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I really enjoyed this crude clayanimation, I liked the twist at the end of the story. I'll pretend I didn't see it coming... But this team must have had a lot of fun, voicing the characters and bringing the world of the boogeyman to life.

This film made me laugh out loud it was like watching an episode of filthy frank on youtube. I like the use of the genre's cliche's such as the hitman having terrible one liners. From the opening scene, this film sets the tone that it's going to be filled with hilarity from the outset. The use of wooden acting and toy guns adds to this end. Its clear the team had a lot of fun putting together this film.

This film was outstanding in all respects. The acting was represented well you could clearly tell these two had been good friends for a lasting time. The cinematography was very pretty, the visuals were breath-taking. I enjoyed the juxtaposition between the distortion of reality and illusion especially this added to mystique of the story-line, which left the audience with a sense of wonder. Probably one of the films with the most audible sound quality. I look forward to following the progress of this film and see where it leads to in the future. Some exciting talent to come out of a high school team!