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Just an amateur filmmaker, take my reviews with a grain of salt, I could be wrong! But I like giving feedback, we always want more too.


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Not bad, but unfortunately the two key points were hard to follow - a) not being an uber and b) that he accidentally helped the boss's wife. If you didn't pick the name of the company and hear him say it at the end it didn't make much sense. It was reasonably well made overall, but the story needed to be solidified a bit to get the payoff. Nice drone shot!

Very nice film, I liked the cheese concept a lot, and it was very well shot and edited. The story didn't entirely land for me, I wanted more dialogue or explanation with the couple to earn the payoff, but it was a nice couple of vignettes. I think the idea was great but had a bit more potential.

Beautifully shot, perhaps the best technical quality and camera work etc in the heat. Also the best location with the junk yard, and the dogs were nice :) But I did not follow the story very well at all, and not having much dialogue or narration didn't help, perhaps it was too quiet also. I'm not really sure what it was about?

Sorry I did not understand this one at all! I liked the Married With Children setup, although the jokes were a bit flat. Then it pulled out through the set and turned off the lights and just ended? I might have to rewatch and figure out what the SciFi was? But the technical quality was good.

Really enjoyed this one, the humour was good and I liked the vegetable effects. The set design was impressive and nicely lo-fi. The story was a little confusing, such that I didn't understand the lemon reveal or why it pulled back to the exterior at the end. But I was laughing through most of the action.

Sweet film, it grew on me, although I was waiting for a bigger payoff or more story development, or something funny. Distracting a little that the Grandad voice was clearly a young person - borrowing an older voice actor would have made a big difference.

I feel like there was a good concept here, but it was too confusing as to what was going on, I didn't understand the ending at all, might need a few rewatches to get it. Hard to explain the mirror/time travel concept explicitly in a few minutes without serious effects etc.

One of my favourite films, but that was pretty much due to the song, I didn't completely follow the story or understand the linkage to the final target. Pity that the sound dubbing was off, but it didn't detract that much, and would have been hard to improve in 48hrs other than getting better location sound instead of dubbing. Song lyrics were great and I was laughing most of the way through.

Well shot and acted, great work with the animal actor, and handy having someone on the team with a glass eye haha. The gross out parts were done well, but perhaps the story needed a little more meat to the setup. But it was well done, I enjoyed watching it, one of the more memorable films.

Well shot and produced, and the location was quality, it does make a difference having a cool location! Enjoyed the interaction with the bartender the best, but acting all around was very good. Didn't quite get the overall story/motivations, or buy the payoff with the bartender, but it's hard in 5min to develop that enough. Overall very well done, I liked it.

Interesting concept, I feel like a lot of work was put into the script, it sounded like an interesting poem type story. Sound quality was a little muffled, and the speaking was too fast and hard to follow. But using stock footage really detracted from it, I preferred old rules where everything had to be shot on the day, it made it uninteresting to watch. I think you'd have to watch more carefully to really follow it and get the value of the effort put in.

Loved the puppet makeup with ping pong balls etc. The humour was good but I found the joke dragged a bit by the end. Perhaps too much reliance on a couple of dirty jokes to carry the film, and there wasn't much setup or development of plot.

This was really well shot, especially the ending outside at night was very cinematic. The story was interesting, but it didn't come through very clearly, possibly because the audio was too quiet/uneven, I had to explain what happened to the person next to me. It was a good script idea, and original, but I wasn't sold by the story at the end / make-up scene.

Good humour and acting in this short, seemed the most 'kiwi' of the films we saw (I mean as a compliment!). The garage location didn't really click for me either. I did enjoy the dialogue and the shadow scene etc, and the scientific observations, but the joke was getting a bit old by the ending.

Well made short, the acting was solid, and good chemistry. I liked the jokes up until the sex scene, but then it started getting a bit much for me really. I think the family in front of me left after this one haha.

I'm always impressed by teams that attempt claymation/animation/stop motion etc in such a short time. The green screening was a bit dodgy though sorry! I liked the concept of the fish among cats, but I wasn't really sold by the dialogue or the ending.

Well shot and acted, although I found the pacing a little slow. But I know it's pretty hard to sell a futuristic background story in such a short time without too much exposition. I liked the camera angles in the lift especially.

As Liam said. The Taniwha was cute, and the joggers started things off well at the start, but then we ran out of story! I liked the shadow at the end, but I wasn't sure how we got there.

I enjoyed this film, it was an original and fun idea. I found the story slightly fractured, and maybe it didn't sell the ending quite enough. But well done overall.

Beautifully shot, and I liked the editing and time skipping etc, but overall I had no real idea what was going on. I like the idea of doing a very 'slow' film, but I think it needs to be entertaining too.

Fantastic film - cool props, and the cute kid did very well. I really loved the robot voice overs. It fit the genre in an interesting and funny way. I might have gone with a more upbeat ending though!

Very impressive cinematography on the chase scene (steadicam?) and the chase was plotted quite well up to the end, where it looked ridiculous with him coming back through the fence so close to the chaser, almost spoiled the earlier good work. The shock ending was too obvious to be much of a shock (hard i guess when the genre is known to everyone watching. maybe the title card should be at the end next year?). So the story didn't do much for me, but the acting was quite good from everyone, and the camera work was excellent.

Great effort to do stop motion in 48hrs, but the idea might wear thin a third time. Really enjoyed the humour apart from a couple of lines which fell flat. Lack of voice variation wasn't an issue, I didn't notice at the time. I thought some of the images were a bit over exposed / blown highlights? Overall pretty enjoyable and funny, although the story didn't really go far.

Not bad, but it didn't stand out . I didn't care for the taken gag as much as the others, it lead to quite an abrupt ending, although the kid's line was funny. Could have used more explanation of why he was taken (who was he supposed to be?) or some reason to buy the guys as ruthless criminals or to believe they would kill the kid.

The guy character really held the film up, otherwise the setting and camera work didn't impress. Could have used some backstory about becoming the last people on earth, and maybe some outside shots faked somehow?. Interesting twist at the end, but i didn't quite buy it (or the killer toaster). Enjoyable enough but it didn't grab me.

Some good ideas, the overall story could have been quite interesting, but technical faults made it hard to watch. Sound quality really needs to be worked on, as well as editing (hearing instructions from the director during the cut etc). Some camera work was interesting, I liked cutting off the tall actor's head, but many shots were static and boring apart from the chopping scene. Not terrible for a first attempt, could improve immensely with some technical learning.

Concept wasn't strong, I thought it was obvious from the start and I didn't get any sense of 'mystery' at all. Scenes in the dungeon/shed were done well enough, but there was no build up or development of the story. Somebody mentioned a change in voice at the end? I didn't pick this at the time. Credits were funny however, whether intentional or not.

Decent concept, but it wasn't really sold by the actors or script, I didn't quite buy why the 'wrong' girl would go with him in the first place, why she would change her mind quickly at the end, or why the guy went after the 'right' girl anyway. The robbery scene was done quite well and the actors there were amusing. Sound quality definitely let it down, making some lines very hard to understand. Not a bad effort, but clear directions to work on next time.

This got a really good audience response, but I thought the humour was a bit cheap or repetitive, I didn't think it was enough to carry the film. The two leads did a good job, they were pretty believable, had good chemistry and delivered their lines well. I didn't get much from the rest of the film though - the image and sound weren't especially impressive, but not a problem either, didn't affect enjoyment.

Really interesting cinematography and editing on the 'erotic' scenes and the final frenzy, reminded me of 2001. But otherwise I found the story not clearly explained, either what the product actually did or who the characters were, or why the frenzy part occurred. The cinematography on the remainder of the film was a lot less interesting, especially the scenes in the stairwell which were not engaging at all. Needed a clearer story and better buildup, or a more obvious outcome from the frenzy I think.

Really enjoyed this one, it was one of the longest films i think, but it flowed well and showed you can spend some time on nice shots without losing focus. Funny story even if the bucket list wasn't that strong, but the characters and alternate viewpoints made it entertaining. Some good laughs, and overall a nicely balanced film.

Well produced film, I really appreciated the cinematography, probably the best image of this heat. Acting was good but I wasn't completely sold on the story - flashback could have been longer or explained more clearly. The wet bread was oversold for me, but the nonchalance over dead body in comparison was funny. Also liked the image and sound of the guy crawling away - only issue was when smacking him with the mop it was obviously not connecting.

Best film of the night easily, and I think as good as the overall winner last year. No flashy effects needed, but good filming and plenty of humour. Very well done with the musical elements which were dramatically paced and well-sung. The shopping cart was a highlight for me!

Shame about the audio issues (saw a forum post mentioning in-camera audio only from your team!) as it made the dialogue almost impossible to follow, and I had only a vague idea what was going on the whole time. Otherwise appeared to be technically well-shot and edited (although I wonder if the audio couldn't have been improved further in post?) and also the acting and different sets and locations looked good.

Impressive for a (youngish) school team, I assume with some experienced help as the video and editing work was interesting and well done, quite professional in parts. Not convinced that it well met the 'revenge' genre as the 'hero' wasn't really wronged. Also quite obvious what was coming, but overall a good accomplishment.

Excellent film, very good production value and technical audio/video quality. Interesting story as well, although I feel that it benefited a lot from having a talented singer/songwriter/actress who carried the whole film. Most teams wouldn't be so lucky if they drew this genre! Could have used another solid character as the manager wasn't developed at all. Probably the best in the heat for me.

I enjoyed this film, the text overlays instead of audio were very well done, and there was plenty of humor. I'm not sure about the white faces however - could have been an interesting concept (mimes?) but was quite jarring when she suddenly appeared made up. Probably could have been in makeup the whole time? One of the better films I thought.

I enjoyed this film, but it could benefit from improvements in the technical quality of video/audio and by a greater variety of shots and viewpoints. The story was quite simple but well done, and the ending was satisfying if obvious. One of the more engaging films I thought.

Stood out stylistically, a very good technical and artistic accomplishment within 48hrs. Many impressive ideas in the graphics and sound also, but I was not convinced by the story telling or plot, so not as engaging as it could have been.

Great production value, very nice camera work and editing. Some of the dialogue was a little complicated and the story became quite hard to follow (maybe made worse by average sound quality in parts). Good acting from the two leads in particular.

Nicely made, and started off very well with an interesting idea and some funny lines, but fell a bit flat in the second half. Could have used more characters, as the mystery was obvious with only two people acting.