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Simple execution and fun! The Young Ones meets Bad Taste.

This film is what the 48hr is all about - simple writing, low production value and not overly ambitious. It took me back to films being produced during the inception of this competition. Although this film will never win, it is the heart of the comp.

This was a fun watch!

Great cast who had exceptional chemistry, great use of household objects for set design and costuming, and beautifully shot and edited. However, if I was to be overly critical, the film was not cohesive by any stretch - the writing was probably what held this film back from being a candidate to win the entire competition. I think stronger story development would boost this team to one of the best and one to watch. The last 2 minutes seemed rushed and all the character establishment done at the beginning of the film did not come to a neat close. Perhaps this was due to time restrictions or poor scripting management.

That being said, my biggest love of this film is it really captured the essence of the competition - serious amateur filmmakers with a good filmic eye, wacky and bizarre, DIY set design... the film was whimsically bizarre and always followed a sympathetic tone so you really can't help but smile at all the characters. This team really knows how to make films, and I will definitely be keeping an eye on what they create in the future with the hope of an improved writing set-up.

Well done!!