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Lame reviews are lame, especially when they sound like regurgitated BS from rotten tomatoes, but like this review the 'Chain of Pain' stood out like beautiful gold plated dogs balls.

It was unlike the many other films that were shot for the festival. A totally different approach to short films, filled with great humor, violence and full out ridiculousness that isn't fun for the whole family....and it should be fun for the family. The film didn't drag on like many of the others I had watched, hence why I am bothering to review this film. It stayed on point for the duration of the film, while the narrative was simple and easy to understand in a short period of time.

Chain of Pain is what makes the 48hour fun. Its entertaining, simple, beautifully gorey and out-right fun. I would not be surprised if this film does quite well this year and hope to see more work from the guys at OGC. Which I can only assume stands for (Original Gorey Comedy) but then again I have been wrong before, it could be about gangsters.