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I thought that was a really cool little film, cute characters

hey I like this, I would of watched more, I laughed when I saw him running out with a bandage on his head, I think it was a clever concept and loved some of the shots, I want to confirm did the guy lose his job

Laughed when the line was delivered, not with that your not, he was my favourite same with dad, felt the woman needed a bit more conviction and expression but thought the males expression was golden while she was talking,

ok wasn't shocked but then I love movies like hostel so that means nothing, great effort team I can see where you were going with it

just watched, wow loved your actors, actually there was a lot about that that I really really liked, blown away that your not a finalist, competition must of been really wicked in Welly. Fantastic work, do you guys do TVCs

Really liked this film, I actually called it in the top three so happy that others appreciate this film as well, I felt there was a little drag getting to the music which was kept minimal which to me was great because I dislike musicals, liked the farmer, felt prehaps the director could of got a little more from the boy but it was simple and it worked

Ok I am rating you guys higher than my own actual film because you guys confused the audience more than we did, there were times I wished it would end but over a week has passed and guess what, yours in one of 4 ours included that I actually remember, the others have now merged into a blur, but I still remember yours, good or bad if people can remember your film then that's a positive thing so well done, you managed to capture my attention, marketing companies who work with television commercials try the same technique all the time with a 90% fail rate, no I am not being a smart ####. You actually did a pretty good job in becoming memorable, so well done guys and girls

LOVED the film, thought it was simple but clever and witty, loved the use of prop, very intelligent and fun