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It's hard to know what to say about this one.

unfollowable plot ... yet a feeling that a lot was definitely happened.
so many special effects ... and so badly done (I liked the torch-under-the-chin)
great one-liners (I'm also a fan of "paramedicked")

It looks like the team had fun making it, and the audience definitely enjoyed viewing it!

Some good character development and twists packed into the 7 minutes. Dark humour. Not entirely my style, but some bits were hilariously funny. Good acting. And the little kids were adorable! The music worked really well.

Funny and sweet. Yet somehow, it didn't seem like a romantic comedy. Pretty tidy finished product.

There were some bits where I laughed. And then I was embarassed because I wasn't sure whether or not they were meant to be funny.
Definitely falls under the weird category. But it had a certain charm.

Simple. Short. Lighthearted. Funny. Very watchable.

A wonderful idea. The puns themselves were worthy of groans. But the team did a really good job making it seem like a trendy fad. I like the idea of going to a conversation house.
The camera work and editing seemed a little bit awkward