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This was silly and fun and it looked like the team enjoyed themselves when they made it. The acting was very natural, however things tended to fall apart towards the end. Some of the funniest moments of the night were in this film, like the milk-wastage and dry weet-bix. The elements were forced, it was like you had made most of your film before realising you needed to include them. One of my favourites for the night; made for some easy watching. Like most cases, more experience, better gear and more people to delegate roles to wouldn't go amiss.

It's great to see new teams enter the competition. There's a lot of room for improvement, obviously, but it takes time to adapt to the harsh and unforgiving weekend that is V/R48. Cute kid, good luck for next year!!

I like the contrast between the terrible ads and high standard of the rest of the film. The characters were great and the film was funny, but the story didn't go anywhere. The nude beach-scene seemed somewhat forced and irrelevant. Clint's name badge made for a good gag towards the end. I especially liked the self-depreciative nature of the humour.

This was a terrible film. But I know that's exactly what you were going for. No one pulled off what they were going for as well as you did. It was horrible and I loved every moment of it.

This was my least favourite of the heat - it's very hard to pull off out-door shoots without the right gear. This was obvious, as time constraints seemed to leave you with poorly dubbed voice acting. There was some real emotion in the acting and the attention to detail by having the stick through the girls stomach stay firm when she was moving/breathing was admirable. There just wasn't enough character/story development and too much of filler material. With only 7 minutes to fill (preferably even less than that) I don't think its a good idea to use scenic shots unless they're necessary. I love that the radio guy was Morgan the whole time, and that there was no search party. This was one of the best uses of character in the heat. So much potential, I just don't think it came together well at the end.

I'll get it out of the way - the acting and camera work was sub-par at times. But it was funny and kind of deep at times. There was a serious sound issue during the bedroom scene. Reminded me a little of 'click' with the realisation that this time-bending tool is not what its cut out to be, but still had it's own quirks. Better equipment could go a long way, too.

You did well building a creepy atmosphere. Low production quality may have even added to the creepiness. Some really funny and disturbing moments. Really embraced the spatter genre here. The poor camera work and unconvincing setting lost you points, but these are all things that rely on good gear, locations and contacts. Looks like you had fun making the film!

I revoke my comments on nicmcgoo's review: they were unnecessary and irrelevant.

The acting with some of the older cast was a little stale, however the main female looks like a shoe-in for best actress. The score had a great presence and an identity of its own, which I respect. The slow mo shots were world-class; the cinematography was thought provoking to say the least. I believe the story could have done with less exposition. I don't feel like the story truly developed, as I could see the climax coming from the start. However, what you pulled off is extremely impressive for a weekend of filming. I expect you'll have seats reserved for the city finals.

Slick editing with the basketball scenes. Love the macabre ending which was hilariously out of the blue and irrelevant to anything else that had happened, which I think was a great shock ending. The pregnancy part was a great decoy and threw me off guard. The acting was top notch, of course. And production quality was amongst the highest for the heat.

It had some strong laughs and good kiwi humour. It was slightly repetitive however, and had a bit of unnecessary filler material. It had an improvised feel about it, which sometimes worked and sometimes didn't.