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loved the set and costumes, not sure about tecno thriller, sound seemed all over the place on my system, some nice camera work and great music. were the vocals dubbed? but hey another 48hr movie was made

Awesome film, shame about the soundie on the stairs I now guess it's his
shout forever. as for the helicopter wtf! please tell me it was cgi if not do
you know god as well? nicely paced shot and edited well done

what an awesome film. loved the make up and I didn't have a problem with the story line. well done

Ictus it was crap! for the dolls living in your dolls house. ;) I think I got it. the unseen forces was the person or persons playing with the dolls. quite a cool idea. loved the high shot of the last doll with the upturned table etc well done

a nice little film and I loved the mt Vic shot. I liked the feel of the film but the music in my opinion was wrong and too loud in some places over shadowing the dialogue. having the parents the same age as the main actor just didn't work but hey it's 48hrs. and the credits were ruined by the jumping. but all in all nicely shot and edited film.

Awesome you made a movie in under 48hrs. you have been told all your faults from other reviewers so I won't put the boot in ;) I liked you choice of music and I think it went well with your topic. the colouring of the bush scenes gave a nice feel. you know where you went wrong build on it and come back stronger next year. well done for a first timer.

to me it wasn't horror, a horror in my opinion must scare the snot out of you, this didn't. but on saying that I liked the set, the idea behind the gas cylinder and thought that Vic was great at the beginning of the film and then went flat. as the film progressed I thought this is predictable I know where it is going, well done Dave you proved me wrong. did you use your new steady cam at the beginning of the two actors walking through the factory? it was a nice shot. I also feel that the fight scene was a little lame but we don't have stunt professionals to work with in 48hrs. I will give you one star Dave just to cause a fight but will throw in another four because I liked the forklift scene with empty kegs, can you imagine the mess if they were fill .I have watched it three times and I will watch it again

I liked the kids acting and the drowning looked realistic. the android walking into the sea was just sheer sadism on your behalf :) but the pov from the android started to annoy me ( just my humble opinion ) why was the bath run before the girl was drowned, and did the android know she was going to drown the girl? some sound glitches but we all have them, and the Nutbar logo stretched at the beginning ( just me noticing stuff ). I have watched it three times now and could watch it again. well done Nutbar you survived 48hrs :)

what a cool little film with some WTF moments when the wife kept disapearing and then understanding it near the end. loved the scene with the three guys telling ghost stories and thank you for not showing the guy getting killed, that is what our imaginations are for. we could see how it happened and heard how it happened and to me that is enough. the only thing i didn't like was the canned laughter i found it slightly annoying but canned laughter does that to me. great effect

it didn't come off like a rom-com more like a film noir crime movie. when the first piece of colour came up i thought oops stuff up. and then i got it. i enjoyed the film and liked the main character but it wasn't in my top three. another well done not disqualified entry

there was a certain charm about this the audience seemed to like the end dance with the banana and monkey. it at least made me smile. but product placement in the film havent we all moved on from that?
and how the hell did you manage to film in the zoo? usually they charge heaps for cameras. well done

nitro's version of the three little pigs. and out of sync. a typical nitro film LATE! but you kind of expect that with nitro after 8 years in the comp :)

ok due to peer pressure and popular demand i have changed my reviewing technique. i personally don't like the star system but it has to be there so no offence anyone.

my film, i know what was wrong. but the highlight of my night was we made a serious film and nobody laughed

WTF? was it shot and handed in 4:3 and then changed to 16:9 and back to 4:3? i thought all films were to be 16:9 this was all over the place. even with footage underneath footage. but hey you got a film into the comp and it was seen on the big screen.

best comedy i have seen in ages. great make up and acting. nicely shot. wasn't it supposed to be horror?
definately the best film of the night but it wasn't horror

i can see where you guys went wrong,
there were no fart jokes,there was no cheap undergraduate humour,you nailed imo a traditional musical,your characters were believable, you did a serious film,you had high production values,and as for your art department!i have watched it 4 times now and i'm still not bored with it. there were no drugs,and no use of the word fuck just for the hell of it. well done guys.

you can't beat a good old fashioned pie in the face.
and i loved the number 8 fencing wire being made into god yet again another coat hanger

the stars are for the actress.she did a great job

charmingly whimsical.
a shame the reuniting with the beard wasn't filmed before it was shaved off.
brought back fond memories of stop frame animation which is hard to do, you guys pulled it off.

sorry girls if you are going to have a bitch fight, have a bitch fight.
the film did have some moments. and the hair :)
and i loved the ending

didn't get it until it was explained to me.
a clever concept but really didn't pull it off imo

a bloody awful horror imo.
i hope you guys were taking the piss.
but had some great lines.
"that was my favourite arm" and 'paramediced myself out of the ambulance"

under graduate humour overwrought with cliches.
the psychiatrist had some good moments and the film had a great ending.

all the gags were predictable,but loved the wire finger.

can't write a review about my own film.
but i can thank my cast and crew for a job well done.
and remember what i said about your mother.
laughter is the best medicine unless you are diabetic, then insulin is up there.
the army thing between nitro and us was pure coincidence.i stopped playing in jokes a few years back.
What was the horse and rider doing in our movie? for those of you familiar with dioclentian postmodernist deconstructionalism the answer will be obvious. for those who remain in ignorance i will explain: the horse and rider are a dynamically conjoined metaphor foreshadowing all that Bobby Young was to lose through his aggressive patriarchal phallocentric bullying ie the control of animal instinctual drives in a balanced ephiphany of grace.....oh alright - the horse was in the movie because he said if he didn't get a starring role he would shit on our lunch.

sorry guys it just didn't gel for me as musical / dance.
it reminded me of Black Adder goes forth without the laughs.i was expecting more polish from nitro but it wasn't there.even the end credits let you down. an old timer like me couldn't read them, maybe i need new glasses.

this was a road movie, i could tell as it had a road in me this was the wtf movie of the was a shame that they filmed it in 4:3 where as everyone else were the asked for 16:9. but on saying that good on them as they made a movie in under 48hrs and that's a bloody hard thing to do.