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Not sure what happened with editing? Perhaps ran out of time? Otherwise one of my favourites. Great dialogue!

The second half of this film was so confusing. They were on a beach and then suddenly there was another chase. It felt messy and rushed. I loved the brother's character and the bread party at the end. I could tell this team were film lovers with their artistic shots and stellar camera work. Loved the first half.

i loved this. The ending was a bit weak but it was funny and the actors were extremely talented and looked great on film. I hope this team enters again next year. Filming was great. Lots of laugh out loud moments.

Didn't stick to the genre in the slightest, which is a big rule. What's the point of assigning them if that's not going to effect people's voting? Same sense of humour as last time. This team needs to lift their game next time around.

Tough genre, but man I loved this one. Probably my favourite of the night. You could see how much effort and thought went into it and it just lost out a bit on the execution. I really hope this team enters again. I would love to see what they come up with when they have a more traditional genre.

I REALLY LOVED THIS FILM UNTIL THE ENDING. It was so frustrating to see something end with such an anti-climax. It nearly had my 3-point vote but then it just lost me. Such a shame!

Parts of this film were unclear but I really liked it. I think there could've been more about the pill and what it did to give the ending more effect.

Got a bit weird in the middle but strong start and end. Stuck to the genre very well. Characters acted very strangely in the middle, but during the start they were very likeable and realistic. Some shakey can was annoying at times.

One of my favourites of the night. Stuck nicely to the genre. Credits were my personal highlight. Nearly lost a star on quality, but I didn't get in the way of my enjoyment so I kept it there.

Had potential but was way too repetitive. Lacked something original. Not as funny as it could've been. Although, it was filmed well.

Very funny! Didn't get the toilet bit but the rest made me laugh. Better quality would've sealed the deal for me.

Not the worst I've seen but needed a lot more in the way of story telling. Got a bit boring in the middle. Acting was okay.