a good performance. Hard to do musical or dance well in 48 hours, but you gave it a good shot.

Well thought out and put together movie. Obvious talent with camera, sound and editing evident in this movie. The actors worked well at their parts, but there were times when they fell out of character. Easy to watch, but not an original story line, but in saying that with a crime genre it is hard to come up with an original idea in 48 hours. Well done.

Well thought out movie. To come up with something original like this is worth points. There were some sound, picture and editing issues, but the movie was well presented, followed its theme, and reached a conclusion. The actors played their parts well and I completely believed they would be guys who would run around jumping over children. Well done, as fad is not an easy genre, and you took it with gusto.

Loved this movie, the flash backs, the packing all went together well. The murder spoilt the movie for me as the build up before that scene had been working really well, and why would you pack up a house and then drag out a body? However loved the acting, camera, sound and editing in this movie. A lot of talent in the script. Well done.

Loved the lead actor in this movie. He was believable, consistent and totally over the top. Some issues with editing, camera work and sound, did wonder if some of the camera issues were intentional, but if they were then I think they went to far as it made the movie look messy. Not an original story line, but well acted and therefore forgiven.

Loved the concept in this movie. Good build up with the suspense. The movie was well acted with the actors being believable and consistent throughout. In all a good overall movie with good camera sound and editing. Shame it was disqualified. Better luck next year.

I found this movie hard to follow and not sure why people were turning into flowers or how that related to the narrator. There would be a lot of work in making a clay puppet movie and perhaps there was not enough time to do all that was intended here. Some good camera and sound work was evident in this movie.

A clay puppet movie which was quite extraordinary. There seemed to be issues in the movie which made following the plot difficult, but wondered if they were intended. Still not sure. I wasn't entirely sure where the movie was going, understood the switch concept, but was left in the dark a bit about why. A lot of patience used, and some really good facial movements which would have taken time to do. Good effort.

There were some good parts in this movie and I loved the actors performances. They were believable characters, and the scene when they were waiting for a mate to return was delightful. There were camera sound and editing issues with this movie, but the actors performances overcame these by sheer strength of determination to do well. Not an original plot but what is there left in horror that hasn't been done. Loved the killers run.

Interesting road movie in two parts, before and after. Sound was a major problem but not sure if it was the movie or the showing. The basis concept was visually orientated so not a lot was lost with the sound. I personally found it hard to watch in the split mode used, but it had a story to tell and it followed its concept through to the end. A good effort. Interesting camera angles used which enhanced the movie.

Interesting story line with a movie that was easy to follow and pretty straight forward in its delivery. Good camera, sound and editing. Some of the comedy was lost to a lot of people which would of made it difficult for the viewer to catch the genre of this movie. Movie has a consistent delivery and the actors went about their task with passion.

Interesting story line with a movie that was easy to follow and pretty straight forward in its delivery. Good camera, sound and editing. Some of the comedy was lost to a lot of people which would of made it difficult for the viewer to catch the genre of this movie. Movie has a consistent delivery and the actors went about their task with passion.

Thought provoking movie. Had an interesting concept and I liked the interplay between the physical actions happening in the playground and the interpretative dance. There was some real talent evident in the making of this film with some very good camera, sound and editing skills. Perhaps a little more dance would of assisted the movie, as it started well with that concept but lacked drive towards the end. Very good skills evident. Look forward to next years one.

This film started well, but I thought didn't follow through to a believable conclusion. The idea was a good one. There was some good camera shots, and the sound editing was all good. The story for me needed a better finish. The build was getting there but lacked punch at the end. Good try on a difficult genre.

Interesting concept for this one room movie. A lot of visual effects interleaved with fascinating popups and script. The key actor was believable and held his character throughout the movie. Some great camera angles, editing and sound. Well put together.

Not really a lot of story line in this movie, but its special features and bonus languages made it hilarious. The camera, sound and acting skills were all in abundance here. Children's entertainment theme was a heavy part of this movie, which was not surprising given the actors involved. I suppose if you look for deep meaning you could see that it was a satire on V48hours , as there was not much story line after you had incorporated all the mandatory elements V48hours required, but that may be a bit deep for children entertainers to have thought of. But it was fun.

Good camera angles in this movie. The actors needed to believe their characters, but nevertheless were enthusiastic. I had trouble with the genre of this movie which was to be quest, but had a heavy revenge theme. There appeared to be three "quests" in the movie, but I struggled to link the quests to the overall balance of the movie. There were some sound issues with the movie but otherwise a good effort in getting a finished film. A lot of promise for the future and look forward to next years movie.

Loved the acting in this movie. Where it was going was not always apparent, but to have a good laugh and be entertained is worth points in my book. This type of movie is not everyones cup of tea and there will be some who will have difficulty with the wackyness and find it unentertaining. Great camera action and sound quality, editing had a few blips but otherwise a great watch. Look forward to next years.

This was a good body switch movie with some interesting angles on the genre, and it wasn't tiredly predictable. Very good camera sound and editing in this movie. The script caused some arguments between myself and my son as to what was going on, but after a few minutes he convinced me that the script was deeper than the first look, and that the last woman with the gun would of been someone in the apartment building he would of quickly got in to take over the shooting. Interesting movie, may be a bit deep for some.

I had trouble making the link between the movie and the genre of this film, but found it was entertaining nonetheless. Good camera, sound and editing skills were to be found in this movie. The script was hard to follow but the actors tried hard to make it work. In the end I worked out it was the Devils work (?), but you needed a bit of time to digest all the information given in the movie to be able to work it out. To me its a bit of a leap that devil = horror, but a thought provoking movie anyway.

Interesting road movie with some delightful stage makeup and dress. Story line showed promise at the start, but felt it lost its way a bit during the movie. The prophet (guy with silver paint on neck) stayed in character throughout and was committed to his role and it showed. Well done. There were some editing and sound issues but otherwise was well constructed. Loved the opening Chairman Wow face.

This was a simple, easy to follow movie which had some good camera skills. Loved the shot from the bottom of the wheelie bin. Good editing made up for the some of the acting skills in this movie. The idea was inventive and the story line was consistently followed through the movie. The actors let their characters down from time to time. Thought that some scenes could of been shortened to keep the flow of the movie going. Throughly enjoyed the movie.

There was a good story line here with some good camera work. The actors needed to put a bit more believability into there actions which let the story line down a bit and therefore the comedy didn't flow for me. It was a bit slow in places, but a good effort at really what is a tough genre to get right. Keep at it.

A good effort on this movie. The story line held your attention as you wondered what would happen next. There were some issues with camera and sound, and the actors needed to convince me that they were their characters, but you could put these matters aside by the sheer interest in where the movie was going to. Well done.

I found this movie difficult to follow and I thought the actors needed to work on their characters a bit more to be convincing. The camera work and editing pushed this movie into the good try catagory for me. It will be interesting to see next years movie.

I liked this movie. The actors did a really good job of being convincing. The camera work and editing was done well, and sound was not an issue. Helped I suppose by being able to do it all in one room. Good all round short movie.

This was a very well put together movie. There was some great camera work and editing. The plot line was not very original but so what. The story was assisted with some great acting. Well done

Found this movie a bit hard to keep up with. There was some very good camera work in places. Some of the characters needed defination, and a bit more work to aid following the movie. I thought the stunt work was well done, I felt every step all the way down and not just once.

Interesting and well thought out script with the actors being believable. Some really good camera visuals. But disqualified this year. I would be interested in seeing next years effort.

Not a lot of story line, but loved the actor and his passion in the movie. There was some poor camera and sound in places, but overall well thought out and entertaining.

This was an easy film to watch, the sound and camera work adding a special quality to the film. In fact the sound, camera work and editing seemed to create the special suspense that came with this film. The film was well thought out and although a bit over the top at the end, everybody dies!!!! was watchable. Better luck next year.

Pity this movie had problems playing. What was seen showed some very interesting visuals and sound. The camera shots and the colours were superb and left one wondering what the rest of the movie would of been like. Better luck next year.

Interesting portrayal of this genre. Unfortunately the movie had a few camera and sound issues which detracted the viewer and interrupted the story line. A good effort with the editing did allow continuity for the film, but was originality lacking.

This was a fascinating movie that struggled to keep on track for me. The camera shots were well done, but the plot remained a mystery and I found it difficult to remember where we were going with it. Sorry it could just of been me and not being able to connect with the movie.

Unfortunately there were some issues with this films quality which makes it difficult to review. The basic idea of romance with wire figures interlaced made the movie interesting. With the movie issues it is hard to review technical aspects of the film or to comment on the acting. Better luck next year.

A lot of murders in this musical. I liked the way the movie was based on auditions for a musical and the plot to become the lead singer by murder idea. Some good individual singing in the movie (it takes guts to sing in front of a camera solo) and there were some very good camera placements which were well thought out. Well done. Although there were some editing problems the movie was a very good effort and it will be interesting to see next years.

There was some very good camera work in this movie. The story line was not very original but was consistent and lead to a conclusion. The actors, I thought, needed to look at their characters more and to become more consistent in portraying their characters, but otherwise they delivered their lines well. Some editing issues were evident, but keep on trying. Practice will alleviate those issues.

There was some interesting acting in this movie. The story line was a bit hard for me to follow complicated with some sound and camera issues in the movie, but at the end it was possible to piece the story line together. I found the beginning of the movie complicated to follow for a one room movie scenario.

Yes it was true to label complete with well positioned black card for the relevant scenes. I struggled to get a quest movie out of this, but hey it looked as thou they had fun making it. Loved the broken leg idea and thought the actor carried that off well, together with the perfectly believable bit of wire to do the scratchy bit. Some shaky bits (pun intended) with camera and sound issues and it was for me a bit slow but it did have bits in it that come back to you later and made you want to laugh.

There were some good camera shots and editing in this film. The young actors did a very convincing job with their characters. The story line was followed through and easy to identify. Not a lot of originality. Keep trying and good luck next year.

Very well, put together horror based in Piha. Some good camera shots and editing. The actors took to their parts really well and apart from the odd blip in character portraits they all played their parts with great gusto. It is very hard to create a new story line on a genre that has really been around for a long time and I could not give this movie points for originality, but overall it was watchable and the genre was consistent and the story easy to follow.