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Instant classic! Enough said...

Nicely shot and graded film (apart from a few abrupt jumpcuts which didn’t feel part of the style). Ending was a little muddled as it wasn’t clear why a certain character left without taking certain important objects with them when they had the upper hand.

Thank you for doing a sincere queer film. Too often in this competition do we see queer-ness being used as a punchline so it was refreshing and heartening to see your take. The characters were likeable and loved the creative tracking shot from one room to another.

Fantastic script and the actors did a good job with the comedy. The edit and post sound felt like it could have used a bit more work to really make the film shine. Good work overall though!

great lead actors with many funny moments. minus points: ending didn't quite land and yet another film with violence against women.

very funny with many memorable moments we talked about afterwards

some good b&w shots at the start and good makeup but sadly another 48hours film featuring violence against women...

PROS: Awesome animation! Neat story. Strange/Weird

CONS: Felt a tad long in parts. Opening felt a bit disconnected from the rest of the film. Strange/Weird

PROS: Action-y feel at the start. The hologram looked neat too.

CONS: Not quite sure what the ending twist meant.

PROS: Good twist at the end. Nice buddy action!

CONS: Too drawn out. Camera work was a bit iffy in parts but overall nicely done :)

PROS: Awesome cast and nailed the genre! The 'fire' part was incredible. Match Cut perfection too.

CONS: I wish there was tiny bit more clarity over the relationship between a couple of the characters.

PROS: Great idea and hilariously awesome opening scene. Great laughs throughout.

CONS: A tad long and the sound had a few problems (due to wind removal processes I suspect).

PROS: Weird but great but weird! Great song and some tripped visuals. Enjoyed the mix of creative mediums.

CONS: No story but I'm not sure this is too much of a con in the type of film this was.

PROS: Nice character work made you connect with the lead. Loved the addition of the dog too.

CONS: Ending needed more of a 'punch' (no pun intended) just felt like it ended very suddenly - I did like the idea behind the end though :)

PROS: Great script. Witty and Funny dialogue. Some nice camera work too.

CONS: Too long. Needed a couple of minutes cut out to make it the perfect length :)