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Nicely shot film with a very unique story. The acting was bit bit cringe at times - quite forced, and the performers needed make-up (not to be mean but it was off putting). The ending felt like a student film. Overall though, better than some teams that have been making films for years.

Great film! Funny and fast paced. But if I were to be anal - this style seams to be done a lot. I must say that this team did it well, but it seamed quite same same through out the entire film. There were a lot of laughs, great editing and cinematography, not to mention one of the best use of ULTRA. Well done team - definitely will make the city finals.

I liked this film a lot, great cinematography, pacing, effects and intriguing. The only thing that threw me off (as a parent watching) I don't thing a mother would turn her back like that and leave her child un-attended. Overall I liked the emotion and the score this film brought... in some what it moved me. Great film guys.

This film was good, but I found some of the acting a bit cringe and the overall cinematography was quite plain and not intriguing enough for this story. There were a few strong performances and some laughing moments - but overall the film felt a bit forced in one house, mixed with flat lighting and mediocre music. I think the strongest thing of the film was the idea.

Crab Crab Crab does have a history of some crazy silly entertaining films but this one didn't quite hit the mark for me. I think this team has a good reputation for making quirky films that entertain the audience - but my review is more based on everything as a whole, not just a few awkward laughs (Technical, script, performance etc.)

This film had some cringe laughs, loved the gangsta rap moment - interesting outfits, creepy and very 48hours.
Some of the Technical aspects of the film could have been better? - Maybe this was probably done on purpose for the comedy.

You guys did really well - Amazing talent! The most amount of animals in a film so far - pity that this film wasn't an ULTRA because you met the criteria well.
The two main performers were touching, very heart felt and memorable. Didn't understand why the grandfather left?
Overall it was a beautiful film and ended really well.

This film was great, one of the best mockumentary films so far (Heaps of these this year). Seems like it was the safe option?
I liked most of the humour, but some of the gags were safe and not that bold or original.
Overall, technically it was well executed.

This film was clearly unfinished - but I would like to point out that there were some fantastic parts and some huge potential to this film.
I really liked the german character (Reminded me of The Hostel) at the beginning - although this whole scene needed more close ups of the performances, so the intensity was a bit lost. Still cinematic, well shot.
Apart from the disjointed storyline, there was a great look with the characters at the end - well done on the costumes!

Guys well done - I thought this film was well executed and had great comedic elements. Awesome performances by all the cast.
Who's idea was it to mimic the ghost scene/Location out of "The Frighteners"? Fantastic! That sold me instantly.
It is such a shame that you guys were disqualified - Here's hoping you will win Best Disqualified film:)