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After the impressive intro I expected quite a lot from the editing department rather than simple cuts and a voice over. The beginning of this film showed promise and the stake out scene was nice but bad acting from people let the film down but overall it wasn't bad.

A good story with nice elements but in some place quite confusing. The continuous use of 'the comic book' effect became quite painful but not a bad attempt for a first time team.

I just about cried with laughter.

The beginning was a bit off putting but when the soundtrack kicked in I started really getting into the film. the dream sequence was very nostalgic and sweet but I feel the ending was a bit disappointing and overall it was nice but the short was just that, short.

The introduction to this film was amazing, the eeriness of everything really hooked me in but dull acting and bad cutting left me unimpressed but closer to the end the editing improved and seemed to show glimmers of pure horror. Overall it was nice.

You'll see me buffling on Cuba soon.

To be honest, I lost hope hope in this film 10 seconds in. But after the establishing I was hooked and just about shat myself. It was amazing.

Started off really well and had high hopes, the quality of the film started to die off after a while with odd cuts and average sound it lost it's initial momentum. Over all a good film.

Started a little low; build built up over time and was enjoyable but overall just lacked an x-factor element. Good humour and fit genre very well.

Awesome concept! Some really good puns and super funny.

This was my favourite film in the heat! Up till this film there was 1 maybe 2 really good ones in this heat. The editing was amazing and the characters was so "human". I don't know how people didn't get it, i just loved it.

amazing begining and best fight scene ever

Was hilarious! The editing was off but thats what made the film so funny.

Was a bit confusing at first. Unique use of the wire prop and loved the song used though.

This was awesome! wasn't very original and felt too short but was good.

This was cool. Loved the dogs and the main male character. The development of the female lead wasn't done too well, didn't realise she was supposed to be a bully until half way through the next film

Was a bit odd.

Wow, what can be said about this one. It was interesting.