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Nice effects and a very polished film. Storyline was too simple so lacked tempo. Great emotion from the male lead.

Really enjoyed this movie. Great expressions from the lead. Keep me interested through out.

Another polished film from a very creative team. Loved the man in the tube. Storyline was simple. Maybe need to build up more empathy for the lead or humor to keep it engaging. Thumbs up.

Very funny sinning scene. Still laughing. Thought it was all a bit simple though and too much on the nose. Tough genre.

Nice simple story. Good camera shots while baking the bread. Thought the outside stuff dragged a little. Awesome match cut and the lead male is very charismatic. Didn't see the ending. Nice.

A bit to on the nose for my liking. All good hearted stuff though. And a nice ending.

Favorite film of the heat. Was a bit confused about why the lady came round at the start. Really enjoyed the characters in the film especially the inspector and the gingerbread men. Great camera work too. Thought the story was a bit simple though.