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good make up. The levels of excitement were not high enough

good idea, nice location. The dialogue needed enhancement

great make up, and robotic acting. The story was interesting, although I lost the flow here and there

I didnt have a clue what was going on. Good shots of Wellington

Liked the beginning, (and the end). The concept was obviously intentional, but for me the comedy interfered with the thrilling action part.

great visuals. I didnt make out what the story was

I couldnt read the fortune cookies. I didnt know what was going on

This was good. Building and building but ended without the terrific ending. I thought the ending could have involved the girl taking her frustrations out on the obsessed guy. Perhaps usage of a particular blue prop up the nose, to curb the blood nose she gives him. This was so close to getting an 8+

The kids helped provide a 'caring' link with the audience, only to slap them with the final scene.

wow great shots of a city. The evil guy got some laughs, even by doing nothing, more than once.

I lost the tread of what was going on

funny, liked it. The sheep gag was unexpected. The ending needed a bit more punch

this was my favourite from heat 3. Clever use of special effects and simple effective story

I enjoyed this one. Good story. Great use of a bit of wire. The acting was natural. Got a bit scary too

this was pretty good. Good costumes. Funniest bit was the roller door locking the girls out while the top teacher boss dog went back in.

the ray guns were cool

urm ? I didnt quite get the ending...but perhaps I was laughing at important dialogue moments. Someone explained later and then it made more sense.

I feel violated

simple story and very executed. only one problem (with me probably) i didnt get the bicycle bit. Arty, (literally) but not so much as to lose the non-thinkers

great filming (well better than ours) good story, looked like it finished a bit too soon