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Fantastically shot and edited, I really loved the pacing of the build up as the guy was heading into beast mode. The shots in the bathroom were great, the lighting really reinforced the tone, and the editing especially that night to day transition was smooth as butter. I, too, felt that the explicit mention of "another victim of social media" line detracted from the story as it was already being told so well, but then I know that in 48 hours it can be really hard to judge how much the audience needs to be told, especially when we're all quite used to easily digestible films. By the time you're in the Nth hour of writing, and then again at editing, it is hard to judge how much others can read into it, and many films suffer from the opposite of having some deeper subtext that's really not apparent to anybody but the team.

So, all in all, I enjoyed watching this, it was entertaining and well put together :)

A film that tackles and interesting topic, with an interesting premise. It was well shot, and well put together. And having read your credits, big salute to Theo who appears to have done the bulk of the technical work--no easy feat to have a film that looks this polished within 48 hours when the technical stuff is mainly on 1 person!

The shots showing the depth of the grave were great. I agree with some of the others about needing slightly snappier dialog to make it really pull you along with it, and also with needing to show the man who has been dead for longer's reluctance to talk about how he died before the climactic part. I also found something a little disconcerting with the framing of the close up shots relative to the shots from their feet angle. For the new dead guy especially it seemed like we were looking down from the top of his head in the close up, but up from his feet in the other shot, and I'm not sure why but it didn't quite feel like the positions lined up and felt a little discontinuous. But really didn't have a huge impact on the overall feel. I do feel like there wasn't quiet a character or story arc in the sense of the main character or the other guy getting something he needed, or there being a resolution to their situation, but maybe that's the point, death is death, and you're there forever (so drive safely, lol).

Overall well polished and a great film :)

Really well shot. A great use of the anti-romcom genre, with a quirky premise, and great performances by the lead and other actors. I loved the Granddad gag complete with dial up modem tone :). Church scene looked really nice, I liked the shot with the rows of pews and the lead looking isolated in the middle--really supported the feels of the movie in that moment.

It's not that relevant, but I really loved your team intro bit too (or just film intro? The channel 341 stuff anyway). Was that someone in your team that did the TV voice, or did you actually have THAT GUY? It was spot on anyway, loved it :)

I was so excited about this one from the time I saw the poster, haha. I really liked it, but I am a total dinosaur/educational song geek so I am probably very biased! Loved it. Technically, the backing vocals could have been aligned a bit better as the other review said, but I just really loved everything about this. You should get into the business of making educational animated raps for schools :P Probably my only other 'constructive' thing would be that a musical probably needs some change in the tone of music throughout, otherwise it's more of a music video? But that aside, loved it!

Super mammoth effort doing solo ultra with a 4 month old! Really impressed, it was so much fun to watch. I love watching movies that you just know the team loved making and that they did because *they* would enjoy it, rather than ones created because they're trying to make what they think others will enjoy. Film making is a creative and expressive media, and your films give a great glimpse into your mind, haha. I was really impressed with how much you managed with the green screen and masking in 48 hours, so hats off for that. Will have to watch some of your earlier films now and can't wait to see what comes next :)

I really like it when teams make serious movies. Film as a vehicle for social commentary is, I think, really important and powerful. It's even more so when you have to work out how to get people thinking about the heart of the issues in the film in 5 mins, and with only 48 hours to make it. With that in mind, I think you guys have done a great job! I didn't quite get that the other character was death until towards the end, although I understood the concept of the stile, perhaps it was to do with the actor being young? Perhaps not. It's hard to say, but I wonder how you would have cast it if you hadn't been doing ultra and had to have children? Obviously just a thought exercise since you had no actual choice in the matter :)

As the others have said the sharp audio transitions were a bit jarring, and I found the close ups quite intense for how many there were, but maybe that's a good thing, I'm forced to look at her and feel uncomfortable about it for the duration of the film. Really well done :)

I love a good "what the...?" feeling after a totally random film, and this gave it in spades. I really liked the animation style, although as others have said some of the audio could have been a bit more polished. But that's the thing with 48 hours, there's always a million "couldas" and some of them you run out of time or people power for. Great work, so good to have films like these in the comp still to maintain the diversity rather than everyone following the light hearted simple comedy formula that can often be successful in the comp :)

Always love Grazed Knee shorts, they always have some slight dark or sinister element, and are well put together. Perfect location for the film, and the shots were well put together. The music was well done, so I was happy to see it was original too, nice work! Really original use of puddle, even if super gross, haha. Interesting concept for a technological thriller, which is a hard genre to do without making it come across too Black Mirror-y, but I think you did a good job of that by not letting us know which reality we were in at the start. Great performances, and Curtis probably would have been pretty close for Best Performer, but it's always a bit hard when you only have a short role in a 5 minute film. I thought some extra sound effects may have heightened the impact of the fight scene, but aside from that I think it was a great concept, well executed, and had a great creepy ending. Nice work and great to see you back in the comp after a bit of a hiatus! Hope to see you back again next year :)

A stellar effort from Through the Lens Films this year! The first thing I want to say is that it was really good to see you produce something that felt different to your first 2 year's films. I had felt the 2 apocalyptic ones were quite similar in vibe and really wanted to see what else you were capable of. When I saw you got film that spans more than 10 years I thought it might be another end of the world type, but you fully surprised me and delivered even more! You're obviously a talented bunch of folks, and it looks like you had a blast making the film. Your songs were well written and well produced, the cinematography was really well done and you used lighting and costuming (and even the coloring of the sets) to great effect to highlight the difference between the years. Loved the emo phase in year 10, we all know about that one, haha. It was really cool to see another musical this year, as proper musicals is something that Taranaki hasn't really had many of in the past, that's why we decided to make one too, haha. You look like you had as much fun as we did doing it too :)

One thing that I would have liked to have seen (well heard) was some backing vocals in the songs just to mix it up a bit and perhaps have a bit more distinction between the chapters like year 11 and year 12. But I know that adds a considerable layer of complexity to the 48 hours process which is already hard without any music, let alone doing a musical! The backup dancing was well done. Huge congrats to Melanie Bishop, your work is awesome and if this is something you're hoping to do in future you've got a whole lot of great stuff for the ol' CV/portfolio, so good luck! And also to Hannah Collinson for taking out Best Actress/Performer 2 years in a row--another great performance! I'd say this is a contender for best school team nationally, and possibly even grand finals, depending on the quality of other musicals/films nationally. Nice work! Not sure what year you guys are in at school, but hope to see you back again next year :)

Another good effort from a school team. I feel like this team may have been a little challenged by getting musical as a genre (like many teams are!), so it didn't quite feel like a musical so much as a regular film with a musical segment. Still, the concept was fun, and the story was complete. There were some good comedic moments in there, and the start of some good characterisation of the different personalities in the ensemble. It's always hard in 48 hours to build enough of that into it in 5 short minutes, so well done on that. The audio was a little iffy in places, but without proper sound gear that's the hardest part to get consistent. All in all a solid effort from these guys, and a little more experience in front of and behind the camera will hopefully lead to exciting stuff next year if you stick around. Nice work West Coast!

You can always expect a high quality short with lots of classic, awkward, situational comedy from these guys. They clearly know what they're doing and delivered again this year. Clever concept, with a great setup. Great cinematography and motion graphics as always, and the twists and turns of the story were fantastic. A great performance by Andy Jackson, who I think was a casualty of the combined Best Performer award this year and probably would have got Best Actor if it had still been a thing. Congrats to Brittany for another successful year too. Part of me would really like to see this team branch out and try something a little different, but at the same time, we know that short, sweet, quirky, awkward humor works well for 48 hours so why fix what ain't broke I guess? These guys would certainly be contenders for taking on the Ultra challenge, however, although not sure if they still say you have to have done 5 films already or not. In any case, another great film from these guys, complete with the obligatory puddle of pee!

This back from the dead movie had a great concept behind it. Guy wakes up from the dead, realises life is meaningless. The opening sequence did a great job of setting up intrigue and making us want to keep watching. The scenes after that were hilarious, especially the one with the dog, I loved that bit, just so well played, haha. Well put together, and Sam Egli's music was a real asset to the overall feel of the film. There was no shortage of good original songs this year in Taranaki, so it's a shame only one could win, as yours was really well done. Great work team, and hope to see more from you in future! Always enjoyable, quirky films.

Loved this film! Performance from the lead was hilarious and on point. Great beginning sequence, which, although it has been used a bit before, was very well suited to the genre and the style of movie. Was great to dive straight into the action with no idea what's going on, and then have that slowly unfold. Great use of the silhouettes to tell that part of the story. I wasn't sure if the Trump footage was public domain or you had the rights for it though? I guess perhaps it was since the film is not DQ'd, but something to make sure of :). Great concept though, loved it. Where did you get so many mannequins from?? Music was used really well, as was audio in general, and some VFX. Great trial scene and some good comedy with the fight. Well done, and hope to see you enter again next year. Also I know your teacher Mr. Tairea, so hi Ian if you read this, from Hannah at Code Avengers!

This school team was landed with anti-rom com which I'm sure was a challenge from the get go like it would be for most of us! They rose to the challenge, however, and came up with a clever story line and a nicely done film with some great comedic moments and physical comedy from the lead actress was great! The silhouette was well used and the acting was good. A bit more experience will help on the technical side of things, but as a young team and first timers as far as I know, this was a definite success :) Great twist at the end, every couple's worst nightmare! Really impressed and look forward to hopefully seeing more of you guys next year :)

This was a Time Travel film with some heart in it, which I loved. The choice of the comic book visual effect was an interesting one, and I think it was really effective in places. It might have been interesting to see how the film felt with some regular live action video without the filter in places too, however, as it may have lent itself to a bit more variation in the feel of the movie. I also would have liked to hear some more changes in the music as the mood of the movie changes to make it feel a bit more like a journey. The track that starts us off is quite upbeat and felt a little mismatched with the subject matter, but then we all know this is 48 hours so we never get to do exactly everything we wanted to! A really heart warming story concept though, and well executed overall. Nice work Olena and crew, hope to see you guys in again next year!

I loved this film! I was really impressed with your last year's entry and gutted you got disqualified last year, so was really happy to see you were back in the competition again this year. And you didn't disappoint! Really clever concept, and well executed. The cellphone filter was used really well to set up the story. The pacing of the story was really good, and the music supported it well, giving us just enough info to figure out what's going on, but drip feeding us the rest so that we weren't exactly sure if we were onto it. You chose really good examples to illustrate the switch and let the lead figure out what had happened to her. The flashbacks were well done, and I think a little more time in front of the camera will help the supporting actors feel a bit more comfortable but they played their roles well. A big well done to Kiki McNaughton (hope I spelled that right) for her lead role, which was really well done. Hope to see more from you guys next year :)

This film was another in the Monster genre from a school team. It had a great opening shot and some good cinematography. A great choice of location for the type of film, which was a Blair Witch-esque trip to the woods with spooky goings on. Had some nice comedic moments between the actors, and the girl getting taken was well done. Lighting in the darkest shots made it a little hard to appreciate how good the location seemed to be for the film, but lighting is really hard if you don't have lots of people and the right gear. Great spooky moments, and the guy played his creepy part well. Well deserved win on the use of shadow, that part of the scene was used really well for dramatic effect and to move the plot forwards. Great effort team, and hope to see more from you guys in future!

A really good effort from this school team! Everyone who loves pizza can relate to this star-crossed lovers tale. I liked the use of the ad at the start, and the stark contrast of how disgruntled the pizza workers were. The lead actor did a good job of showing his desire for the pizza, although not sure many would agree with his topping choices! The delivery person did a grest job in her role. A well put together story, with heaps of potential for this team to build on their technical skills for a more polished film if they carry on next year. And nice to see a happy ending :) Well done, Highlands Crew!

Another clever entry from this school team, and a great example of a splatstick film. A great use of the silhouette, and I liked the flashback sequence. They appear to have access to some good gear (and skills!) so the production quality was really good. Cinematography and editing were great. I loved the selection of "tools" for the jon. The chase sequence was well done and I enjoyed the... collateral damage. Great twist at the end. Easily a contender for best school team, especially given the ages. Well done team, and look forward to seeing more from you guys in future!

Another high quality Bread and Butter Production! This team did Ultra because, y'know, they're good at what they do. It was definitely an interesting and welcome twist on the High School genre, having exchange students come from Japan, and then the story that unfolds from there. The news report was well done, and the "activist" played her role well. I loved the marmite bit "welcome to NZ!" haha. I think we've all done that to some poor person visiting! I liked the concept, although it felt a tiny bit convenient that they happened to cross paths. I may need to read the whole news article again though as didn't quite get to read the whole thing on screen and that may have held some more clues as to how they got there and did what they did.

All in all, well done on the film and the cinematography award, I always enjoy your shorts and look forward to seeing more! Good work team :)

This film was a throwback to old school horror type movies and I thought it was a good use of the monster genre. I liked the retro styles film and audio in the opening sequence and the editing was good at the start. Later on in the film the audio transitions were a little jarring in places, but it did have some nice cinematography. The story was a little hard to follow in places, but by the end it was tied nicely back to the beginning and the concept was a clever one with a good twist. Always interesting seeing what this team comes up with, well done!

Musical is always an extra layer of challenge, but you guys look like you had fun with it! I liked the jazz hands on the scientists in the lab, and the chase scene was just the right kind of comical. Some SFX in the fight scene on top of the music may have heightened the impact of that scene which was the climax of the film, as well as switching to a different mood of music for that part to break it up a bit from the rest of the film? Nice twist at the end, although a touch confusing since the silhouette was recognisable, but most probably wouldn't notice that on the first watch so it was still effective. Nice work :)

This was a fun movie, I really liked the overall vibe and the pacing felt good. The concept was cool, and I liked the way it was done from the dog perspective with the paw, haha. The music was pretty well done, a few lyrics that made me giggle. The only one that felt strange was the "best boy" one when the dog was a girl? Super minor, and not that relevant, but stood out to me :) Liked the cinematography, well put together so good effort team!

This was a great quirky little film, I enjoyed watching it. I always enjoy awkward humor and this had it in spades in it's "bad film-esque" style. The special effects and stunts were good fun and a creative idea. A little tighter editing and pacing in places could have helped build the drama but keep the tone.

I'd love to see what this team would put together without time constraints, but then the constraints of 48 Hours are the perfect primordial soup conditions to breed this particular flavor of comedy. Nice one :)

These guys looked like they had a lot of fun making the film, although I think it missed the deadline? A few audio issues, but good that they had a go at sorting them out rather than leaving us unable to hear the dialog. The film had a good premise and an interesting twist. Great seeing more young teams :)

Really good acting in this short, and the use of flashback was very clever and well done. It got weird in the middle--the good kind of weird. Hope to see more from this team in future!

This team does the "end of the world" stuff well, and I was reminded of their last year's film at the beginning. Acting was good, as was cinematography. Assuming I read the credits correctly, I wanted to commend the team for their original song, as it worked really well with the movie and sounded really good too.

Nice to see another short from this team. A little crude in places, but well shot, with good acting, and a good storyline that got a little dark in the end--but dark is enjoyable, haha. Good editing too. Was good comedy, could perhaps have done with a dash more horror (for the audience--obviously the story was horrific for the main character!) to make it fit horror comedy a little more :)

I always like Tanked Engines films, and even though they had a stripped back team this year I wasn't disappointed. Effective use of sound for telling the story with just 2 actors. It had a simple but effective plot and I loved the stunts and "not-so-stunts". Great twist :)

Nice setup and hook at start, was instantly curious to find out more about Santa. Clever premise, good acting, and some good witty quips--loved the jingles!

This film had an intriguing opening. There were some nice shots and very good use of music and SFX for the mood and intensity of the film. The acting was good and the story was a full on but pretty well done concept.

Great effort from a school team, really impressed. This team had some clever editing talent and access to some cool gear and locations, which, along with a great premise, combined to create a really effective short film. This film was another highlight of the night for me. Nice one!

This short had a nice story and good performances by the cast. There were some great comedic moments. It was simple but effective.

Great work, especially for a younger team! Really impressed with the structure of the story and the acting performances. There were a couple of audio issues in places, but aside from that there was some clever editing and overall it was an enjoyable watch. Hope you keep making films!

This one was the standout from the night for me. It had great production values, nice sets/locations, great cinematography and post stuff, a cool concept for a fairy tale and heaps more. Editing was great, comedic moments and performances by the actors were excellent too. Really enjoyed it!

This film had a good premise, and a nicely developed story. Some cool effects in there too. Better audio quality would have helped the film overall and made it a little more enjoyable to watch, but I very much liked the concept, so nice one.

Clever premise in this film, I liked the setup and the story was told well in the beginning. I liked how the use of the required elements drove the story. You chose a great location to film in for the feel of the film, good use of the scream, some nice creepy shots and I liked the overall structure.

Great to see a Taranaki team do Ultra, so well done B&B. I think this was a great sequel for those of us who saw the original, although it may have been a tad confusing for those who hadn't. Still, the production values were good, there was action right from the beginning which drew you in, the characters and performances were engaging, and it was fun to watch. I liked the sheep (again), and enjoyed the witty/dark quips peppered throughout.

These guys do quirky well so I was looking forward to seeing another Currie Street Creatives film after last year. The film had good production values and a funny premise. It had interesting characters that drew us in, and I enjoyed the fun vibe to the editing. Nice one!

This film had a nice opening and some good shots. I thought music and lighting were used well to create the overall feel of the film. A strange narrative, but I like strange, so it felt like an experience to watch it which is good.

Really loved this. I can't add too much more to what has been said, but it was in my top 4 at the grand final, my top 4 being the actual top 3 and this one sitting at first equal position!

This film really clearly highlights, and plays on, the mantra "audio is more important than video". Of course, their video is excellent as well, but the sounds and score played together really well with the acting and storyline to create a cinematic experience. And it really was an experience, I was moved at the end and it is always refreshing to see films make it to the finals that move the audience with more than just humor.

Looking forward to your next one!

Great! I loved it, so many great moments of farce and hilarity. I loved the way the story unfolded. Great acting and well put together.

I thought the using Google Now (or Siri) for advice on disposal of the body was really funny, and the funeral service itself. The juxtaposition of them celebrating finding the body with the dismay of the other attendees was great. Used the genre well, really enjoyed the film!

A really well shot and technically sound film I thought. Lighting and music were used really well to tell the story and create the mood. I liked the twist on the Rom Com genre. The therapist realising what was going on was great.

I agree the pacing felt a little off in a few places, but in 48 hours there are only a handful of folks who will nail that perfectly along with everything else (see: finalists), and you guys did a great job of this and an excellent job of everything else so well done!

I really enjoyed this, I loved the simplicity of the story line and the animated character was awesome :). Tight editing, good sound and well delivered.

I think the only thing that might have improved it for me, were we not talking about having only 48 hours for live action and animation, would have been making the epiphany at the end less explicit and stating it specifically, and trying to show that that was the case through the storytelling and visuals a bit more - maybe we realise Harper has figured that out by whatever happens after she drinks the water? But it was awesome anyway and I had to dig deep to come up with something that could be improved :)

I really enjoyed this film, it was well put together and technically really sound. The shots looked great and the acting was really good.

I too wondered what had killed everyone, and would have liked to have kept watching to find out what happened with Harper and the car dude - did they end up friends?

I loved all the funny hipster dietary references, and cracked up at the toaster, and the 50 twitter accounts with the tweet showing up on the screen. The opening shot of the carpark was cool, and I think it was pretty creative of you using the overseas shots. Others said it was indulgent, but isn't the whole 48 hours process self-indulgent? We spend 48 hours making what we want and think is cool, and I thought that was original. Maybe others are jealous they didn't think of it, haha :) Nah, they probably just know more about film than me.

But I really liked this one, I felt like I was watching a story, wanting to know what happened next, and didn't feel like I was watching attempted acting, so well done :)

I decided to give this 4 stars because it was really well put together technically and cinematography-wise. I enjoyed watching it because of that, and the acting was good enough that I was drawn in. I too was a bit confused about why she couldn't call the cops or why she wasn't more distraught - I figured she knew she had $11k stashed so wasn't that worried.

I did really enjoy the twist at the end though, didn't see it coming. It did leave me wondering how young Jack would be able to spend all of his money on cool stuff without Mum figuring it out though, haha. $11k is a lot of money for a 10 year old! I initially wondered why the kidnapper would ask for only/specifically $11k - it was a bit like Dr. Evil always asking for the wrong ransom sum in Austin powers - but it made sense to me once I saw the twist.

I really enjoyed watching this, as creepy as it was, haha. But I love awkward uncomfortable humor! I didn't pick the sibling thing so that was a huge crack up for me. The priest and the psychologist were great touches, and I enjoyed the script. I agree with some of the other comments about pacing and some of the lines feeling forced, but I know what that's like (for us it's usually at 3am trying to get the last long line of dialog shot when were both way too tired and past it). I was actually up and down on the edge of my seat cringing when Mum was on her way in and they were kissing.

Not sure if being adopted makes it any better (except genetically) but I thought that was a nice twist. Great movie :)

This film looked awesome and the editing was great. I loved the intro sequence with the people's thoughts and the effects with the film speeding up and slowing down. I think you guys did a great job with the music as it matched the tone of what was going on on screen perfectly in my mind.

All of the shots looked really good, and I really like the concept. Like some of the others I found parts a bit confusing like the note on the screen and why he was hearing the voices. It also took me a while to get how he was "thoughtless", but that's probably just me, haha. I did find myself wondering what would happen next, and it might have been nice with maybe on more bit of drama to draw me in before the ending, to help make sense of the story. But this was really well done and I think I'll have to go watch it again a few times to see if I can answer some of my questions. Awesome effort!

I thought this film was well put together and I liked the way it was short and to the point. It was great how 'Harper' was part of the mistaken identity thread too. I wasn't totally convinced that her actual partner would have been as calm as he was given that he asked what a pass card was, haha, but the punchline was pretty good. The gum was funny but seemed slightly disconnected from the other story. Funny use of prop!

This was a reasonably clever story line, and the film looked good, but I found all of the swearing and 'intimate' bits a little gratuitous/excessive and that ruined it a bit for me. There were some genuinely funny moments, and it looked like these guys had fun making it, but I didn't really enjoy it as much as some of the other movies.

My initial takeaway thought was definitely "How on earth did she get in that ocean this time of year?" haha. But I did enjoy the movie and I thought it was better than their one from last year, so well done team. I liked the shots of the beach, although some maybe went a little long without knowing what was really going on in her mind or back in reality. I thought the dude could have used a bit more emotion when trying to decide whether to turn the life support off - that's his wife and mother of his kids there! But well put together and it looked good. Nice use of the heart monitor and a good ending. Look forward to seeing more from these guys :)

Edit: Something wasn't sitting right with me about this one, and after the second viewing I put my finger on it when I thought: "Wait a minute... If she just woke up then doesn't that mean she doesn't need the life support anymore? Surely her brain would have got the lungs, heart etc. in order before getting conscious thought and open eyes back on the agenda." So now I think the story could have been improved a little by having her dream sequences end with her swimming towards the surface, or climbing a hill, and almost reaching the top, just about to get there, before Harper comes and unplugs the machine.

Still enjoyed the short though :)

I agree with the comments about it fitting in with rockumentary a bit better. Comedy is a challenge, and while the "Rom" was definitely there, it didn't feel like there was that much "Com". Pretty good acting from the actors though, and obviously talented musically too (and artistically). I hope they can get musical next year to show that off :) I did enjoy the shots in the cafe with the other customers changing each day but him staying in the same place, that was pretty effective. I'd like to see what they could come up with given a different genre.

Great title graphics on this one and I really liked the story line. The little girl and the shots of her were uber creepy (very children of the corn with the blonde hair and blue eyes). The end felt a little rushed to me, like it could have been fleshed out a little more for a bit more impact. But a cool idea. I would like to watch it again because I'm not 100% if I got this right, but the mother was Harper and the thoughtlessness was leaving the toast there? If I am right about that then those two elements felt a little forced into the story line and it would have been cool to see them a bit more integrated. Almost would have been a good story line for the "liar" character last year, with the little girl being Morgan. If I got that wrong then I will come back and amend my review! Really enjoyed watching it though :)

I enjoyed the way this movie was structured, and the dark haired girl was a great actor. Some of the sound was a bit harsh outside, and I was a little bit confused as to why he was leading one girl away while the other was following clearly in view of them - was there any point in trying to hide the one girl if the other one had already seen her? I also thought the second one took a wrong turn at one point, but ended up right behind them again, but maybe I just need to see it again :).

All in all though, I was impressed, and the script was really well written, especially the lines that meant one thing to the lead actor and another to the person on the other end of the phone - they all sounded legitimate and not forced, and that can be a challenge to pull of well. Nice work!

Cool little story line; you guys have a knack for funny plot twists and I too liked the title sequence! It's a shame this was late, and I'm sure that it would have looked even better with a little bit more time to polish it up. Again looking forward to more of your stuff!

I enjoyed the cinematography in this film, and it was a clever story line. In some ways it's a shame that we see the genre of the movie before we watch it as I also figured out the plot twist early given that it was a horror! Felt it moved a little slow covering all the days of the week, but they did really good job of putting it together and making all of the shots varied despite the same things happening every morning. If you guys were first-timers then well done, I look forward to seeing more from you in the future!

Hilarious, great looking film, very professional looking and Dinnie was a crack up. Love the "Kupu o te rā" segments! I quite enjoyed the play on the word "tracks" in the ending. Also, I'm totally jealous of the RC drone camera as those shots were really cool and added to the fantastic cinematography. Clearly a team who have the know-how and all the right gear :) Ka mau te wehi guys!

This film looked great and I liked the concept. I, too, had the issue with the stolen carpark, but apart from that this was one of the standout films from heat 2 for me. For some reason I especially liked the camera bump when the car ran the lady over, haha.

I thought this team had potential, and I liked the use of the prop to lead into the storyline. The mask was good, but sound could have been better to help make it easier to follow the story. I enjoyed the twist at the end!