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Guys you had such a good production value, costumes and effects were great, but the story was so muddy and confusing. Maybe the 5 minute format threw you but would love to see what this team could do with a simple story line. We make films to tell stories and this one was a tough one to follow.

I muttered to my partner after this film finished "my favourite of the night so far". if the reason you were disqualified was because of the genre then I am so sorry for you guys, really loved this flick. Funny, good story, good ending (though I was hoping to see the boss walk in wearing the sweater at the end), comedic timing was excellent which is credit to the actors and editors. Use of prop was nice, and always credit for dog use.

VFS nailed the review

A strong film, I agree that the elements were just a bit too clumsily shoved in at the start but that's the only thing to fault. Well shot, well acted particularly by both men, I loved the self awareness shot with the two lovers back to back circling. And the ending was superb! The charity man made some great faces as well

Not a horror film, just a strong performance from the camera man, and the leading lady stumbling on her script. She stumbled well but overall it was just okay. Best use of the rack focus in the heat I thought.

Certainly interesting, loved the jokes and the fact your film was dystopian meant you could get away with them and I didn't feel bad for laughing. Some bizzare montage, bizzare is good. I liked it. And at the end when the footage was "real" it looked tight.

Pretty funny film. great effort from a young team. Ballsy move going for a departed-style ending with lots of gun shots, but no blood. Script was clumsy at the end. I liked the start and when the murderer was dragging the body around. Ticks for that part

Funniest film of the night. Lots of good jokes. The sound failure was a real shame but it made the visual jokes at the end twice as funny. Looking forward to seeing more from The winners

unfortunately for me this was the weakest film of the night. Sound was average and all of a sudden we were forced to be on side with Charlie after the actor turns serious. No idea about the ending either. I liked the second actor, good naturalism

I don't actually know what to say. Was a very pretty film, quite funny but just no substance or real plot. Seemed as though you got halfway through making another dil then decided that wasn't going to work so you decided to do a 1/2 minute film about a southerner who likes to play with/torture(?) oranges. Commendable editing, acting and cinematography.

Brilliant film. I wasn't too sure how it was a race against the clock film as it seemed as though it was a hybrid rom-com and mistaken identity film and if that was the given genre your score would potentially be a nine or ten. Great acting on behalf of the lead male and in my opinion was best of the heat (also helped by the commitment you displayed!!!! shaving your luxurious beard?? Thats dedication). Was very funny throughout and loved the ending (although was predictable). Our team actually got rom-com and we had a similar script in mine for ours but didn't go ahead with it but I'm glad someone made a film like this. I really liked it and it turned out fantastic. Top notch cinematography and editing as well. Applause all round.

Seems as though you guys were desperate to get horror and this would have made for an outstanding horror film and possibly a shout at the Wellington Finals. But the one creepy song which was just kind of thrown in there didn't really dictate the movie in which musicals are meant to abide by, the music dictates the film. Don't get me wrong I think this film is exceptional, awesome cinematography it was very pretty, really strong acting and it was very freaky to watch on the big screen. I really liked it as a whole but it loses points for me because of it's lack of devotion to the musical genre.

A very stock standard 48 hour film. Not overly funny, the cinematography was average and so was the acting. It looks like you had a helluva fun time making it which is bloody important so I'm glad you had fun. The story was quite nice and had a nice theme to it which was your saving grace so commendable writing skills by the young team.

Really really strong. I loved the lovely message this film brings, and I loved the elder Morgan as a character, lying to give her younger self hope and something to look forward to. The two main actors were both exceptional and the cinematography of this film was just fantastic. Really spectacular. The only thing which stopped me from giving it a 10 was when elder morgan was just like "I'm you from the future" or whatever she said. At the time I was like, oh ,yeah well, kind of weird to just blurt out. But I'm not sure how you could have gotten around it, maybe you didn't even need that line and just elder Morgan and the viewers could have known that they were the same person. That would have also added to the innocence of young Morgan. All in all an amazing film, probably best of the night in what was an abnormally strong heat. Well Done.

If this doesn't get best use of line I would be gobsmacked. Absolutely hilarious. Top notch animation and a funny story line. Reminded me of 'Happy Tree Friends' if you have seen it (if not, look it up). Gruesome, hilarious and sexy. Everything you could ask for in a horror. well done team

Such a shame this film was disqualified I loved it so much. Shot magnificently, was a really beautiful thing to look at. Also the acting was fantastic, thought he was really funny. I laughed so hard at the "drawing parallels" line. Feel guttered for you guys, I'm guessing the disqualification was for the song at the end? That sucks because it was an awesome film staying true to the genre. A real shout for best disqualified film.

Thought this film had a really good idea but was executed pretty poorly. The acting wasn't something to write home about either. Also I'm not sure if you were meaning it to be funny by using butter knives to cut open her neck but it added a bit of dark humour which was nice. I really liked where it was going when Morgan turned into Alison but just feel disappointed with the outcome. nice writing though.

Very nice product, I liked the at work montage, very smooth. Also liked the plot, I thought it was very clever but did get a bit slow. It would have been cool to see the girl get murdered and then he try to do something about it but that would have been very tough to slot into a 7 minute window. Very nice film though. Lead actor and actress also were great

Best film of the heat in my opinion. The acting was awesome (best of the heat), hilarious story line and all the characters (including Morgan) were very enjoyable. Strong writing. Also strong cinematography throughout. The only let down for me was the end, the circle cinema was a bland ending to a somewhat very nice product. Really loved it though.

So so funny. Right the way through. Ending was fantastic, I enjoyed the montage of the little boy invisibly killing everyone, was so clever. Nice job shooting the boy in the coffin and cool SFX when he slipped through the bottom. Very enjoyable film.

Really liked this film. Thought it was clever, humorous and had a nice ending which tied everything all together perfectly. I think the best word for this film is clever. Very simplistic plot but executed really well. Awesome job guys. p.s. cute cat!

I enjoyed the actor who needed the people dead, I thought he was really funny. It seemed as though this film was entirely pre-written to cover every possible genre which is an effort in itself. Good commitment by the leading lady, I thought she was very commendable. It was quite funny in parts but somewhat of a weak story line. I didn't really like the boss character either, just thought he was kind of unnecessary. Well done though team.

Quite a good plot idea. I wish you had explored more the relationship with the wife and why he had to keep lying to her though because that was a cool reveal when we heard the minor actor talking about lying to his wife because of time travel. I enjoyed the use of prop also. I'm not too sure on what happened at the end however, kind of confusing, where did he go/need to be? Oh well, acting was alright, nothing special but still believable for 48. Good effort.

Hmmm, at times the dialogue was difficult to hear but I really appreciated the product as a whole and thought the ending was hilarious. Also potential for best use of character. Really funny.

Another film I didn't particularly love but can see they worked hard. I think there is a fair shout for best original song in this though, I really liked it. I also liked the texts coming up on screen and the montage in the middle. I think the story was just a bit weak and as everyone knows story is everything in 48. Quite slow at times but A nice happy ending.

I thought this was really well shot. They used the genre subtly and i think it worked quite nice. Suspenseful throughout. However I don't think I quite understand what happened in the end and how the stories tied together in the end. What happened to the other friends? I just wasn't 100% sure on this one but it did look nice. Acting was also commendable

I feel as though this is a new team to 48/filmmaking but not 100% sure. The story was very weak and a lot of unnecessary footage. It took like 6 shots for him to walk out of his office and on to the street which we didn't need. Also the camera movement was very rough at parts. On the upside there were some good shots like the sillouhette of the man walking in to the door. Risky going with the serious approach and for me it didn't particularly pay off.

Excellent effort from a young team. Really well shot, looked really nice. The story was original but I'm not sure if the whole thing tied together as well as it could have. I thought the acting throughout was really strong.

I seriously enjoyed this and thought the whole thing was excellent. A really touching story on how a father wants to help his dying son enjoy his last day on earth. I enjoyed the poetic/storybook feel to it but it did get a bit repetitive in the middle (towards the pirate scene) and would be more suited as a story book which is why it perhaps lost a few points for me as a film. You should consider getting that published as an actual story book though because it really is a lovely. My favourite shot is the father sitting by himself on Mars just as his son dies. Well done guys.

A real shout for best worst. I thought it was hilarious right the way through. The ending was just so perfect when he jumps into the ocean. Musical is a very tough genre and quite a few of teams pull out as soon as they see they get it so well done for committing to it and seeing it through and ultimately putting up possibly the most entertaining product of the heat.

Thought the acting on the leading male's behalf was very commendable. I think the dubbed sound detracted quite a bit, which was a real shame. The film looked very pretty and I thought the aliens were fantastic, props to the costume team.

Wasn't pretty to look at nor was the intro video. Decent acting though and I did actually find the "You shall not PISS" sequences quite funny. As Mrs Grumbley said, a very standard 48 hour film. Very good editing though.

I really liked the cinematography throughout, particularly in the opening few minutes. However the farming of babies story line was a bit off and wasn't quite sure what was going on there. Also there seemed to be some ambience troubles inside the house scene near the start I think? That wasn't a major issue and didn't detract to much. Also the music was fantastic and it was actually very scary to watch so well done on that front, i just wasn't a fan of the dead/unborn baby elements.