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Good performance from the lead who carried this film on her back. My biggest issue with this film I guess would be that it seemed to end in what could've easily been the start of our story. Definitely felt like you guys had more of a story to tell, and trying to cram it all into 5 minutes doesn't always work quite so well. Again, great stuff, biggest gripe is I wanted more!

The lack of a team intro and title card really threw me for a loop here, was a wee ways into the film before I realised that this is what we were getting. Hard film to review, maybe I just couldn't follow your style of storytelling, or maybe there was nothing really to comprehend, the film feeling a bit like a fever dream that you aren't really meant to try make too much sense of.

I actually really enjoyed this film. I'll admit it took me a while to get on board, but I gotta give respect to what is essentially a one man team. The lines about not having time to shoot in another location and colliding with the door were so in line with my sense of humour and got a genuine gut busting laugh from me.
Clearly a film done for the fun of it to see if it could be done & I would say, "mission accomplished"

Ah the dreaded "48hours film about making a 48hours film". This was actually the first time I'd seen one of these films I've heard so much about but I thought you guys had a pretty fun, national treasure-esque twist on things. One of my favourite things about this film was that afterwards I genuinely wasn't sure if this film was made in conjunction with the Art Gallery or if they were even aware of you filming.

Some pretty solid gags and good makeup here. Ending felt a little jumbled and rushed, but didn't detract from the film's strengths too much.

Found this film a little hard to follow at times if I'm being honest.
However, there were some great editing gags/smash cuts with all the melons!

Great script, the line about the moon and the conversation about nihilism were highlights. Some really clever stuff visually here too. Certainly achieved what it set out to do.

Some great stuff in this film, good use of sound effects.
Only need to mention two things:
1) The boom falling into frame, this worked so well because I'd forgotten it was Z-grade by that point, great way to be reminded haha
2) Epic fight scene at the end. Was as fun to watch as I'm sure it was making it.

Buckets of charm coming from this film, hard not to smile while you watch.

I didn't really follow this film unfortunately. The audio on the male lead was almost indecipherable at the heat and as such, about 50% or more of the plot was lost with it.

You guys clearly had a pretty solid through-line mapped out, was just a shame the technical side let you down.

The team intro set up this film perfectly.

Such a great, unexpected little short. Really great performance by the lead here, followed by some really well done 80s style montage. Looking like they were ripped off a VHS was a nice touch.

The final punchline sealed the deal as well and locked this in as one of my top 3 of the heat.

This is a sequel to one of my absolute favourite films from the competition last year.

Without context this is an excellent musical, actors who can actually sing, people we're told are attractive are played by attractive actors, this film rose above so many common pitfalls of the competition. Featuring at least three distinct, pretty catchy songs and some great performances this film really is a complete package.

I did find their approach to Ultra quite interesting, taking more of a spin-off style, following the best actor winning Charlie Flowers from last year's adventure and following him on his next case. Flowers was one of the most fully realised, hilarious characters I've ever seen in the competition so I was a bit disappointed not to see as much of his charm shine through, we didn't get to see a lot of what made the character special.
As I said before, without context this was an amazing little short and it still is, it's just tough to judge it because it's either a great approach to Ultra i.e. doing a spin-off; or a bit thoughtless, simply having the same actor play someone in the same profession as last year.

This film is a sequel to what was clearly quite an old film in the competition. It opens with a few quick shots of the original, showing us the location, a look at the main character and really emphasising the technical limitations of the time, as I've said in other reviews, this is an interesting way to open your film as you only have so few precious minutes to tell the story. However, when it cuts to the 2017 footage I threw up my hands and let out an audible "fuck!" because I'd just seen the best use of Ultra and any hope I or anyone else had of taking home the Ultra award disappeared.
For the next minute or two I was fully on board (or on deck, if I'm keeping with the nautical theme. Nah, on board is fine) with the film, and I even felt a sense of nostalgia sweep over me as I felt this strong connection to characters in a film I'd never seen. The world building and set up was excellent.

I did however feel myself less taken by the Bookubus appearing and the events thereafter but it's almost a victim of me loving the start so much that the end simply couldn't live up to it.

A very well done film technically as well but I don't feel I need to point that out!

The most technically proficient film of the night and probably deserving of audience favourite.

This really felt like a scene of something bigger. Cool atmosphere and there was a definite turning point where it was clear what you were doing and that you were doing it pretty well. Some really great shots and uses of lighting in here.

Cool, different interpretation of Christmas film.

Some great art department and the drone shot at the end was excellent.

Felt very small in its setup and execution but I'm not even entirely sure this is a bad thing!

This is one of those "I see what you were going for but I didn't really get it" kind of films. I mean, I do see what you were going for, but having said that, I didn't really get it.

Pretty ambitious and I can't fault you for trying!

Really great idea here that goes balls-to-the-wall insane, then comes back around at the end with the look on the lead's face when asked if he is okay. Really great piece of acting/direction there, capping off a character arc which was never really set up, but kind of made it a bit more hilarious for me. The long tilt up the bathroom was was a highlight, as if to say "yes, we actually fucking did this to our bathroom".

As others have stated, this film felt pretty difficult to follow, but I really can't fault a film that managed to do claymation in 48 hours. Also doing an Ultra sequel to a film featuring Bodil DeResny, excellent, true veterans of the competition clearly.
Some fun moments mixed among it all!

Fucking hilarious little short.

Embraced Z-Grade hilariously, with lots of things looking like an intentional decision rather than actually being the limit of your ability which is the problem with Z-grade. One of the highlights being the quick shot of the mattress as the lead falls over.

The main actor's delivery of "WHY GOD?!" was my favourite moment of the entire night.

Confession: I haven't seen the original I Am Ball

The mix of art styles was great here! Hilarious use of the elements, both from this year and 2014.
This was one of the only Ultras that made we want to seek out the original, so good job!

I remember as this film started, thinking that it was ballsy to use quite a bit of your relatively short runtime devoted to catching up those of us who hadn't seen the original.

Clearly the original meant a lot to you guys and no doubt it was great revisiting it, but I think this is one of the Ultra films which is really best viewed as a double feature with the original. It's hard to know how to judge Ultra films, as most actual film sequels you don't judge purely on their merits, but in how good of a sequel they are, so I won't necessarily mark you down for that.

Regardless, there was some genuinely good stuff in here and a great lead actor helped the film flow pretty well, my biggest gripe would be with how quick the ending flew by, but this could be a victim of the flashback at the start perhaps?

Good idea here. Another film potentially let down by age-inappropriate casting, or maybe more accurately, not crafting your idea around the age of your actors. Especially when the whole film centered around the newcomer being younger and edgier, but he seemed around the same age as our lead.

Not a whole lot to write here, clearly have some good ideas, reckon you've got a few good years in the comp ahead of you.

This is the kind of film I remember making in high school, I have a certain soft spot for that young age before you realise how important age-appropriate casting is.

Having said that, I think the age of the two leads was so deliberately off kilter that it actually worked in the film's favour. "One vodka please" being quoted by my group of friends for the rest of the night.

There was some pretty impressive stuff technically, some clever editing/camerawork, obviously some film buffs behind the scenes.

Let down a little by the rushed ending, think it could've done with maybe one "money shot" to really drive home what was happening as well as a sweet reveal of the lead's new 'do. Good commitment from him to shave his head. Just a shame we didn't really get a good look at the final product'

Great wee film, obviously had a lot of fun making it.

Some absolute top notch gags, the vegan nametag being a favourite of mine.

With every Z-grade film I find myself wondering if the team in question is able to do any better or if they were just really good at nailing Z-grade. However I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and presume that you're usually very technically savvy, so great job on Z-grade!

Really enjoyed this one.
This was my first chance to watch a heat in a few years and I'm glad this opened it up. Quintessential 48hours film, some great gags and a pretty good knowledge of cinematic language for such a young team. As others have stated, was on the short end, but I didn't mind that so much, got in, got out and didn't overstay it's welcome.
My top vote for audience favourite. Can't wait to see what the future of Big Boys brings.

Loved this film in the heats!

Definitely a fan favourite, everyone was cracking up, and provided everyone with a new favourite word. Mmmmm.. sass.

Great script and great acting by the voiceover actor.

Everything Sticks are one of those teams who I always share a heat with and always look forward to seeing what they produce.

Can't wait for next year guys!

Well scripted & well acted. With something like Rom-Com which comes up every year, teams are usually expected to think outside the box and come up with some crazy twist on the genre. This was a team (and a film) which decided to just stick true to the genre, but still manage to deliver something magical and original. Great job, deserved every award they picked up on finals night.

Brilliant film, very clever use of line. Music was very good also. Got my 3 point vote & will definitely see this in the finals

Personally, I thought this film was really cool, I liked the idea of not actually revealing the reason behind the love of the wire. The cinematography was brilliant, but didn't necessarily suit the pseudo doco style that was being aimed for. But as many people have pointed out already, very poor sportsmanship. I crossed out my 3 on my marking sheet when I saw the entire team get up, leave & look around to see if people were laughing. They weren't.