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Felt a little awkward in execution. Main char was great tho. Just seemed like the punchline nwver came

Very funny...the raw special effects made it better. Dialoge was excellent. Cat kicking gag pulled off really well.

Good effort. A tough one to pull off.

This was a great concept....the 1 shot of the HR person got a little annoying....was that the intention ?

Darkly enjoyable...

Funny. It looked like weird acting...which was the intention...a little audio issue but didnt deter from a great concept

Great concept. Nice finish. Enjoyable

Some nice shots of rebelling girl. Nice effect of hideout.

Good idea. Enjoyed the various parodies. Will copyright concerns play a role?. Started as typical 48hr house scene but then got way better. Nice green screening.

I liked this one. Simple story. Production values made to look of that era. Liked how the hatpin murders changed up to the eye region. This shit just got real....liked the lack of colours. Red had a major impact.

Ok so i got a little lost with the whys and whos. But enyoyed the nature shots. Costumes great. I didnt follow. Id need to watch again.

A bit claustraphobic in location. (Intentional?). Acting mostly ok. Feel like they could have done more with the camera work. Editing needed to be sharper.

Started extremly well.looked to be a heavy hitter. But it kind of slided away into averagedom. Liked some of the drama and lighting effects. Talented actors.

Funny. Clever story. Not light and chrming. But that was the intention. Enjoyed the jovial narative followed by a clanger....of dialogue and minimal visual. Which being minimal visual seemed to enhance it

Umm...i managed to not be gripped by this. Possibly bad luck being after moffilaide. Looked like a great lead costume...the lead was a convincing psycho...perhaps could have been a lot more menacing. Sorry i diddnt get the ending

Simple story well executed...nice shots of welly and great effects in post. The actors performance was solid and plausible.

Probably a great soundtrack. But that was lost in the difficult to follow storyline

Shame the story went off the rails. Enjoyed some of the random elements. Like a young pony with plenty of energy the story needed more control and clarity.

Simple story with some great acting moments. Some scenes a bit akward. And others awesome. Needs more consistency to make it flow

shame about the audio. I'd like to watch again with that sorted. I couldn't quite work out what the gist was. Nice wig

Plenty going on here. The house keeper looked evil and deserved to be sent to the big house...probably.....pretty funny stuff....

Some plot point moments took too long. Could have been more snappy. Conversation at the end was good. Wanted more of that. Funny

Well it looked intesting. I was prepared to be horrified but it didnt quite do it. I lost track of what the hell was going on.

Easily the best of heat 6. Kindof a predictable story. But extremely well done. Yet another smash from bo gos

This started with potential. The media guy was great. I got lost a bit with the storyline.

Too many bros.....otherwise great use of a tiny location

Major tension build up. But then what ? Thnk it needed more of a flourish to finish. Good acting

Great over acting. Simple yet intriguing story. My favourite. Nce pics of the beach

So there was a bunch of funny one liners....that i didnt get. Think i needed more difference between the characters besides voice. Or further movement to hold my attention. Obviously talented team. But missed the mark a tad.

Nice gags. Good idea of human puppet. Forget about the reason for moving the body all over the house. Funny ! Has similarities to weekend at bernies...but stands up on it own

I struggled over the definition of punk....but once i got over that, it was enjoyable. The wool and matches gag was one of the best moment of heat 6.

Liked it. Good production quality.

The co trast of the driver thinking it might be ok....was hilarious when we saw a tonne of blood and guts.

Was a little predictable

good work

good story, with a twisty ending

this was in the top 3 of heat 11

good first attempt

shows signs of brilliance

never give up

great acting

great technical

story ?.....some chicks I know really liked this one, but for me dragged a little, and the ending lacked punch

cool editing effects

but would you kill yourself just to keep a tidy time space continuum ?

I dont think so

always hard to re-work a well known WEEGEE board scene.

but the countdown was genuinely worrying

I didnt see the splatter tho

some great shots

the opening scene was quite good

dragged on a bit

the ending was difficult to understand

some pretty good stuff going on here

talented animation

I was a little lost with the ending

hmmm, I wasnt quite in sync with what was going on, nice bubble. I'd probably have to watch again to figure out the clever bits.

was ok. Some bits great. Some bits not so great

Script was minimal.

I liked the voyeurism overload.

The actors did passion extremely well.

clever. Great dialogue.

I grew tired of the animated effect.

was tough genre.

best use of the prop ??? especially the side on shots.

A hard one, the genre I mean.

good idea to FF bits

the action scene around the park was a great idea. Liked this one. Perhaps I didnt get the random guy with the petrol (I'll watch again to see what I missed) but that didnt really matter.

This was one of my favs. The script team must have asked the question "Where's the last place you'd expect a dance/musical to take place" and submarine covers that nicely.

they created something (cool) out of nothing....literally

Was pretty good - I needed someone to point out the gist of it. (Probably my problem not the films...) I'd like to watch it again