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Awesome opening shots, really impressed with the camera work. Hard genre to pull off, but it was a good effort, well done!

Good work guys, nice camera work and acting. Worked well.

Nice premise, cute rabbit and really liked the voice. Probably didn't stand out as much as it might have due to all the soft toy themed films, but it was definitely the best of that lot. Some good laughs and audience enjoyed it.

What was with all the dirty furry animals in this heat!? Pity about the DQ as this was pretty entertaining. Dragged in parts and could have possibly cut down on the number of characters in the interview section. Acting was really really good, especially the farmer who seemed to get really immersed in his role... Top effort and job well done creeping everyone in the audience out!

Hard genre to get, the film looked really good, but felt the story lacked a bit and I was confused by who the characters were and what was going on. Was the bad girl (brunette) real? The acting was good and kudos to the actors for singing.

Refreshing to see an engaging, funny story and kooky characters. Spot -on acting all round, the lead actress was fantastic in particular. I would have liked to have seen how she dealt with the situation with the criminals and which of the neighbours killed the dog. probably not enough time. The film lacked a bit in production value against some strong work from the other teams but overall I thought it worked really well.

There were some really good bits in this and overall I enjoyed it, felt the insomniac character section let it down a bit, but there were some really cool shots and a nice premise. Felt it ended abruptly but this is 48 hours! Looked like you guys had a really good time making it, good work!

Good entertainment and a nice way to finish off the heat. Good idea, but a bit too long in places, the reveal at the end with the muppets was fun, look forward to their future efforts!