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I've participated the past three years. Had a great time each year and it's always a blast watching what other teams produce when attending the heats.


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The film had the right ideas and at all times you can see where it's wanting to go and what it's wanting to be but I didn't enjoy it as much as others. I think the acting could be a little stronger throughout and more clear delivery of the jokes and gags would have executed better. I also reckon better distinction between the ghost and the rest of the students in the interviewing shots would have solidified the character a little better. At times he felt like a ghost and at times he felt like a regular dude. Some really funny moments, like the chair being thrown and the ghost in the shower were the highlights for me. Nice work !

Awesome work ! I enjoyed your film last year and this year's film is another classic piece of work. Great acting and chemistry between the actors, good gags throughout and the switch to the more grotesque ending didn't feel forced. Good work pushing the boundaries and keeping the audience engaged throughout, very solid effort.

Pretty solid concept that actually worked really well on screen. The ending wasn't as strong as the beginning of the film but it held up well enough. All the individual characters were well executed and their individual personalities well represented and easy to distinguish as social media platforms. The lead actress was super engaging !

Real classic idea, great acting and had some real funny moments. The story fizzled out a little as it progressed and the ending wasn't as strong as the beginning, but overall it was an engaging film and it looked like it would have been pretty funny to make. Good stuff team !

Fairly funny and well executed throughout and provided some genuine laughs. I think it just needed a little more of a story line to tie the whole film together and not make it feel like a selection of clips showing funny interaction with the talking cat. The cat was a top notch actor and is super cute.

I liked this film overall and it had no weak points. Solid cinematography, pacing and acting. My only critique, the main character becomes frustrated and very angry with the female character very quickly, which then doesn't work as well with the fact that he's so desperate to return and be with her. I think a little more buildup with her bothering him while's he working on his projects would have suited the story. Great work overall and a good finisher for a solid heat !

Cinematography and lighting were great, and the story started off really strong and engaging but it fizzled out. A little more clarity as to who the characters were and why they were trying to engage their dead grandma, as well as who the rockstar dude they brought back was would have been good. I felt it needed to be a little more cohesive, because all the individual characters and shots were really fun to watch and engaging but they felt a little disconnected. Otherwise, really awesome work and solid execution overall !

This was the most engaging film of the entire heat for me. Despite the fact the actual footage was grainy and low quality as well as the audio being hard to understand, the idea was great and it just had so much heart. Such a fun watch and that's what it all really boils down to in the end, how well the film engages with people. The story wasn't straightforward and I felt it was left upto viewer interpretation which I think is also great, and suited the weird style of the film. One of the few I want to watch again. Awesome !

Work of art this film. Super enjoyable and engaging, great camera work and the transitions from regular moments in time to the dancing sequences where really well executed. Had a blast and enjoyed the entire film. My only critique is I wish the ending had been a bit stronger or more in line with the rest of the film. Great work !

Interesting concept, however the story confused me at times and I think a slightly simplified version of the story would have executed just as well and with better clarity. I think adding some clarity around the main character's motives earlier in the film would have made it read better overall. Acting was solid and the film was nicely shot.