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I'm afraid I was missing the "rom" and the "com" in this one, guys. Kudos to the leading lady for keeping the audience engaged

I feel for you in your sound struggles, don't let them get you down!! I loved the dark tone you created and the simplicity of the plot. Overall very effective

The sheer volume of content you managed to pack into the small time allowance was impressive! I found this film extremely engaging. A little foggy on the details but it wasn't enough to detract from the overall effect of the film.

That lead actor was unstoppable! His character had such a Norman Bates vibe. The mystery and plot twist elements were very effective and with all those puns, it was definitely a crowd-pleaser! One of the strongest in a tough heat

I was legitimately upset to learn that you were disqualified. This was my favourite of the heat. I think I died in my chair. Very surrealist humour. The changing voice-over artists, faces and all the inconsistencies were so perfect. I'm almost certain you would've been best-worst. You've made something truly spectacular and I eagerly anticipate your future work! (Please get it in on time!!)

One of the best in the heat. Loved the main actor. Excellent misdirection at every turn.

This was such a great concept and really encapsulated the black comedy mood. My only criticism is that the majority of the film was a rehashing of what the audience already knew but with different gags throughout. Great performance by your leading lad and enjoyed the idea that Harper was very literally "thoughtless"

Not sure exactly what happened here. The audience definitely appreciated your recognition of the fact that perhaps you didn't either. I think you had a good joke in the yeast infection and perhaps if the credits had rolled then and there, you wouldn't have lost the audience. You have a foundation to work from for next year, though

My major issue with this film was that it was slightly too long. It would have been stronger if the final live performances had been cut or just more concise. Overall good concept and execution

I have nothing negative to say about this film. The best I've seen so far in the competition. Great characterisation, prop and especially loved the constant references to the genre. This film was almost accidentally warm and endearing. Had me from start to finish

Had a decent set up and one of the best uses of the match-cut (truly repulsive). But overall it was a little overwrought, considering how little content was involved.