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This film was cute, but quite messy. A unique idea executed poorly. When I looked at the list of films it took me a really long time to remember which film this was because it didn't really stick out in my mind. The acting and the overall idea was cute, it just needed a stronger story line. The message at the end was a nice 'aww' moment for the audience and it had nice moments.

This film lacked a real clear sense of direction for me. I found it hard to see the point of the pills... Turning a nerd into an even bigger nerd? Did they make him happy? Did they make him more confident? The characters were cute but I didn't really understand where she came from or who she was. He was this 'nerd' archetype and I wasn't sure how she fit into that. It had its merits, but it wasn't a stand out film for me.

Clever dialogue and great delievery from the actors made this film stand out to me. The start had some beautiful cinematography and really nice moments with the lead actor. There were a lot of technical problems, but all couldve been easily corrected with a bit more time. There were a few awkward moments once 'Eve' was introduced, the main actor seemed to be a lot more comfortable on screen. The whole idea was a great twist for the genre.

A bit confusing but lots of moments made me laugh out loud. A bit hard to watch at some times with the camera work but otherwise a fun film.

I really loved the acting in this film! It was funny and had nice moments in it. I especially liked the actress who played 'Angel'. The opening was a bit weak and it would be nice to see some better camera work, but the rest was incredibly enjoyable. I also loved the after credits scene with the book. It was a funny way to show the team didn't take themselves too seriously.

I really enjoyed this film and it had lots of funny moments. I'm not sure how well this stuck to the genre of 'Buddy Movie' but it undeniably has a very unique and individual style. The comedy in this is the sort that people will either get or not. The acting was very cute, I especially liked the moment on the teeter-totter. Great cast, and a fun experience.

I am so sad this film was disqualified. I really enjoyed the sense of humour and style. While I felt the end dragged on a bit, on my first watch of this film I found myself laughing a lot out loud. Leaving the event this is one that really stuck in my mind, where as others I had to be prompted to remember. I hope to see this team again.

Although the film itself was a little messy, I loved the acting in this. The characters were likeable and believable. I think it just lacked a better exposition of the plot line. It's a tricky genre so I can really appreciate what I saw here and really like the way the characters interacted. The male lead was interesting to watch and I definitely wanted to know more about him. I think if this was executed with a clearer story line it would've been easier to watch.

This was such a good film but the ending was really lacking. The editing, camera work and acting was all very strong up until the last moment. It stuck nicely to horror movie tropes and had a likeable lead character but I definitely found myself wanting a stronger ending

Great job sticking to the genre! This film started really strongly, but seemed to fizzle out in the middle a bit. The characters actions were really confusing. It seemed unnecessary that they did that big run and like an excuse to use that running effect. It took away from the effectiveness of the start. The acting was believable at the start, and like the rest of the film it did stray away from believable in the middle but the ending made up for it. All though it may have been predictable, it was clear and wrapped things up nicely.

As one of the few teams that stuck to their genre, this film was well executed. Although there were technical problems, it was a very funny film and managed to stick to the genre but give the audience something new. There's definitely room for development in the way of editing and camera skills, but an impressive achievement for a high school team. The male lead actor was excellent, however 'Harper' tended to overact a bit. Additional characters such as the bible reading friend, were well cast. The end credits were very funny and possibly the best I've seen.

I felt like this film relied on the comedy of a man dressed as a woman. While it did get lots of laugh, I think this whole thing had so much promise but settled too quickly for cheap laughs. The acting was good, and the voices were very amazing! The music was well composed and written. I think this was obviously made by a talented group.