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When it started I thought the scenery wasnt NZ-esque, so must have been an out of town entry. I didnt like the drug use - it could have been done differently (say by accidentally eating picked mushrooms or something). The lighting was clever and and the costumes and Unicorns were fun. Some issues understanding some of the dialogue over the music.

Great film, excellent acting and a clever twist at the end!

I didn't get why the sock was pixelated at the start and not at the end? It was cute and funny in parts but I couldn't figure out how it was mistaken identity? The music was good and the use of the prop was funny.

Laughed so hard throughout this film. I was waiting for some sort of 'Time Travel' type machine to do something to the watches - and then I got it! Hilarious, and clever. Yes, it was a very simple animation^, but a good film needs a good story and a clever script and this had both in spades. The voice over was exceptional - almost like Attenborough! The batteries were another clever touch. I love the Tanked Engines films - always clever. They deserved the win.

A great effort by this young team. A really funny and endearing film with some great lines... 'It's too steep'! The ending was a great surprise and I feel they nailed the RomCom genre!
I hope to see more of this team in coming years.

Great short. Lead actors were hilarious as always - and the cinematography was excellent.
I enjoyed watching this film. Overall an awesome effort, but would have loved to have seen them do something a bit different to previous years.

Clever concept - it had undertones of the film 'Fallen' with the ball being the carrier of whatever demon possessed the little girl. A solid effort - good acting, solid editing and a clever storyline - which is really what makes a good film. Well done team Imports!

Well done for submitting a film with such a tricky genre. I didn't know what to make of the film, but props to you for giving singing and dancing a go!

Great film. Clever concept - but easy to figure out the ending quickly. The lead actor did a great job with no dialogue. The prop and line were really well integrated and made me laugh. The filming and editing were top notch once again from this team and I would expect them to take home a few awards for this one. Well done.

Cool lighting and sound effects, but I was confused by the storyline - needed developing a bit more. I think the lead actress did a great job and the use of the ball was clever. Overall a really good effort! :)

The storyline was confusing, but at the end when it came together, I figured out the concept, and it was a good one - with more time it could have been really good. A few less shots of the dojo as it didn't add anything to the story - also I was confused by the beach scene? The kids acting were excellent and played their parts well. Overall not bad. Hope you take part again next year.