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Great fun concept for a film, these guys pulled out all the stops on their motion graphics as well. A Luber driver... I guess they were worried about legal action from Uber picks up some crooks who need to get to their destination quick. I thought it was a get away for a robbery at first, maybe it's somewhere between a robbery and a delivery. The cinematography was somewhat uninspired but it didn't take away from the film. They worked in gags through the various stops he is forced to make along the way and those were reasonably good too. Highlight for me was probably the end where you see Alfie at the waiting point as a woman climbs into the car wondering why it isn't "The boys".

I really dug the art direction and animation on this one, sort of an interesting way to approach a musical combined with the spans more then 10 years genre. I thought the rap was really well written though as unfair as it may sound I can't say the performance was very good. I'm actually mixed about this since it sort of works with it's educational theme you can sort of imagine the well meaning teacher putting together a well meaning but poorly performed rap to try and get the kids interested in the given topic. It can go either way I guess.

The millennium is on it's way and apparently computers are sentient beings who can you can fall in love with and have relationships. This movie centres around a guy who meets a Thinkpad at a party, the hit it off but one day she falls ill and it turns out she's just not plugged in or something. This sours the relationship and the guy runs off to church to find answers which he does... He wasn't ready for this relationship before but now he is! Only new year's eve comes along and ruins everything with the Y2k bug or something.
I watched this film a couple of times actually, once to review it and then once more to review it after I procrastinated on my review. I liked the score and to a certain extent the lighting and the shooting though the sound mix lets it down just a little bit. I think maybe the pacing is a little rough for my tastes. There is no real transition between events and the character progression is pretty jerky. It's an interesting piece worth a look I just didn't rave about it quite as much as these other reviewers seem to have done.

I really like the concept and the titles and the location worked really well for the film. The downside is that unfortunately the film doesn't carry the energy needed to really sell this idea, The song writing could've been better but I think more energy would have sustained them well enough had it been there. Lighting wasn't always that great and some of the hand held stuff should really have just been on tripod.

I think they struck upon a strong idea here but It wasn't executed quite as well as perhaps it could have been. A couple gets into an argument and then the guy gets stuck in a sort of time loop repeating his mistake over and over again. It's not entirely clear why he gets stuck in the time loop. I assumed it was something to do with hitting his head on the cupboard but it's never really explained so far as I can tell. I'd say the films biggest downfall is the lack of character progression, if he notices his time loop it's in technical details like not accidentally standing in that puddle anymore rather then going through a more emotional journey that would have given the ending the payoff it deserves.

It was an interesting concept for a short film, the guy wakes up in his coffin and discovers him and his neighbour are in the same situation so they strike up a conversation. They managed to shoot everything reasonably well here, making them look underground in their coffins to selling the location as a cemetery. I didn't think all of the edits worked and some of the camera angles were a little awkward but It still worked well enough, I wonder if the makers of this film have seen Buried which is a very different tone. I guess the one thing I found confusing was that I wasn't sure if they were actually awake in their coffins or if this is the filmmakers way of saying they're either in the after life or stuck somewhere on the way to the after life. The dialogue was interesting to keep you invested on the film but I think maybe it could have finished in a more emotionally satisfying way. Some conflict is introduced about the way Toutai's character died and it sort of gets mixed in with him having no one to talk to for months and then they are all happy again and decide to have a bit of a laugh. I think it could have been more interesting if you played around a bit more with the way he died and dragged that through the film to a more emotional reveal and then slap on the joke finish.

Some pretty slick production values going on here which I suppose is to be expected from this team. It was a pretty interesting take on the monster movie genre in that they have a radio host turn into a monster when he doesn't get enough likes on social media. There's all sorts of social commentary going on here. The tone I thought was a reasonably good balance, sort of going for that Horror-Comedy style which is apparent from the title card. The silhouette shot was particularly good in how it was executed. I guess if there was a critique to be had its that it's a bit of a set up punch line kind of a movie which didn't have quite as big a punch line as the film seemed to call for though that doesn't mean that the ending was bad. Oh yeah, and the makeup effects were quite good too.

I really liked what this did with Ultra, it worked really well with the style that this film accomplished. I could probably nit pick about the genre but It doesn't really matter I guess in the grand scheme of things. If I had a critique it would be with the sound, This film could really have benefited from some foley work which is seemed to have very little of and a higher quality recording of the voice over. Apart from that it was pretty fun to watch I thought.

The thing I really liked about this film was how powerful it's opening shot was. The shooting in general was really pretty slick and worked well with the intensity of the subject matter. The lead actress pulled off a stellar performance here, both in the line delivery and in the desperation she was able to convey on her face. Unfortunately I can't say the same for her co-star, his voice lacked the intensity and tone for the kind of dialogue he was given. You don't have to sound like Morgan Freeman to read this stuff but I think you have to do more than read it in a sort of bland wooden way. I'm also unsure about the sort of wind noise they decided to slap in the background, I think they could have made a better choice for that as I couldn't help but think that the film called for a dramatic film score. Given the film was only 4 minutes I think they could've played out the ending a bit more but I think it still works as is. I do understand the rave reviews that this is getting but these are my thoughts.

It's such a crazy sort of out-there animation I couldn't help but watch it a second time to get a grip on what exactly happened. The art style really seemed to work in favour of the sort of wacky story going on of a group that time travels to tera form a planet though I did think some of the animation could have been a little snappier. The sound sort of seemed as though it was recorded on a phone or something but I don't think it was so terrible that it took away from the film too much. I get the feeling from the other reviewers that perhaps this is the sort of film which is best seen at the heats with an audience that knows what to expect from the usual 48 hours short film.

All of those aerial shots added a whole bunch of production value and though this film relied heavily on narration it didn't weigh the film down in anyway. There was a gag though where it seemed like the main character could understand the narration which the team probably could have run with a lot more. If anything let the film down it's probably the ending, him getting hit by a car was done with a relatively simple editing technique but perhaps it would have been better to just cut to credits rather than put him back in the car yard without really doing anything.

Yeah, I though the sound was a bit patchy too. What it really needed was a sort of polish pass to make stuff transition a bit smoother and pop a bit more. I quite like the premise of the movie, I think most people relate to auto correct causing you to sent out messages which are not what was intended so using that as a premise for the be careful what you wish for concept worked really well. If I recall the first txt suggested that he was lucky to get that first txt and not likely to just get another one so why he got one just like that with no effort maybe wasn't the best. Though it could be I wasn't paying attention to the film but maybe the Dennis sequence could have had higher stakes than just "Oh how annoying is Dennis" and some attempts to get more wishes to ditch Dennis could have helped the film a bit.

A fairly simplistic film, more animatic than animation but it sort of works thanks to the conversation thats going on which keeps you focused on the movie and invested in the story.

A film about a guy who falls for a girl who works at the dairy and presumably goes to the same school. The film was reasonably well shot but I think the storytelling was a little flawed as the robbery element felt a little tacked on in an effort to make the film deep and gritty. The purchasing sequence for example was just the same bit over and over again when it could have been a series of gags that ramped up the relationship between them and intercut with the robbery story so that it doesn't come out of nowhere. I think most people got the sort of initiation you've gotta do something to be welcomed into the gang angle but It should have been set up earlier as it could have added a level of emotional conflict to the story which it was lacking.

A really funny film about 2 "Alexas" falling in love. The owner can't hear the female Alexa but the new Male one can. The dialogue was really well done as it's able to carry itself through a film that is mostly shots of static objects and that doesn't hurt the film at all.

I think this was one of my favourites from the heats, a guy buys some "Warlock teeth" on trademe for $25 that grant him wishes. He doesn't really believe it until he tries wishing for something and it comes true. The wishes have the usual "be-careful what you wish for" downsides to them but our main character doesn't seem to give a shit, he's got wishes! And they actually come true! Quite a few films in this heat had some pretty good gags and the ones in this film were just as good, the bit about his dad being unable to point the camera at himself during voice chat is particularly good. I think perhaps the end gag could've been a bit punchier in the way it ended the film but thats about all I can think of at the moment and it still worked reasonably well.

Congratulations on being shortlisted to the Auckland finals, I can see why this film made it as it's quite distinctive. The film itself had a pretty interesting animation style, sort of part plaster sine part 2d drawings. The gags involving the parents not wanting to love the weird child were entertaining and got some big laughs. The whole film had a sort of don't judge a book by it's cover message to it. I thought it ended abruptly but what do I know?

The film started off strong and set a really dark tone too it that complimented it's genre. Mostly it kept up the serious nature really well but at the end when she threw the Weet-bix at the monster it did dip a little bit into the more traditional 48 hours gag comedy. The ending to me felt quite open ended since I wasn't really sure what happened. Did she end up killing the monster? Was there ever a monster to begin with? Maybe it was all in her head? I'm not really sure but it did seem to work for the film. I guess the biggest criticisms would be that the film wasn't quite as tense once she got into the house as I didn't know if that meant she was safe or not until the monster showed up in silhouette. I think some of the dialogue and performances were a tad wooden but what are ya gonna do.

This one had a pretty cool premise, One night after a fight a woman accidentally kills her partner by shoving him only to watch him tumble down the stairs. When she wakes up the next morning she discovers that he's not dead after all and figures it would be fun to kill him over and over again for fun, after asking his permission obviously. This one got a lot of big laughs from the audience as it was full of different killing gags though I do think it could have been more polished in some places. The ending I'd say felt a little flat compared to the rest of the film. She sort of just went into denial and then the police? Presumably showed up since the neighbours would have said our crazy neighbour murdered her partner/husband outside. I kind of liked that parallels this film had with stereotypical married life with the I don't really want to because I have a headache line but maybe I'm just reading too much into that.

Visually the film very polished but I felt like it fell down in other areas such as sound, story and acting which felt wooden at times. It was sort of akin to an interesting art film, I'm not really sure what the story was but I think it must've been some sort of commentary on our modern digital life and how we are trapped inside it. In the end maybe she gets knocked out of it? But someone shows up to stop her. Or maybe it's about a sort of Matrix like world and a glitch caused her to get disconnected from the system where she couldn't walk for some reason. In summary it's an interesting film that was shot well but fell short.

I really enjoyed all of the poor production jokes though some of them were a little bit on the nose. It didn't strike me as a Z movie but rather a short which is making aa joke out of a badly made or a poorly made film. Difficult to judge the story, on the one hand it's a bit dull but on the other hand it's supposed to be. I guess you just didn't find the right balance which the other Z-Movie had since it could have been a much tighter cut without going against the Z Movie aesthetic.

I was actually a little confused by this one at first, I guess if I had looked at the teams in the heat more carefully I wouldn't have but for a moment I thought, "Is this the film that just finished or a new one?" soon I realised "Oh hey they entered 2 teams and 2 films! Brilliant!". I thought the you only have 5 minutes or you'll be disqualified joke was great too. It also got a bit of added tension to its plot because the previous film revealed that the planet was going to be blown up at the end... or was it the universe.

I figure if there was a reason they chose sequel for the Ultra teams it was to get films like this one. Maybe it's a testament to the original but when this screened I knew exactly what was going on... or maybe it's because it was a sequel to a film from last year in the same heat. And unlike many sequels I thought this one and the other one which I will also review eventually was better then the original. I was big on the sort of Christmas revenge film idea I thought that worked out pretty well. The practical effects seemed intercut with the live action a lot better then the last movie as well.

Some really creative editing used on this one, I liked the sort of simplicity of the plot though I think you could have done a little bit more with the character arc as it sort of just goes fail, fail, fail? Yeah that one failed. Really good use of the wilhelm scream too I thought especially when I went for a much more traditional approach on my film. If I were to get into nit pick territory I'd probably say maybe you could have gone at the want with some sand paper. It kinda just looked like a stick even though suspension of disbelief kicked in pretty quick.

One of my favourites really, just how the simplicity and humour sort of took to the "Z movie" genre and embraced it. It is sort of a really good parody of an animated fairy tale that you might see on an obscure television station.

A pretty stereotypical boys night film, a bunch of guys all with their own women issue though I don't remember them all completely. There were a couple of neat gags in the film such as the guys with the camera awkwardly walking through frame and the stuff with the keyboard when the 3rd guy did his rap or whatever but apart from what I thought was pretty decent cinematography the film was kind of forgettable. I won't come down as harshly about the somewhat shallow female characters but I do think you could have been more creative with them especially with the stripper who didn't have much of a role at all.

It's a pretty well made film but the humour of having a guy play the role of the dog didn't really work for me on this film and it's hard for me to pin point why. I think the transition from the guy to the dog would've been better just as a straight cut as the zoom thing wasn't that great. Maybe the guy playing the dog needed to be more subtle or maybe it wasn't convincing given the breed of dog featured or maybe you could've selected better gags for the montage as some of the exercises were more human than dog.

The editing was pretty good on this one, and some of the shots were quite good too. It pulled off the sort of twisted nature that the main character turned into though I think the performances weren't that consistent. The story could've been polished but I think the one thing that really didn't work for this film were the sound levels as some of the dialogue was quite low and all over the place compared to the SFX etc.

There was some nice shots and the sort of end of the film at the beginning was a good thought even though It didn't play as well as it could have. The acting doesn't really live up to the script that you tried to write and the rap song kills the tone of the movie if I'm honest. It almost sounds like you've tried to do a comedy and all the jokes were really bad. Still, watching the film it's a decent concept for a short film.

There's a lot of really manic energy coming from the performances of this film which is the real highlight here but everything else seems quite amateurish. The sound lacks the punch needed for the level of energy displayed in the film and some of the editing needed to be a lot snappier. Some shots sort of felt like they pointed the camera screamed action and then went "Yep got it" and moved on. The story wasn't brilliant but I think it would have held up if the production value was a bit better.

Pretty simple but effective, the animation wasn't brilliant but it's nothing worth complaining about and it doesn't hurt the film so who cares. Maybe the one thing that lets the film down a bit is the voice over performance; I know it's a sort of stoner comedy but the sort of aw yeah laid back delivery wasn't something I was really into. Maybe the pacing could've been ramped up and bit but yeah, pretty good.

Not sure what to add here. a good short film with some good humour, and great set design. Maybe there are bits and pieces which could be improved and tweaked like the bit at the beginning where She's showing him around the flat and maybe some of the execution comes off a little flat but hey it's one of the best films I've reviewed so far.

They've got some good technical ability here but it seems like the film is a little bit let down by a number of other things. The script has the germ of a good idea, sort of Minority Report meets the Matrix The music was pretty good but I'm not entirely sure it fits the moments that it's used for. You've got this rescue scene which doesn't really have the intended impact because he's sort of reluctant to be rescued and it happens so quickly he doesn't really get the chance to build up any hope to be lost at the end.

Entertainment level was pretty solid, cut through some of the more rough aspects of the film like sound quality and picture. The beginning and the end were probably the weaker parts of the film but overall it was pretty good.

The practical effects were really good and the base concept was interesting...ish, enough. I dun't know it was good but flawed would be better. It's got a sort of goofy comedy horror thing going on but outside the book end joke which was great but poorly executed it was sort of a collection of gags rather then any sort of story. The narration was fine, people say over and over "show don't tell" but that's just a rule of thumb it's not a necessity for good story telling.

It didn't really work for me. You can sort of see the seed of a good idea but I didn't really think the voice over worked and some of the pacing was a bit off and there were things which didn't really have the right impact to them. Sort of like it's the rough cut rather then the finished film. I sort of wonder if the film would have played better without the narration since they showed the poisoning of the cookie up front though the editing would have to be re-worked and possibly new lines written.

Reasonably entertaining 48 hours film, all done on green/blue screen and the compositing was done pretty well so that's a plus. It's the sort of tone that you come to expect from these 1 actor films but they always entertain even if they're a bit dumb at times. Thumbs up.

Sound design was pretty good and so was the cinematography even though I thought the shots of the date weren't framed very well. I guess my only complaint with the story is that is doesn't put enough focus in the right areas. The boyfriend character sort of comes out of no where in the end and it makes the murders, which were inevitable after she asked them to go back with her; all a bit pointless. It sort of lacked the horror element but I guess that happens with a lot of 48 hours films.

I like the ambition and what the film was trying to accomplish. There was some issues with the sound editing, presumably to try and get rid of some of the wind noise but it sort of resulted in some pretty harsh transitions. I wasn't entirely clear as to wether she was imagining everything in her head or it was flashbacks but if it was flashbacks I was thinking maybe the reason he's dead is that he choked on the Malteser and you could sort of see her panic and you understand why she's gone crazy. I think it would have made a better ending then the one they used but that's just my thoughts.

I liked the concept and the jokes worked okay but I think probably the emotional beats didn't quite land right. The idea behind it was good, turns out the guy leading the group is another stuck time traveler and knows how they feel but something that could have been a really nice resolution was just a reaction to an outburst of anger.

It's a bit amateurish but I can't really fault it too much since I was quite into it. Maybe I'm just tired of these Mockumentary films but as soon as they mentioned the guess who competition I couldn't help but wonder what it would have been like if they hadn't just made the whole film based around the match.

It's an incredibly well put together film, I'm constantly amazed by some of the locations that some 48 hours teams are able to get a hold of and this film had some pretty cool locations. I can sort of see why it's not a finalist though, the story was simple enough to have the potential but I'm not sure the tone was right in places for it and the ending was a bit stilted in comparison to the rest of the film. I guess the tone that the music set didn't really match the scenario that was set up by going after the wallet thief.

The cinematography was great but that was about it really, sound was here, there and everywhere and I didn't really follow what was happening or why it was happening much less the characters motivations.

It started off all right, the kids delivery was pretty good even if their expressions were a little wooden and there was some nice camera moves even though there seemed to be editing glitches going on. I guess it sort of fell apart after they decided the "electrician" must actually be a murderer which I guess he was based on the ending but it's not 100% clear.

It's got some good performances and all of the dystopian adverts are great and everything but I think it gets so distracted by them that the film sort of becomes this really short thing at the end.

It's a pretty neat little animation with a fairly simple story. The levels face were a little bit low but still audible. The compositing was pretty good but the characters bar 1 were far brighter than the paper they were on so it fell short in that area. Probably could have cut everything from after they went under the fridge and everything went black though ending needs tweaking.

It was a little stiff and kinda cheesy but I kinda liked the concept. It's a cat and mouse film which is about a mouse and a cat and it's sort of film noirish which is an interesting angle for a 48 hours film. I thought it was a little heavy on the narration and some of the story beats were a bit stilted but I think it mostly made sense and had decent structure.

If this is the film I think it is I suppose it's about a Flatmate who spends a lot of time in the kitchen nearly killing his flatmates by accident? I thought some of the gags were let down by the editing or most of the gags apart from the revelation of the one with a knife in the stomach.

They had the concept and their actors didn't shy away from putting everything into it but it was quite rough and the story needed a lot more work. You've got a scientist that makes a time machine for some reason then travels in time a few times before the machine breaks I guess.

It was an interesting concept but I think they probably could have worked the tension better so that the bit at the end isn't so out of left field.

Seemed like they tried to do a sort of puppet musical or something. You've got this person who comes into a room and then suddenly there is some singing for no apparent reason. Not a whole lot to say about this one, I think there was meant to be a sort of punchline at the end but it didn't land.

They nailed the tone and the humour with an excellent location though I can't actually remember how it ended apart from him spewing up the creamed corn.

They did some great stuff with the look and feel of the film and the actors didn't skimp on the performances either. The story was a bit thin but the joke at the end was pretty funny.

Some good gags and humour combined with a coherent story line which made sense. It has finalist potential but I'm not 100% sure it will make it. Last years film was shot better but it was still one of the better shot films of the heat.

This one was quite entertaining, you've got a Woman trying to sell a house but a ghost is stopping her for some reason. All of the gags are basically her trying to cover for the ghosts actions and in the end a penis drawing on the window has the perspective buyers leaving. I thought the sound was a but rough as was some of the editing but the shooting was reasonably well done.

The presentation was excellent as were the locations and the performances but the story I felt was lacking. You've got a bar owner trying to keep his business from going under but the bank isn't going to give him a loan. I didn't fully understand what was going on with the child either and the guys mate I'm not sure if he was dead or some sort of guardian angel and it's not really explained or hinted as to what that's about.

This one showed you how to do 48 hours gag humour. It got the delivery right and it got the pacing right. I can't remember how I felt about the audio, I think it may have sounded okay but a bit rough in the editing or something. Don't know about the story, I guess if you do the sort of Mockumentary type film it's quite easy to just do gags and not worry too much about the story but it would have been better if it had a bit more of a story to it.

The ending was pretty dark and the sound was a bit rough but the shooting was done quite well and they managed to get some pretty good locations. I thought the action bits let down the film a bit but I dunno it was all right probably one of the more polished films of this heat.

The story didn't really go anywhere and I thought it needed to be a bit more snappy than it was. That said, despite the sort of technical failings it was nice to see the actors really get into it and the black and white was a good choice for the film.

The editing was rough and the sound mixing wasn't great but it had some pretty good gags and a nice premise. I was thinking their Caesar character was a bit low budget but I think the twist that they were just pretending to be time travellers to fool the unsuspecting flatmate compensated for that. Team intro was excellent through.

This was an interesting film, I don't know that all of the comedy worked as well as they maybe hoped for. They certainly embraced the spirit of the 48 hours however by going for an old 50s low budget b movie look. The sound mixing wasn't great and the quality was pretty uneven in places. The titles for instance were very impressive though they probably should have done more grain and scratches through out the film to make it a bit more even because the conference room scene with the president didn't fit as well aesthetically even though the alien was pretty cool. Anyway this one got their genre and got it quite literally if not reasonably well.

This one took their genre quite literally all be it with a human replacing the cat in an attempt to catch a mouse resulting in a gag fest of a film. There is nothing wrong with a gap fest film, they always entertain in the 48 hours but this one I thought was let down a little by it's technical side. Probably the story could have used some work as well so that it isn't just the attempt, fail, attempt, fail until the accidental success at the end followed by the 'twist' ending which gave them an excuse to use the line as the punchline so to speak.

It was a nice and simple sort of concept of some girls looking for a flatmate. Similar films have been done in the past but I thought that this one was able to be sufficiently unique though the ending felt a little bit tacked on; almost as if they realised they had to end the film and said, "And then this happens!" Like a lot of the films in the heat the technical details were a bit rough but it was entertaining enough.

Technically the editing was pretty slick though by the time the premise of the film became clear the film was over and the joke at the end didn't land very well I thought.

Pretty good this one, high production value, high entertainment and other things too like they know how to do good titles and work a slider etc.
I'd have pegged this for a finalist but I dunno, can't really think of much that's wrong with it... the sound could have been mixed so that the dialogue is louder and more crisp? I dunno, you could still hear everything clearly.

Pretty solid film with a pretty solid concept, music was pretty cheesy and didn't really fit the picture but it worked quite well and the end was nice, simple and good too.

This film had the best use of the Bread I've seen yet, It's unfortunate that no one of the heat bothered to review the film, I guess they were uncomfortable with the subject matter but I thought it was pretty good.
The shooting was really good and they managed to find really good locations too though the sound was a bit lacking if I'm honest. Performances good, script good too though the ending maybe wasn't executed quite as well as intended I could see what was intended... if they makes any sense.

Killer production value on this one from the sets to the cinematography to the music but I'm not as convinced that the story was as great as every else says it was, maybe it would have been funnier if I had the benefit of watching it with an audience instead of online by myself but the ending wasn't very strong I think.

The performances weren't that great and the film was pretty rough but hey it's the 48 hours and hey I loved the concept. You've got this Toaster which is going around killing people for some reason and I don't think we need a reason, toasters don't need back story so 2 detectives? Are off to solve the case and spoiler alert... they do. If anything could be worked on I would say sound and dialogue, I think a film like this needs to have some pretty punchy dialogue but that could just be me.
Good stuff, a true 48 hours film and it didn't seem to fall into all the bread cliches which I thought it would after that team intro.

It was pretty rough but the songs were really well written and the music was good which is probably the most important thing in the musical.
The whole get a job premise worked pretty well for them though for some reason I can't remember how it ended.

A man is at home making toast if I remember correctly when an attractive woman online wants to meet him in person.
The story itself is pretty simple, set up and a gag and then execute it and it was pretty simple too, almost too simple in that I wonder if this review could give away the story though the genre sort of does that already.
He meets the wrong woman and has coffee with her instead and the woman he was supposed to meet goes with some unsuspecting fisherman and then well the ending wasn't great but it was a nice idea and the film had good laughs I guess.

A film about a feud between roommates, a rough film and the story wasn't brilliant but it worked for what it was ending could have been sharper I think.

I thought it was pretty good up until they got to the "Auction" and I feel it could have done without the phone call at the end of the film but yeah pretty cool film, good acting, humour and production value was okay too.

A pretty neat film, when it started off I was thinking, "This is a bit cheesy" and then they really went into it and I saw where the concept was going. Basically it's a debate between "Love" or Cupid though I don't remember if they called him that who is finally going to get a couple together and Death who has the woman on her list. The ending was pretty good but I'm not sure about the middle of the film I thought it dragged a little bit but just a little bit.

Not too sure about the ending of this one but everything else was pretty solid, really good humour and the acting was excellent and shooting was reasonably good too.

This is the sort of film that I love about the 48, it's really rough but it owns it and is full of great gags, it's not going to the finals I don't think but worth watching for sure.

I'm personally growing a little tired of this style of short where you've got a sort of mockumentary have the characters talk to the camera thing but nevertheless I still enjoyed it I think.
Sort of a "love triangle" going on if you could call it that, the girl is annoyed with the roommates relationship with her boyfriend? And she's been saving her money to leave with a secret lover.
Good film for a chuckle I guess but not one of the more polished of the heat.

A story about a woman and her terrible abusive boyfriend on their anniversary, props to them for trying to tackle a serious subject like that and they certainly got the reaction from the crowd it was rough around the edges but I don't think that's the problem with the film.
Effectively I think it just didn't nail the horror aspect of the film, it kind of tries something at the end but that's where the film falls down I think, probably could have done the ending scene a bit more of a horror instead of finishing the joke.

Really nailed the genre with this one, you are following a man who is the last man on earth and he's basically trying to pass the time by running through his daily routine as if nothing had happened.
Not much of a story so much as a series of gags but I think it worked reasonably well, sort of like the ending which kind of just happened but it didn't completely work against it.

Production value had me pretty envious and the concept was pretty nice too, from what I could tell it was basically about a woman trying to forget her past and though what that past was could have been a bit more clear everything was very solid and it was one of the best in the heat.

This film had a very sort of indie drama feel too it, sort of like 'Once', telling the story of a Woman having second thoughts on her wedding night the newly wed Fosters have a heart to heart talk about things to come, or something like that.
The ending was a little weak and the sound could have done with some better mic work but all in all it was pretty solid I thought and reasonably well written as well, all the dialogue had a nice rhythm to it.

This is one of those films that really illustrates just how tough the competition is in the 48 hours these days, I can't really think of many ways to fault the film apart from maybe it could be a bit more punchy and the ending is a little anti climactic... I feel like I've written this review last year for a different film. Yeah, it's really well shot, the audio is acceptable and the performances work for the film which is based on a solid idea.

Morgan Foster brushes off all her friends and sits down for a puzzle with Mr. Bearly a stuffed bear but all goes wrong when the last piece is missing and she suspects the bear. The sound mixing was a bit off but not so much that it distracted from the film and it had a reasonably good pace and ended reasonably strong.

I don't know, would it be too harsh to say it's basically an animatic? A sort of Noir film about a man in search of his shirt, not the strongest plot structure but it was an entertaining film.

There were some really good shots now and then and I thought the film could use a bit more creative sound design as it was a bit simplistic and flat with editing which could have flowed a bit better but overall by about a minute in a was into the film and along for the ride so it's good.

I really enjoyed this one, out of all of the sideways films I've seen from the 48 it's probably my favourite. The story tells the tale of a stag do where the groom Morgan Foster wants to break the mini golf course record before he's married the next day which means they are all dressed in wild outfits. The twist being that the best man has given everyone laxatives because you focus best when you really need to take a dump. I feel like a real prude saying this but I thought the shit jokes were a bit much for me, I wonder if there would be a better way to make the journey tough for Morgan Foster but it wasn't so object able that it affected my enjoyment of the film. I was going to say that for a film within a film it could have had a little bit more of the film which the film was in if that makes sense but I've just looked at the 6:43 runtime and I'm not sure how much they could do with 17 seconds that would have fixed that without slowing the film down.
Anyways it was shot well, grade looked good and sound was mixed pretty well too so yeah good stuff, as they say "Maybe next year".

I quite liked this one, not as good or polished as Ninja from Brazil but I liked it's sort of mockumentary tone where you have this guy being a wizard and coming off like a huge loser, the ending is quite nice too sort of catching a glimpse into the real morgan foster, beneath the lies as it were. Top 3 of heat 17 this one.

The one thing that really let down this one was the sound levels, editing could have been tightened up to make the pace match the tone of the film and I didn't really understand why they decided they needed to kill the new flatmate as well since they acted surprised if I remember that the old one had hung herself in the garage and that was actually good enough for a shock ending, if you had just cut to black on the girl hanging that probably would have been much better.

Needs some polish here and there but I felt the story itself was reasonably solid, you didn't try and do anything too complicated and had some nice gags in there, although the ending was predictable it was predictable in a good way in that it added some anticipation to the moment, maybe some of the performances could have been snappier and more committed but It was pretty good.

I'll re-review it if it ends up in the screening room however my initial impression of the film was that it was quite a mess and I couldn't really follow what was happening or why it was happening.

It was an interesting concept for a film and certainly managed to take advantage of some recent events in the news but I felt that it probably should have been made a bit more obvious to the audience, perhaps I just wasn't paying enough attention because the subtitles needed some work but I didn't find it obvious that he wasn't the son until much later in the movie. I had forgotten the genre when watching it and I thought that he was just returning home to grab some stuff and didn't really like his mum or something.
It was interesting to see a foreign language film in the 48 though, I've always wanted to do something along those lines but I only speak one language.

I thought it started off strong and the picture was pretty good however it just started to drag and drag to the point where it stopped being funny, just needed to shake it up in a big way I think so it's not so repetitive.

Definitely the top 3 of the heat, if I had one complaint it's that the music was a bit downplayed, with other musicals it probably would have been the death nail for the film but somehow the humour and polish of the picture, the story and the titles help it in a big way. Very entertaining film.

It wasn't a terrible film but it was just too unpolished for my liking, needed a lot of work getting the pacing tighter and maybe some better shots here and there, it probably would have been better if you made the cupid angle more subtle.

I remember it being reasonably polished though the story needed quite a bit of work, almost reminds me of my 2011 film Operator but with a more complicated way of telling the story. I just thought there needed the core when he's talking to the guy who time travels him to be worked a lot more as he seems to give up far too quickly and I'm not entirely sure what the motivations of the characters were.

The editing was pretty clunky but the story telling had potential and there were some nice shots if I remember, probably the most well done stuff was where they were taking their selfies with the guy sneaking up behind them. Mostly this film was just lacking in polish I think some better audio mixing and pacing and it would be an 8 or a 9.

It was an enjoyable film about a guy who just wants to go to the renaissance fair and do some role playing I think, his friend comes over and an accident leads to some humorous moments, nothing overly original but entertaining non the less. I think the genre was a bit thin as I feel it takes more then some renaissance gab to make a film a fantasy but I guess they get away with it.

The sound isn't as good as it could have been and a few shots could have been done better but the rest of the film is pretty solid I think, The man just wants to win at a game of cards for once the motivation is simple with a nicely twisted take on the obsessive relationship genre, kind of reminded me of that one mission in Red Dead Redemption where the old man gets you to pick flowers for his wife and when you come back you see that his wife is dead and he just keeps the corpse around and talks to it, shades of Psycho as well, perhaps you could have hidden her being dead until the very end of the short somehow but the film is still pretty good as it is.

I've watched the film a couple of times and while there is nothing wrong with the story the film seems to be slightly un-inspired, the music is effective in places but perhaps a little overused and becomes a bit of a crutch for the dead pan acting which only really works for the character who turns out to be an Android. For the most part the shooting works but there is one or two shots which could have been more creatively shot, the scene in the kitchen with Tim and the flatmate for example.

Very entertaining film but it's not a finalist.

Another rough film which had a story which worked pretty well, a Vic Meyer delusional from sleep is fired from his job which he's too out of it to do properly and ends up murdering his boss.
Nice and simple and yet imperfect though on the bonus side it had a reasonable mixture of creepiness and humour.

There were parts of this film which felt quite polished and well shot, though it seems to have fallen apart in the edit and the Vic Meyer bits weren't really up to the same level of quality.
In the end it all wrapped up in an ending which whilst unpolished worked well.

This was a very polished film and quite well shot too, a writer sits at a bar trying to work out how to finish his reunion film while the events of the story play out in the background. I'm trying to remember why I didn't pick it as one of my favourites for the night, maybe I just thought it was a little bit too corn ball and could have done with just a simple credit sequence, I know, it's fun to do stuff like that but the film just didn't need it.

One of my favourites in the heat, Vic Meyer gets a job looking after "Wolfie" while the owner is away and the neighbour who is fed up with the dog barking all night presumably poisons the dog.
Appart from the camera work which was a bit crap there was some pretty funny gags in this one, it ended pretty abruptly but I'm not sure if that didn't work for the film.

One of my favourites in the heat, Vic Meyer gets a job looking after "Wolfie" while the owner is away and the neighbour who is fed up with the dog barking all night presumably poisons the dog.
Appart from the camera work which was a bit crap there was some pretty funny gags in this one, it ended pretty abruptly but I'm not sure if that didn't work for the film.

Sort of a 48hours gag fest here, a very funny film but not necessarily a great one so it wasn't one of my favourites from the heat, Great ending though.

Shot in Black and White this film at the very least had a pretty interesting look, as far as I could tell it was about a man who is constantly being up-ducted and probed for scientific reasons. All I really remember about this film was that the story was pretty weak and relied too heavily on jokes to carry it to the end of the movie which didn't really work that well.

I didn't really like this one, it was very tedious and didn't make a lot of sense. It had great production values even though the encode was a bit crap and It sort of feels like this film could have done with a few re-writes before going into production.
That said the security camera stuff with the car parking was very good, in fact, I'll add a star just for the parking scenes.

A reasonably well put together film, was pretty funny too though a little rough as you can expect from any 48hours film, one of my notes on the film was that it was a bit crude but after seeing some other films I take that back, it wasn't that crude at all just not very polished in execution. The idea of the main character being bullied by his split personality was pretty good too, I think they probably could have achieved a better result if they had been more creative with the edit.

I felt like the elements for a good film were here they were just poorly assembled, the protestor and the employee who works for the evil corporation opens up all sorts of possibilities for good drama. The insomnia angle was well played but outside of that and the reasonably good production values the converging storyline genre wasn't really utilised that well as we didn't really see any of the 2nd storyline until the last minute of the film, maybe my memory of the film is hazy but I'm pretty sure that was the case.

Although it was somewhat tedious in places with some bad acting and roughly edited together the film had some good laughs and reasonable dialogue so it ended up being entertaining even though the plot was thin.
The ending felt as though it wasn't executed quite as well as it may have been envisioned, maybe they could have put more effort into making the ending great and then have every thing else just leading to that.

This is very much the quintessential 48 hours film, or at least one of many it's sort of a bad film done very well and packed with humour and gags with cheesy but charming props, The story didn't make much sense in the middle but it pulled itself together in the end.

It was pretty rough but it was one of the better Horror films I have seen done in the 48 hours the scares seemed to work without being goofy and the performances were solid, not 100% on what the story was about or how the child's death had anything to do with the Horror element of the story but it added some atmosphere which worked for the movie. Not perfect but a pretty damn good effort.

Although it was a simple story told reasonably well and effectively it was just too tedious with not a big enough pay off (which was a reasonably good payoff too) to make up for the tedious nature of the film.
It did portray the insomnia very well.

The music was really polished and well done but the movie itself wasn't very good just sort of roughly put together to piece the music together, nice and simple love story but it didn't make a lot of sense, did he run over the girl at the end by mistake? The audience reaction seemed to indicate it but I can't be certain. Maybe I'm being a bit harsh but it is interesting to see a musical with fantastically performed songs and the rest of the movie is weak, usually it's the other way around.

Probably the best action adventure film I've seen in a 48hours so far, they had what seemed like every gag you can get into an action film and some really nice looking shots but I felt that the ending let it down in that it felt rushed and not nearly as well done as the first 2/3rds of the movie, story was pretty simple "My family is captured because I've got something they want so I have to save them" but I guess it doesn't need to be much more than that for a short film much less and action. That said the story did seem to take a back seat to the action rather than drive it.

The strongest film of the heat and they've certainly topped their previous efforts but I feel like if they pushed themselves more and took some risks they could produce something on a whole new level. The film is sort of a mockumentary style film in which a Doco crew follows inventor Vic Meyer as he combines various objects into one in an attempt to make the next best thing. It had some great dialogue etc. etc. and of all the films in the heat this is the most likely to progress to the city finals.

Although the film was pretty rough I thought they managed to pull off the story telling pretty well for a non-dialogue movie about someone who is confronted with the idea that he might be gay though they did cop out a bit with the line by just writing it on the screen rather then trying to show it though actions or maybe some other means.

A pretty solid film, great gags and a lot of laughs but I'm not sure if it was able to pull off the horror moments which just became really good punchlines.

I've been trying to think what this could have used to become a better film because the makings of a powerful short film is in there, maybe you could have cut the opening scene with the girl or amped up the performances a notch and progressively gotten the camera more handheld with more frantic editing, maybe a color grade could have added some atmosphere.
It's not a bad movie, it's a good movie but not quite enough to be a great movie.

Really good film, nicely written as well some of that V48hours humor, just an overall good package with some good laughs.

Pretty good use of the genre, I think the middle of the film could use a bit of work but I like the way the ending payed off.

Probably the best editing of the heat, well shot and paced not sure I loved the ending but it worked for the film.

For a tough genre in V48hours they really managed something pretty nice, I like how they took the stereotypical dance movie plot and then played it for humor.

Pretty nice looking one shot film, they picked out the location perfectly. Story was a bit iffy though not sure what it was on about, some scary homeless people or something.

Pretty good film, nice take on the found footage genre, very hipster and doesn't try too be overly complicated.

It was a reasonable film, ended better than it started but kept it simple so it was good.

It was a nice film but the ending really let this one down unfortunately. I noticed that the gags weren't getting the laughs that they should have gotten I wonder if they could have been executed better because they were quite nice gags.
All in all the film was very entertaining just needs a re-cut and a new ending.

Looking back this probably is the best film of the heat, nice concept, great gags and like every other film in the heat nicely shot.
Not the most inspirational film I've ever seen but it had some great writing in there and performances were good too, I hope I voted for it... looking back that is, I think I voted for it...

Not the best put together film in the world but it's funny, entertaining and it works.
This film wasn't the only film to do the campy rec camcorder effect so it would be unfair of me to slam only this film for it but I think maybe it could have done without it, not that it in any way affected the story, it's just how I feel about it that's all.

Pretty good this one, maybe the edit let it down a little but even though I really role my eyes about the use of V in the films the set up and pay off was good enough for me to like this one in all it's corny glory.

I could see what they were trying to accomplish and the concept was a nice one but I think maybe the team didn't quite pull off the film, some of the action wasn't very well executed and the part about him being his best friend came a bit out of the blue for me.
Still, it wasn't crap and I enjoyed it.

One of the best of the heat, some nice humor and well made. I think it would have been better without the opening narration but it managed to pull off what it was trying to do, or at least what I think it was trying to do.

Probably my second favorite film of the night, I didn't like the story that much but it was so well executed and funny that I managed to look past that and really enjoy the film, the finish is probably what settled it for me.

Although I thought this one started out quite cheesy by the end of the film I was really into it, "Does this really count as a found footage film?" I thought to myself... Oh I guess it does.
Personally I think the film could have been better if the video that was sent was played a little more seriously or even cut down a little but maybe it works for the film, who knows. Nice finish as well.

A nicely shot film with some great use of visual humor. There were one or 2 places where it probably could have been cut down a little, the scene where he is carrying his girl friend around for example could have been a little snappier but all in all it's a simple film reasonably well executed and that always does quite well in the V48hours.

Whilst working on his farm a man notices a strangely dressed man come up to him he announces himself as a knight on a quest to save his daughter. Convinced this man is a lunatic he calls his wife to get the police before following him off on his mission in an attempt to bring him back to the house before hurting himself, or something.
Funny film with a great concept if not a little bit too abrupt in advancing it's story, wasn't big on the ending could have been done better but considering what it would need to do what I have in mind it's pulled it off well.
Another DQ, Unfortunate.

DQ'd film, A film which appears to take it straight and then takes a turn for the bizarre, Bobby Young is an ex bully regretful of his past getting ready for a gig as a DJ. It's hard to describe this film without giving away too much, not my favorite film of the night but it's worth watching that's for sure.

Not too big on this one, from what I can remember One friend makes a bet that he can find a girl friend in x amount of time then wakes up only to discover he only has a few hours left. After running around posting posters as if he is looking for a flatmate a group of girls take notice of his efforts and suggest he tags along with them for the night.
The Concept behind this film was great but the film didn't live up to it unfortunately.

Although very roughly made this crime film had some pretty nice dry humor in it though the endless walking to suspenseful music dragged on just a little bit too long the first time around. The story is fairly weak, more of a revenge film then a crime film if you think about it but that doesn't matter and the dry wit keeps the film entertaining.
If this team works on it's story telling and production values I can see them doing really well next year... if they enter.

Another well made film which was DQ'd loved the look of the film but the story was a bit iffy, the ending was good but not as well executed as it could have been.
Essentially it's about a detective on a stake out mission, well shot, nice atmosphere.

Fairly good short about a man monologue singing to himself about his inability to get a girl friend, he is very alone. Although the singing doesn't sound like much effort was made it actually works for the short and the lyrics are quite humorous.
Not too shabby really...

One of my favorites from this heat, too bad it was a DQ, made in the style of an exploitation film we follow the story of two mexicans trying to cross the border but armed soldiers are after them... actually it isn't overly clear what's going on here all we know is they have AK47s and they are shooting at the immigrants.
Despite a fairly weak story the shameless humor and unashamed mexican acting by people who obviously aren't mexican it keeps you entertained.
Another weak ending though.

Funny film with a great concept, a detective at the top of his game is struck down by a car on the way out for his next mission which involves disarming a bomb before time runs out. Now dead his wandering spirit must inhabit a body to disarm the bomb, eventually he comes across a Bully Bobby Young and begins out on his quest filled with shameless racial based jokes, he can only speak korean and has become a horrible driver somehow.
A little rough around the edges in terms of production value but doesn't skimp on the entertainment.

Well executed film, after clearly living with hate for the past 10 years I think it was Bobby Young's Brother is out for revenge after Bobby and the rest of the company has taken all the credit for their idea for a toy (a bent wire that appears to help you bully unsuspecting younger brothers and sisters) there is also a really great jingle written for this product.
The only downside is the ending which although still good doesn't live up to the rest of the film and probably could have been handled a little better.