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Neat and simple premise and a brave move shooting all your scenes outside in the rain on an awful shoot weekend.
Liked the set up and the physical interplay between the two characters was well done.
Not sure if you had sound problems as some of the dialogue appeared to be at a low volume but the story was still understandable without.
Good work!

It was never clear whether the film was disqualified due to content or late delivery (excuse the pun) but this was the other film in the heat that had the audience simultaneously laughing and squirming in their seats. Would have loved to have been at the brainstorming session for this beauty!

A new genre so was interested to see where teams would take this...
What I liked about this film was the nuggets of gold scattered throughout - the use of the library charges as the symbol of conformity, the 'comms' device (excellent).
Told a good coherent story over the five minute duration.

Brave? Bizarre? Courageous? Bonkers (excuse the pun)?
I still don't really know what this film was about but laughed my socks off at the 'safe word and whistle' sequence - right up until I watched another film later in the heat featuring another sock ;-)

Nicely shot in black and white with good production values.
This one set itself us a fairly straight forward 'private eye on the trail of a murderer' and then surprised me with some unexpected gems in the script and comedy timing.
πολύ καλά (I think that's right?!)

Nicely constructed film! Although I had second guessed where we were going when the content of the package was revealed the delivery of the those final scenes was awesome. It was great to hear the audience simultaneously laughing at and recoiling from the action!
Good work!

Good effort in the single location genre guys. It's a shame your sound wasn't up to scratch as I suspect the audience missed out on some of the nuances of the quirky dialogue.
Your split screen finale was a highlight!

I didn't quite know where this one was going in the first part of the film, but the plot built steadily alongside the comedic content to deliver a great final act.
Good use of limited settings and a laugh out loud cameo. Would like to have seen more of the second receptionist - that character's quirks had legs.
Well done Pancakes!

This was my favourite film of the heat!
The great concept and use of mixed formats combined with a quirky plot which was told through very tight editing led to a really enjoyable film.
Awesome pay off at the end too!
Surely a contender for the Wellington final?

Liked the set up of the voices in the peoples heads in the squares and think you gained a great reaction when the audience gasped as one as the central character carried out his final act...

Funny as [fingers tap out expletive on keyboard]
Loving your work!

This was one of those gems where the team uses a really simple concept and executes it well. Really liked the idea and the pay off was nicely done.
Great little film!

This horror did well in developing the tension in this 'haunted house' set up. Nice use of shots and editing to put the audience in the house with the central character. But I would really, really have liked to have known what the 'thing' was stalking the main character.

Great characters and although the boss reminded me of the boss in the IT Crowd I thought the cast were convincing with great comedy timing. Nicely edited using the hours to d day transitions and the film was well paced and funny. Good job!

It looked like this team had some real sound issues when they got to the edit. It's a shame as, to their credit, they had shot some really good looking footage - great use of light and colour. The team also had a crack at addressing their sound challenge with voice over. This year might not be your year but there was enough there to show a really good eye and even, without the sound, elements of the story were still understandable.

Three stories of unconnected and very different characters seamlessly edited together to produce a really entertaining short. I thought the characters were well acted and their traits cleverly used. Funny throughout. The crazy toast tea party a highlight!

Always a favourite, Readers' Wives again didn't disappoint keeping their short animation about a model railway vlogger on the right side of wrong. Great animation. No punches pulled.