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The aliens were out of this world. Great stuff. I loved the subtitles.

I loved your film. The humour was great. Funny from start to finish. The songs were perfect especially home invasion

Directing was amazing. The song was mean

I adore this film. I love the chemistry between the two lead actresses. Wonderful performances. I would be surprised if both aren't nominated for best performance

Karaiti (Jeff Rangihuna) is travelling across Europe with only his cell phone, backpack and sense of adventure with him. On a beautiful sunny day Karaiti chances upon a winery looking for new workers. He meets vinyard owner Adam (Bjorn Ahman) who welcomes him with open arms. However things are a little strange and peculiar after meeting Adam's wife (Amelia Williams) and groundskeeper (Cory Garrett). Also things get a bit bizzare when Karaiti meets the quiet sisters (Britta Kulp, Tia Takarangi and Taylor-Leigh Parsons). The Harvest (2018) is Michael Hollis' second directorial film after the debut of his film "Ren and Zinger: Best Friends Forever" in 2017, the 2017 Gisborne 48hour runner-up. Also featuring Holly Davis and Ben Cowper. Editing done by Ryan Ledger.

I adored this film. I love the Dungeons and Dragons / RPG references, and the D20, high elf references. Great story and acting

I agree with Robstar. This was a great film. I think it may have been DQ'ed because there was no female (that I can remember). But it was funny as. And to support Rob's korero also, the actor Seth would've got a best Supporting actor nomination if there was such a category. I loved your film

I loved this dark and scary film. Was atmospheric and moody. I loved it. My favourite is still your film from 2016 (your film from 2016 has more heart and character development than the time travel/one room National Auckland winner IMO). But each and every year this team is getting better and better, and I'm looking forward to seeing what great film you make in 2018.

This is my favourite of this team's films. I loved it. I could only guess why this team didn't qualify for the finals - maybe because it wasn't what most would consider a sequel. Regardless this film had me laughing like crazy. I loved it

I couldn't decide between who I liked better between Ren and Zinger, so I'm going #TeamRen because Ren hooked his friend up.

I love how the name of the film has a triple entendre and has a deeper meaning in terms of plot development