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This one unfortunately didn't leave much of an impression on me as I have very little recollection of it.

Although this was a nice idea for immobilised, if you've seen the New Zealand movie "Show of Hands" before, which a person I know happened to be in, it would be hard to imagine that this is nothing less than a complete rip off. Its just way too similar. And well if it wasn't a rip off, then well you should get out and support New Zealand cinema more and then you'd know this exact film has been done before and done better. Having said that it was nicely shot and had reasonable production ethics, the acting was alright, but some of the solutions chosen for getting rid of contestants seemed rather weak. Anyway grumble. Try to come up with something original next year guys, although there's a saying that nothing is, but at least something could be changed.

This was a film about insomnia and a cry for help over the internet and suicide. Although it had a really nice ending with a little substance to it, and full credit for tackling a dark subject like that, the action and acting was a tad laboured, and the piece was overall quite dreary with not much change in tone. I would have preferred a few more shades of light. Also in doing it all over internet video it was rather limited in its scope. But a good effort nonetheless.

There were some real hilarious moments in this film. Particularly the scenes in the car with the motivational tapes running. The converging narrative was set up well and everything was done in a sort of cheesy almost grindhouse style, with some excellent awkward moments such as conversations over toast. There were moments of excellent acting but perhaps it wasn't quite consistent enough at the beginning and seemed to take a wee while to start getting impressed by the film, but impressed in parts I was. Ultimately the part that was its strength was also perhaps its downfall - the comedy. It treaded a fine line between farce and comedy and ultimately crossed that line a bit too much to take it seriously. But some moments of brilliance indeed.

Good concept for an immobilised movie. Well shot. Some of the sound let it down perhaps. Good costumes and effects. Just didn't quite get why suddenly all the last clones were completely unhuman looking. Maybe I missed what they were cloning there somehow as at times the subtitles were a bit confusing. Also the ending though interesting visually and cinematically, didn't really complete any story arc, so I didn't quite get the point. Still excellent effort in parts and some great comedy with the clone lookalikes.

oh and nice little song too

This one stood out from the rest of the heat for having the complete package. A great concept, really well shot, brilliantly acted with excellent comic touches and the ending although you could sense it coming was laugh out loud funny and beautifully carried out. Both the doctor and the protagonist were hilarious. Brilliant.

This was quite a good concept and well carried out with excellent special effects etc. There were quite a few nods to Fight Club which were well done but just not quite as good as the real thing. And the ending just fizzled for me a bit. He got beaten...well...ok. But there were definitely moments of brilliance and huge potential, it just didn't quite come together do deliver a sucker punch.

Nicely shot and reasonable concept and good effort at the non-fialogue movie. It was well set up with good use of sound. I guess dialogue has to be between two people so will forgive the voiceover at the end. All and all a nice effort.

This was a great little take on a horror film. The use of hide and seek made for some truly spooky thrills. Exciting concept although it could have been just that bit more amazing if there was a bit more coherence to it, particularly at the ending. It just somehow didn't quite tie together as well as it could have, but still an exciting concept and one of the stronger movies in the heat.

Great makeup costumes and special effects in this film, though the concept has kind of been done before and done much better eg. in a great feature called Existenz. I think it would have been better without the ending where they all come out of a virtual reality game, it kind of ruined it for me unfortunately.

This team brought out all the stops with visual effects claiming in their intro they had spent $15,000 on it. Whether or not that was true, unfortunately it wasn't strong enough conceptually and I didn't feel the lead character carried it that well. I didn't feel thrilled unfortunately and ain't that what a thriller is supposed to do.

Although not mindblowing conceptually, it was well carried through, reasonably well acted and looked great visually. One of the stronger in the heat.

Although this was nicely shot and had some good elements and was nicely put together it was not a musical but a movie about a musical. So far none of the teams that I've seen that have got musical have really embraced it, but rather tried to scoot or shimmy around it, or run away from it or cleverly avoid it. I've only seen three heats but this was another example. The film was ok and funny in parts, but yeah would rather see an effort at an actual musical.

I enjoyed this one. If anyone knows the terrors of trying to get a baby to sleep and what it can do for your relationship they would identify with this. Simple concept, well executed and effectively carried out. Nice use of the Vic Meyer character too. The sing was very comical with its very suggestive rhyming couplets, treaded the line nicely by inference rather than being explicit in its crassness. Only misgiving are that the tunes weren't exactly original.

Great action, good comedy, great special effects, cool accents nicely shot, good reference to shoot me up gaming. The story arc could have been a little stronger, but otherwise good job in the action genre. Proooootect me!

I really enjoyed this one. Great use of the immobilisation genre and there was substance here in this comedy. In fact it was bloody hilarious. Liked how the silence of the character meant all of a sudden she was a good listener, and how her silence was interpreted as a number of different things apart from the real reason for it. Her immobilisation. And nice play on the how much would you really miss me idea. And then well rounded up. The only improvement I'd suggest was the ending or final shot didn't quite work. Perhaps you could have got around it by her getting stuck on the rocks below and further immobilised but otherwise really great job and one of my faves.

Well shot. Great use of genre. And points for using a dog. Hard to wrangle one would think. The acting was great for the most part. There were some moments where I got a bit lost as to what was going on but certainly very amusing. Sorry I have to mark you down for killing the dog at the end. Lovely dog. I like dogs. Cheap gag!

Great fun by a strong team. A man takes legal herbal hallucinogens instead of his insomnia pills and creates an imaginary friend. Awesome and beautifully rounded up. I felt it got off to a bit of a slow start though. It took a while for me to get into it. Nevertheless great effects and use of genre. I guess I just want a bit more substance from time to time. There's always films with drugs as the running gag it would seem and I guess I get a bit sick of the superficiality of that. It seems a bit of an easy option and for those of us who like to stay healthy and avoid such substances I just don't relate. Bit of a moan but hey I still enjoyed it and had a good laugh.

This is to me is what a great indie film is about. It had a great concept, was perfectly paced and was a smart little gem, although simple having many undertones and on top of that a great twist of the genre and a strong soundtrack. Best use of the line "Did you hear that?" so far with one of the droid girlfriends proudly farting. Although there were some sound issues et al and perhaps it wasn't the best technically in places, the story, comic timing and pace more than made up for it. The best thing about it is was it treaded the line beautifully. It wasn't ever crass and it had substance with these order-in robot girlfriends having wider ramifications for what men want in a woman in general, eg how the porn industry creates unrealistic expectations of women and what exactly is perfection? My fave of the night. Classy script. And great nod to Flight Of The Conchords with the binary digit solo at the end.

The luckiest man alive. Non dialogue is a hard one. The concept of a threesome was neat. It got a bit lost though. Perhaps there was a bit of a lack of chemistry or something. Or if you are going to go for a topic like this, perhaps it was just a bit too safe in the way it played out. It needed to be more raunchy somehow. The story got a bit lost at times. I didn't quite get the reason for his decision to break up. Perhaps there could have been a better motivation for it than was it just wanting to be with one of them. The tone was a bit confused too. Initially we expected comedy and we got drama but there was something about it that said it wanted to be clever and push the boundaries but it wasn't quite comfortable in going the full hog.

At the beginnig I thought the film was perhaps trying a bit hard film with the long intense voiceover over a the wide estabilshing shot of a man walking into frame, trying to establish a tone of serious troubles, the film actually did by the end do a great job of pulling it off. I liked the twist at the end. The effects were good and it was well shot for the most part. Suitably dark.

Interesting film if a little morbid. Suicide is a hard topic to tackle and unfortunately it seems as if suicide was encouraged because these two got to be together, or in another reading they are both stuck in this world between worlds where they only exist. Either way it was a bit depressing and seemed to glorify suicide over the alternative of turning to God with some freaky Jehovah's witnesses. The alternative of life therefore seemed just as despairing.

Built up a lot of expectation with offering of 3D glasses outside the cinema. And when someone announced that the film was in 3D I put my glasses on and certainly the intro was in 3D but then the film if it was just didn't seem to work in 3D so was a bit disappointed. The point is great effort to go to something like that but in that kind of situation its not the greatest publicity I think for your film because you have automatically created expectation and then disappointment. Having said that I think it was a cool film. Great use of the genre. Downloading a cure for a disease off the internet. Plugging the USB into a glass of water and then drinking it. And then dying at the end and being carried off by people in gas masks. It did well in creating suspense and the soundtrack must have helped in that as I have vague recollections of it. The thing was that this movie was more than just a movie it was an experience. Which was cool. Ultimately however I did find that the resolution was a bit easy, although the sequence after the drink was neat. What is it saying though that the solution to disease is death. Perhaps I am reading too much into it because obiviously there was something more sinister behind it with the gas masked people at the end, but I guess I just wanted a little bit more than exciting visuals and concept.

Was this the one with the chickens as the intro. Yeah great intro. The shot was great and it was hilarious and captivating captured the audience. With such a great intro we were all expecting something pretty amazing to come after it. But the rest just wasn't up to par. In fact the intro was so great that the story was just completely disappointing and lost because of it's overwhelming genius.

This one gave me some good laughs. Mockumentary following a goober ex police accountant who has decided to become a crime fighting vigilante. It was a great character created. Some great nods to big films in this genre. His obsessiveness and enthusiasm but also his defensiveness about his credentials was beautifully carried off by the actor. But the one problem was of course the ages of the characters didn't relate and unfortunately you can't quite get away with this as easily as you can in a school theatre production

Animation. Yay! Well executed and nice visuals. I thought this was a great effort and it is no easy thing to do. And unlike some previous animations in other years there was definitely a good sense of the genre there. The only thing that let it down was the ending which kind of got lost a bit. Great work though and col world and creatures created and some really funny gags. Loved the pun on night and the purple monster asking riddles that our hero just walks on past. It was a cool little world that was created here. One of my favourites in a good heat.

This was a well executed film in this genre. The concept was good and it did everything it was meant to do storywise and shot wise. Unfortunately I didn't really identify or find empathy with any of the characters so it ultimately was just a tad annoying. But everything else was fine.

Turned robot genre into documentary style footage. Didn't really get what was going on though. So whatever it was trying to do it didn't really pull it off.

Hard genre. But I drifted off during this film so it can't have been engaging. Can't even remember what it was about.

Great costumes, good concept, nice idea to combine the drifting narrative of an apocalypse film with the genre of Reunion. And I liked the idea of a film maker trying to make his film, being self reflexive of what we are all doing. The dialogue suffered a bit and the acting could have been a bit better. Great locations though and had a Mad Max feel to it.

This film was well shot, nicely executed and well acted. It had a funny ending. However and this is a big however is that although there was a song in it which maybe bordered on the regions of making it a musical, I feel that it didn't really fulfil its genre. I'm not sure whether they were trying to be clever and twist the genre, or trying to avoid the genre and get around it somehow, but a musical needs more music than that for me.

Ok so I'm not a big fan of the horror genre I have to admit, but this was ver y neat visually. Nice cinematography and well put together. Somnambulist means sleepwalker apparently. The images were strong and it was quite disturbing. It was more of a visual feast though and perhaps a bit lacking in story.

This film was nicely set up and well shot and an ok concept. It was a good use of the genre. But it just fell apart in the middle when it became a bit too comic and turned into parody with the drug dealer and at this point the dialogue and resolution suffered somewhat as well. Certainly everyone will have a different take on Fab washing powder after seeing this. It still managed to be one of the better films in the heat.

Joked on the use of the techno thriller genre by incorporating techno music into it. The Germans reminded me a bit of the nihilists in The Big Lebowski. It was a bit too goofy to get any serious traction however and the actors didn't quite pull it off, particularly the action sequences which suffered from too easy solutions. But I guess it was parody but it would be better to actually do the genre me feels than make a parody of it, as that i another genre altogether.

The film was nicely shot and set up nicely for a good story but nothing much happened. And whatever did happen wasn't conveyed in a way that was very engaging. It was as if the film was set up beautifully and then there was this big flop of a disappointment. Bugger!

This was a well executed film and great comic use of the crime genre. Nice use of playing with the sequence of events to tell the story in more unique way. It was my favourite of the heat. You really felt for the kid and began to hate the teacher. The only thing I would suggest is that the poo could have perhaps been on his chair and he could have sat on it. It was a bit too obvious in the middle of the table. That would give more satisfaction to the audience. But that's just my take on it.

I like the quirky style of this film and the main character had an interesting look for screen. It was different and quite off the wall. Although I didn't always get what was going on.

48 hours started off with a bang and this was one of my favourite films in this heat. Was nicely shot. And a great idea of for the immobilised genre providing many laughs. The ending was a little confusing and could have been executed better and also the trait of insomnia that the main character was meant to have wasn't very obvious. Otherwise one of the better films of the heat.