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Pizzafilm 'ID' - 48Hours 2016, Punk Film.


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I liked the quirky story, even if it felt a bit unrealistic.
Solid acting and pacing.

I found the plot difficult to follow, and the ending had little impact.
Good acting and establishment of the environment and situation.
The script seemed a little but rushed and maybe the characters weren't as developed as they could've been.
Film had good editing and excellent pacing.

Cute film done by one young girl (and good job to her parents!).
Excellent concept and execution, and a satisfying ending.
Awesome acting by Charlie Flowers!
Next steps; try a more radical and unique story?

Good effort from a young group of kids.
Next steps would be to work on locations and establishment of universe.
Some less apathetic acting would've helped sell the characters and the situations they were in.

Really good humour and nice cinematography. Impressed by those really smooth tracking shots.
Story was well developed, but the ending left me a bit disappointed.
Overall one of the funniest in the heats!

I thought this film had good direction, timing, and energy.
Really good tone and did the genre well.
Not a very exciting or unique story, was fairly one dimensional. Could've had an interesting twist or development at the end?
Definitely best use of visual effects in the heat!

Felt like there was an idea for a story but it never got developed in the final film?
I liked the use the posters and set, helped establish a universe.
Watch out some continuity stuff (Before the main character falls asleep, he has paper, and at the end he has a laptop?)
Wasn't a fan of the "It was all a dream" twist at the end.

Good self-aware humour, and ironic use of the genre.
The music was an interesting choice, maybe find something a little more fitting to the mood next time?
Acting was done well from everyone.
Enjoyed the plot twist at the end!

I loved your execution of the idea!
The film looked and sounded fantastic, the beats and timing were perfect, and I thought you did an excellent job.
The story was definitely very minimalist (it definitely fit with what you had done), but maybe a revelation or a twist at the end would've taken it to the next level?
Awesome job guys!

Liked your concept, and thought the twist was excellent!
Let down by your acting I think, maybe a bit of background character development (histories, relationships, etc) would've helped the actors channel their intended characters more, and some more decisive directing about delivery of lines and mannerisms.
As for story, maybe some establishment of the environment before you launched into your story would've helped orient the audience?
Overall - well done!

Really liked your mocumentary, thought it was a excellent take on the 'mistaken identity' genre.
For improvements, I would work on your cinematography, maybe try to add more variety to the shots. They were all fairly safe decisions. Take some risks!

I loved the straight forward story, solid cinematography, and some really funny moments.
Really good acting from everyone, and I thought the way you used the puppet was perfect.
For improvements, I would say make the story a bit more complicated and add some more character arc?
Overall thought it was awesome, one of my favourites!