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Respect for doing claymation animation in 48 hours with basic story, and predicable twist. Fun premise with crisp audio.

Definitely scores big on trying to tell a drama story with themes, character arcs. Couldn't hear what was being said due to distant audio

Dynamic cinematography, lacks in story, with some character development. Great use of humor.

Telling stories that are unique to you is the best storytelling and your personalities made the story and character that more relatable and enjoyable to watch! Would've loved to see more development in the story, what was the moral of the story?

Great attempt at trying to tell engaging story with character development. Try to step away from cliche endings such as the 'it was all a dream' :)

Engaging dialogue and well paced editing in act 1 but fell apart as the film careened to missing audio. Lots of potential.

Solid execution, with great sound mixing and music. A fun story but predicable and cliched.

Great actors with screen presence but story was lacking.